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We don’t just care about hands, we care about your health

For over 65 years, Dreumex has been a leading manufacturer of innovative, heavy-duty hand cleansing and hand care products. Over the last few years, Dreumex expanded its reach in the industry, providing products that offer a solution for your hand care needs as well as surface disinfecting.

Dreumex’s tagline, ‘We care about your hands’, no longer defines the Dreumex brand. With the expansion of Power Wipes® brand, and acquisition of the MONK® brand disinfectant wipes and hand cleaner towels, Dreumex continues to strengthen its leadership in the industry.

The Dreumex Power Wipes® brand includes two premium disinfecting wipes−a food contact surface disinfecting wipe and a two minute disinfecting wipe. These wipes promote safety and wellness in multiple industries such as the food industry, healthcare, institutional, and education. Dreumex Power Wipes® Hand & Tool Wipes provides powerful cleaning for automotive and manufacturing environments to remove the toughest grease, tar, paint and grime.

Dreumex is dedicated to providing solutions for a variety of industries. We relate to the strong, resilient and hard-working persons of the world. We don’t just care about your hands, we care about your health.

Brands: Dreumex, Monk, Power Wipes, Omnicare, One2Clean


  • Dreumex Disinfecting WIpes
    EPA-registered and designed for everyday disinfecting. With a 2 minute dwell time, it’s ideal for use in high-traffic areas like lobbies, waiting areas, bathrooms, baby changing stations and more. Tough cleaning at your fingertips!...

  • Dreumex Disinfecting Wipes are effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria. Commonly used in institutional settings, these wipes kill 13 out of the 19 CDC healthcare-associated (HAI) microorganisms (2018), making them popular in high-traffic areas to promote wellness. Great as a part of daily maintenance programs, Dreumex Disinfecting Wipes kill a total of 46 bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces.

  • Dreumex Food Contact Surface Disinfecting Wipes
    EPA-registered and formulated to reduce cross-contamination in food service establishments. Kills *Human Norovirus, *Influenza A Virus and *HIV-1. It handles daily clean-ups with no additional sprays, sponges or buckets. No rinse required!...

  • Dreumex Food Contact Surface Disinfecting Wipes are appropriately saturated to kill bacteria and viruses within the necessary dwell time – detergent or sanitizer sprays do not disinfect and are often wiped off immediately with a towel, leaving pathogens behind. Kills Norovirus, E. Coli O157: H7 and Shigella dysenteriae, along with other foodborne pathogens and viruses. The no rinse formula does not require a potable rinse for hard surfaces. Allows anyone to clean and disinfect quickly – requires no personal protective equipment. Great for tables or desks, electronics, touch POS systems, restaurant gaming & instant payment consoles, video poker machines, etc. Allows for fast restaurant table turnover while killing bacteria and viruses. Easy to implement into daily routine to promote wellness in restaurants, schools/dorms and hospitals/healthcare facilities.

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