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Why Berg Liquor Controls?

Think first “Why Liquor Controls” and how a liquor control system may benefit your operation?  Then ask, “Why Berg” liquor controls and bar management systems?

It starts with The Berg Difference!  Berg was founded almost 50 years ago in Madison, WI and patented the first liquor control system.  It is a leader in the hospitality industry; manufacturing and distributing advanced technology liquor control systems. Its systems provide inventory, cash control, and consistent drinks/cocktails with every pour. 

Berg provides liquor control systems for all types of venues, ranging from its simple 704/1504 to its most technically advanced pouring solution, the Merlin Wireless. Berg’s Laser Liquor Gun systems provide fast delivery while maintaining consistency for high volume venues. The new Berg Bar Solution integrates all Berg advanced products into a seamless operating system. This is why so many bar, club, restaurant, casino, hotel, stadium and venue owners worldwide rely on Berg liquor controls and liquor control systems to help control costs, improve profitability and help make informed bar management decisions.

The Industry Leader 

  • Berg developed the original liquor control systems and technology over 50 years ago and has continued to advance this technology, supplying the market with the most technologically advanced liquor controls systems available today
  • Berg offers a complete line of liquor controls for liquor, beer, wine and other beverages, for a wide range of applications
  • Berg has specialty liquor controls that meet Canadian requirements and jurisdictions requiring the most stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 18 certified installations.

Contact Berg for liquor beer and beverage management systems with POS and cash register interfaces.  Our systems provide inventory control, cash management, portion control, and profit accountability.  For more information on Berg systems, visit:

Brands: Berg All-Bottle™ 704, Berg All-Bottle™1504, Berg Laser Touch™, Berg TAP2™, All-Bottle ID, and The NEW-Merlin™ wireless pouring system

 Press Releases

  • Berg Company, based in Madison, WI, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of liquor control systems with a worldwide distribution network. Leading the liquor control market through innovation is Berg’s founding principle. Berg credits its success to ongoing research and development efforts derived from market observation and customer feedback through its Dealer network, driving the development of its advanced technology products. Its highly sought after liquor control systems provide consistent drinks, enhanced customer experience with greater cash and inventory control.  For more than 50 years Berg has been supplying the market with the most technologically advanced liquor control equipment available in the market place.

    As the use of technology in bars and restaurants increases, owners and operators must be on the side of innovation to retain customers, generate more revenue and increase bottom-line profits.  With bar revenue being the highest profit center in a restaurant and/or bar, Berg’s liquor control products are a critical component of a complete bar management solution. Its systems integrate seamlessly with POS and other software and devices to help owners and operators increase their profit margins and better manage their business in today’s competitive marketplace.

    Berg’s market includes Bars, Clubs, Taverns, Casinos, Night Clubs, Hotels, Stadiums, Restaurants, Entertainment and Sports Centers – anywhere that liquor is served.  Liquor control systems are available for all types of venues, ranging from its simple 704/1504 to its most technically advanced pouring solution, the Merlin Wireless. The Berg Infinity SoftwareTM via its Dispenser NetworkTM interconnects all Berg beer and alcohol control systems for cash control, inventory management and reporting within a single bar, several bars or multiple bar networks.  Direct integration to POS systems completes the loop for real-time cash and inventory control as a total electronic bar management solution. 

    For more information, contact Terry Black, Managing Partner, Operations:  Phone: 847-344-8511

    or Email:


  • Berg's State-Of-The-Art Laser Guns
    New Laser Gun technology increases bartender productivity and ensures consistent drinks and cocktails
    by the recipe for every drink poured....

  • Berg's Laser gun style beverage and liquor dispensing systems are the ultimate in high speed, accurate dispensing for the fast-paced bar and provide total accountability for every drink poured.  They handle up to 16 brands of liquor that can be dispensed individually, or up to 48 cocktail mixes with as many as 5 brands dispensed at the same time with the push of a button – fast and easy!

    Combine two Laser beverage and liquor gun dispensers into oneLaser beverage and liquor dispensing system, and handle 32 liquor brands and 96 cocktail mixes!

    Program up to 4 price levels and 4 portion sizes for each brand, with portion sizes ranging from 1/8 to 100 ounce.

    Berg Laser gun style beverage and liquor dispensers have easy to use hand held “liquor guns” each with a flexible 36” stainless steel hose for convenient reach.

    Other features include:

    • Sealed Switchpack for safe, dependable use in "hostile" drink environments

    • Soft-Pour Diffuser Screen assures no-splash liquor dispensing

    • Button ID System helps eliminate pouring errors and facilitate training

    Compact - Flexible - Easy To Use & Install

    Berg Laser beverage and liquor dispensing systemsprovide complete liquor control in compact, easy to use units, eliminating over-pouring and reducing spillage and other losses. The compact design allows Laser beverage and liquor control systems to fit almost anywhere liquor is served. Berg Laser liquor control units and beverage and liquor dispensers can be mounted almost anywhere from small bars and hospitality bars to multiple-station bars in large operations.

  • Berg's Merlin Wirelesss Liquor Control System
    Merlin is ideal for casinos, high-end bars, nightclubs, theaters, and VIP bars. Bartenders serve consistent drinks aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction....

  • The Merlin Wireless system is the most advanced technology in the liquor control industry. It is ideal for casinos, high-end bars, nightclubs, theaters, and VIP bars. Bartenders serve consistent drinks aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction. Merlin gives them the flexibility to pour drinks at any station up to 100 feet from the register and automatically record on the POS system. Bar owners and operators can enhance profits and reduce liquor costs IMMEDIATELY

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