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A higher level of food safety intelligence.

Hitachi High Technologies America Inc., Systems Products Division (HTA-SPD) is an industrial and IT solutions company creating products reliant on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Hitachi HiQ eSystems monitor perishable assets to ensure safe, reliable, sanitary transportation and storage. With HiQ eSystems you can:

  • Track your assets in real time via mobile, tablet or desktop devices
  • Record temperatures automatically at all times
  • Alerts via text, call and email 24/7, 365
  • Advanced hot/cold asset management

Protect your asset. Protect your brand.

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    MAY 3, 2017


    A Higher Level of Food Safety Intelligence


    Greenville, SC – In the food industry, accurate monitoring is critical to product integrity, performance, and consumer safety. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires that food manufacturers and processors safeguard product safety, from the shipping dock to the consumer, and all points in between. If violated, resulting food contamination claims can not only be expensive, but also potentially devastating to a food provider’s reputation and brand. While no one expects to be the subject of a contamination claim, everyone in the foodservice industry must be prepared to monitor and document the environments of each individual perishable package in transit to the consumer. The cost, if neglected, could be damaging to your brand reputation.


    The typical method of ensuring the safety of perishable items is to maintain those items at a known, cool temperature and assume they will remain safe throughout the distribution chain. However, disruptions in proper handling practices, environmental changes, equipment failures, and questionable product quality can compromise the safety of perishable assets. Fortunately, HiQ eSystems™ environmental monitoring and reporting systems can give food safety directors, chefs, owners, operations directors, and others the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that their perishable assets are protected.


    HiQ eSystems™ provides the ability to monitor data remotely, as well as the flexibility to remotely configure the frequency of data collection and transmission, reducing travel and labor expenses. Data is collected 24/7, 365 days a year, even during power outages, for optimal data storage and asset monitoring. HiQ eSystems™ temperature sensors are designed for rugged use in demanding environments; perfect for hypersensitive and extreme use applications in both hot and cold temperatures. Programmed, automated monitoring also eliminates human errors while reducing labor costs, and – most importantly – providing reliable, continuous, and accurate data.


    HiQ’s eSystems™ line of asset management solutions is designed to ensure the safety of your perishable items when and where you need it most. Hitachi will be exhibiting their complete line of environmental sensor systems at the National Restaurant Show (NRA) on May 20-23, 2017. Visit them at booth number 9244, Lakeside Center, to learn how Hitachi HiQ eSystems sensor systems can protect your perishable assets by ensuring safe and reliable transportation and storage. When it comes to the safety of your organization’s perishable assets, turn to names you can trust…Hitachi and HiQ eSystems™.

    About Hitachi high technologies america inc., systems products division (SPD)


    Hitachi High Technologies America Inc., Systems Products Division (HTA SPD) is part of Hitachi High Technologies Corporation, a multi-billion dollar corporation with offices located around the globe and employing over ten thousand people. HTA SPD designs and builds systems for multiple industrial market segments with a primary focus on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) asset management systems, including Edge (HiQ eSystems™ sensors and gateways), Platform (DB, control and analytic software), and Enterprise Tier products. HTA-SPD also engineers solution-focused products for other market segments including medical, gaming, trucking and automotive, and In-Flight Entertainment systems’ markets.


    Hitachi High Technologies America-Systems Products Division (HTA-SPD) is ISO 9001 certified with global sales and technical support throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and North and South America.


    MEDIA CONTACT: Ashlyn Byrne 864-232-7655



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