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Grillmaster Non-Toxic Pumice Grill Griddle Restroom Cleaners

United States Pumice manufactures non-toxic odorless cleaning products specifically for industrial & commercial kitchens and restrooms.  The Grillmaster line of product cleans burned and carbonized food residue through abrasive action and does not harm griddle cure.   Grillmaster is preferred by Chefs because it reduces liability caused by broken wires and bristles from cleaning brushes.  Non-toxic pumice is odorless and used on grills with oil and salt, water, or cleaning agents if desired. After cleaning, wipe surface with clean rag.  Also used to clean soot from pans and utensils.

Grillmaster Char Rock is used by chefs in grills to capture drippings and flame dispersal / heat distribution.  Char Rock is also used as topping over lava rock in patio or interior fire features.  

Pumie restroom cleaning products removes scale, stains, and unwanted deposits from porcelain, ceramic tile, and concrete surfaces.  Pumie is also non-toxic and used with plain water or cleaning agents if desired.  It is a perfect non-toxic & odorless stain eraser that works when chemicals, cleansers, and scrub pads fail.

US Pumice has been manufacturing pumice based cleaning products and grill stones for 70 years and is known worldwide as the number one supplier of pumice cleaning and grillstone products.


Brands: GrillMaster Grill Cleaning Stones. Pumie Janitorial Cleaning Products. Flexi-scour Cleaner. Grillmaster Char-Rock Grill Stones.

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