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Training & Systems to Attract, Develop, & Retain A Players

Restaurant Playbooks develops turnkey systems with engaging and effective mobile training and games, so your managers can develop 'A' Players for your team.

We are an agile virtual team of passionate Hospitality, Learning & Development, and Tech industry pro’s. We have hundreds of years of combined expertise in developing and implementing systems, processes, online training, and performance support to optimize employee performance.  Prior to Restaurant Playbooks, our team has hands-on experience developing training solutions within independent and chain Restaurants, Hotels, and over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and Europe.

What are we passionate about?

  • Developing the highest quality, easy to implement solutions that managers and team members want to use
  • Taking your business to the next level and proving our systems work, because your results = our reputation
  • Helping folks just like you, and having fun doing it

Our aim is to help you develop a team of 'A' Players, so they work together to consistently deliver memorable experiences, increase sales, and build your reputation.

We use the power of online and mobile learning to deliver both fun and highly effective training.  Our development process is laser-focused on delivering quantifiable results for your operation.

After 6 months of BETA testing, we are launching Hospitality Playbooks @ The Restaurant Show Start-Up Alley

The quality and consistency of every manager's leadership, training, and coaching skills will determine the performance of your team and your restaurant's reputation.

Hospitality Playbooks was developed to help managers improve the quality and consistency of your service and hospitality experiences, guest loyalty, and online reviews, so your restaurant can survive and thrive, and you can stand out from your competition.  

Hospitality Playbooks online training and coaching focuses on transforming managers into hospitality leaders and coaches, by providing a framework with the processes, tools, and support for the development of their team. 

Who is Hospitality Playbooks for?

Leaders focussed on delivering the type of warm hospitality that turns guests into raving fans.  Owner/Operators, Experienced managers, New managers, and Managers in Training working in Independents, Multi-Units, and Chain restaurants or hotels. 

The system includes:

  1. Playbooks for Managers & Team - Printable or Online
  2. Customizable templates including checklists, quizzes, exercises, worksheets
  3. Interactive online courses that can be accessed on PC, mobile, POS
  4. Video coach tutorials
  5. Skill building online games and practice scenarios
  6. Success roadmaps for benchmarking and tracking progress
  7. Hospitality Hub online resource library
  8. Facebook Group
  9. Monthly webinars 
  10. Live coaching support calls

We have immense respect for restaurant and hotel owner/operators, chefs, managers, and team members that strive to deliver outstanding food, service, and hospitality.  We believe that you are the real heroes in your business, and consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to be a part of your restaurant success team.  You put your hard work and reputation on the line every hour, every shift, every day. 

Our goal is to help you increase guest loyalty, improve consistency, and protect your reputation, so your business can survive and thrive, and you can stand out from your competition. 

Visit for a free trial.

We look forward to serving you!


 Show Specials


  • FOH Sales Playbooks
    FOH Sales Playbooks will turn order takers into confident sales pros! The quality and consistency of your guests dining experiences are directly related to the knowledge, skills, and confidence of your Front of House team....

  • FOH Sales Playbooks is comprehensive system with everything you need to get started immediately!  FOH Sales Playbooks include online training courses for both Managers and the FOH Team.   customizable exercises, quizzes, and worksheets, so you can make them relevant to your specific restaurant culture, service style, menu, and policies.

    Sales Playbook for Managers

    Sales Playbook for Managers includes the processes, tools, and templates that you can customize or use as is.  Online interactive training with virtual coaches will help your managers learn and implement the Sales Playbook, so they can start tracking results immediately.

    Our comprehensive FOH Sales Playbooks will help you deliver…

    Better Communication and Teamwork

    When employees understand their role and performance expectations, they are more prepared, confident, and motivated to exceed expectations


    Consistent training and accountability leads to a consistent guest experience

    A Higher Standard of Service

    Clearly outlined service standards provide the foundation that helps every member of your team deliver consistent food and beverage service, every shift-everyday

    Guest Satisfaction

    Happy guests + Positive reviews = Increased repeat business and sales

    Increased Check Averages

    Sales Pros observe and recognize opportunities to make authentic suggestions and recommendations

    Please check out the demos and details available on the website, and visit us in Start -Up Alley at booth 5675

  • Hospitality Playbooks
    Improve the quality & consistency of your service & hospitality experiences, guest loyalty, and online reviews. Deliver memorable experiences that turn guests into raving fans....

  • The quality and consistency of every manager's leadership, training, and coaching skills will determine the performance of your team and your restaurant's reputation.

    We created Hospitality Playbooks to help restaurant owners and managers just like you to survive and thrive in a highly competitive market.

    Stand out from your competitors, WOW your guests, create raving fans that return more often... and post awesome reviews.

    Easier said than done, right?

    You need a framework that helps you to Attract, Develop, and Retain 'A' Players for your team, and an easy to follow system to measure and improve your results along the way.

    Hospitality Playbooks 3 step process:

    Step 1: Transform from manager to hospitality leader and coach
    Step 2: Attract, develop, and retain a hospitality dream team of 'A' Players
    Step 3: Create memorable experiences that turn guests into raving fans

    The Framework includes 6 Playbooks:

    1. Developing a Hospitality Culture 
    2. Recruiting quality talent
    3. Onboarding for success
    4. Training & Coaching skills
    5. Effective Pre-Shift meetings
    6. Managing hospitality sales professionals

    Visit the website for more details and a free demo.

    Hospitality Playbooks will help you overcome the 5 Challenges that could be costing your restaurant over $100k every year - view the infographic

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