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Keep your space comfortable and inviting year-round!

At Big Ass Fans, we made our name by bringing cooling relief and fresh airflow into hot, rugged, and uncomfortable big spaces.  We excelled at moving a ton of air to make working conditions more comfortable for industrial workers, and so when asked about creating public-friendly versions of our fans, we knew that we needed the same unmatched airflow, but at a sound level that wouldn’t interrupt friendly conversation and with a design that wouldn’t detract from a carefully-crafted aesthetic.  Now our line of commercial fans is found in restaurants and other public spaces all over the world. Why? Because we ensure that dining out--one of our favorite things on earth--won’t get spoiled by unforgiving temperatures or fans that kill the décor and the conversation.  

Proper air circulation plays a crucial role in creating a memorable dining-out experience. Big Ass Fans gently and silently keep air moving to keep your customers comfortable year-round, without fluttering a napkin or drowning out a double date. By removing stagnant air, our fans make certain the only aroma your customers will notice is from the fresh food on their plates.  Our fans come in styles and sizes to fit any décor, from industrial-chic to Asian fusion; they can make a strong statement when one is wanted or blend silently into the background, and because our fans’ airfoils are precision-balanced, you’ll never have to worry about them wobbling or ticking.  And our LEDs provide warm, efficient light to brighten your space while lowering your energy bill for years without requiring any maintenance.

Big Ass Fans’ efficient operation works hand-in-hand with existing HVAC systems to cut energy costs throughout the year. In warm weather, they provide an additional 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect, which means managers can raise the thermostat setting without sacrificing guests' comfort. In cold weather, Big Ass Fans gently redirect warmed air collecting at the ceiling back down to your guests' level to both improve comfort and reduce heating expenses by as much as 30%.  This consistent comfort means that you won’t lose tables by the window to radiant heat or to chilly spots near vents, so your customers can dine in relaxation anywhere, whether they’re sitting by the kitchen, near the front door, or on the patio.

We can’t cook the food or mix the drinks for you--not without frequent tastings, anyway--but we can quietly help keep your customers satisfied and coming back to enjoy your restaurant’s ambience and unique flavors time and again.

Brands: Our HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) ceiling fans lead the industry in performance and design to keep your space attractive and your customers cool and relaxed.

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