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Work Fast. Work Clean.

Omni-Rinse’s mission is to make best practices more convenient for FOH staff through user-focused equipment design--so that working fast while working clean is no longer a choice.

Our debut product was the patented Auto-Rinse™ (formerly the Integrated Rinsing System), recipient of the Kitchen Innovations® 2018 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®. Auto-Rinse™ automatically rinses the inner and outer surfaces of a pair of mixing tins—along with a cocktail strainer—making rinsing bar tools a seamless part of the drink-making process itself rather than an afterthought. This prevents unsanitary practices like leaving mixing tins, jiggers, and Hawthorne strainers in dump sinks.

For 2019, we are proud to introduce our second product offering: the patent-pending Omni-Rinse® Auto-Burn™Ice Bin—the world’s first ice bin that automatically melts ice. When glass breakage occurs in or around an ice bin, FOH workers no longer have to guess if the ice has been contaminated.  With Auto-Burn™, erring on the side of caution is easy and convenient: FOH staff can begin melting the ice immediately with the turn of a valve and continue working. The Auto-Burn™ Conversion Kit transforms a traditional ice bin into an Auto-Burn™ ice bin. Having a permanent water supply in an ice bing also makes routine cleaning more convenient, and therefore likely to occur. Auto-Burn™ technology makes ice bins cleaner and safer. 


  • Auto-Burn™
    Introducing the patent-pending Omni-Rinse® Auto-Burn™ ice bin--the world's first ice bin that automatically melts ice. Auto-Burn™ is the cleanest, safest ice bin on the planet....

  • The Omni-Rinse® Auto-Burn™is the world's first ice bin that automatically melts ice. 
  • Auto-Rinse™
    Auto-Rinse™ automatically and completely rinses a complete set of beverage making tools while bartenders move on to their next task. By making rinsing a part of the drink-making process itself, bartenders can work faster than ever before....

  • The Omni-Rinse® Auto-Rinse™ automatically and completely rinses a set of drink-making tools (mixing tins, mixing glasses, jiggers) hands-free, allowing bartenders to work faster than ever before. After a bartender shakes or stirs a drink, they dump the spent ice directly into the machine and then place the 2 tins and the Hawthorne strainer inside of the unit. At the touch of a button, Auto-Rinse™rinses the inner and outer surfaces of the tools with warm water.  The water that is used to rinse the tools also melts the shaker ice, maximizing water usage.  

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