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Smoked butter and candy cheese, We have characteristic one.

We have characteristic product, for example...
It is smoked rare butter. Butter melts by normal smoking method, but smokes without dissolving butter by performing special smoked method.
We smoke in chip and Pete (peat) of apple.
Caramel-shaped unit packing, it is available sanitarily.
Pond packing, it is best for food industy.

It looks like candy! Each one is approximately 5 g.
You can choose 130g and 24g bags.
Plain, almond and black pepper, you can choose the best flavor.
We put milk as secret ingredient to make mellow taste.
It is bite-sized that it is easy to eat.

We have 10 flavours and packing of 3,4,5...We can follow customer demand.
Plane, camembert, almond, salami, smoked, cleamy, strawberry, orange peel and rum raisin.
We put milk as secret ingredient to make mellow taste.
Individually wrapping, it is ready to eat convenientlly.

Vegan cheese which is made from all plants ingredients and Halal cheese are also available.

Our management philosophies are...
1. Core Business
Our core business is food: to develop, manufacture, research, and sell food.
2. Growth & Development
Our company's evolution and the happiness of our employees comes to fruition in the process of constant growth and expansion of our company. Therefore, we set goals for the growth and expansion, and continually implement strategy and tactics to realize these goals.
3. Creativity
Creativity in the corporate activity lies in how we differentiate our products, achieve the No. 1 market share products in the same line of business, and continually discover the added values. This is how we create fresh surprises in the market.
Therefore, we cultivate new perspectives to venture into the vast market, to develop original products and to create machines, facilities and lines that are reflective of our ideas, knowledge and ingenuity. We also consider it important to cultivating an art-loving corporate culture.
4. Re-engineering
We are not afraid to go back to the drawing board and start all over again. We aspire to survive as a vigorous corporation with dynamic thinking, much like a lord-less samurai who went through the violent restoration phase in Japan.
5. Transmitting
Opinions from the customers, proposals from the factories, and the wind and tide of the time should be constantly transmitted to the company. Our products that are reflective of our philosophy and ideas should be constantly set forth to the society.
That is how our company and society can reciprocally contribute to each other for our connected future.
6. Co-existence
A Corporation is a conglomerate of individuals. Each person should be well aware of one's role in the group, strive in one's duty, and demonstrate one's ability in the direction which leaders show, so that our business becomes a festive moment to each of us.

Brands: Smoked butter, candy cheese, baby cheese

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