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Innovative, durable textiles for tables, floors, and more.

Chilewich brings depth to surfaces. Reimagining the potential of extruded yarns, New York designer Sandy Chilewich introduced her woven textiles to the international design community in 2000. The innovative placemats, runners, and custom table coverings soon replaced the generic tablecloth that once defined fine dining, transforming how restaurants around the world set their tables. Today the design-led, family-owned company’s unique coverings for tabletops, floors, and more continue to push the boundaries of form and function. Designed and made almost entirely in the United States using phthalate-free yarns, the ever-evolving collection combines innovative weaves and distinctive colors with extraordinary durability and easy maintenance.

Brands: Chilewich Hospitality, Chilewich Contract

 Press Releases

  • (New York, NY – November 2018) Chilewich will show its 2019 Hospitality collection at the National Restaurant Association Show 2019. Combining distinctive
    designs and multi-dimensional colors with indoor-to-outdoor durability and easy maintenance, Chilewich’s innovative new textiles are ideal
    for a broad range of hospitality environments. Among the boldest debuts for 2019 is Beam, in which broad bands of color intersect with narrow accent stripes in an exploded plaid.
    Subtle tonal variations in the custom-made yarns ensure that Beam takes on a distinct character in each of three vibrant colorways: Azalea,
    Midnight, and Shadow.
    Another especially dynamic addition is Heddle, named for an integral element of the loom on which it was developed. Inspired by Bauhaus
    textiles and debuting 100 years after the legendary design school was founded, these placemats juxtapose areas of more graphic, floating
    yarns with flat-woven fields of subtle stripes. Available in Pansy, Parade, and Shadow, it is also the heaviest fabric that the company has ever
    made for the table. Basketry inspired the bold scale and textural variety of Interlace. Broad, perpendicular bands appear suspended within each placemat. A shift
    in weave creates a layered “over/under” effect, as one tone comes to the fore and the other fades into the background. This elegant new
    weave is available in Silver and Sapphire.
    A playful interpretation of Chilewich’s signature Basketweave, Pop is at once lively and elegant. Individual strands of bold color flicker in and
    out of a neutral-hued ground, leaving textured traces of a syncopated grid. With its vibrant crossings of vertical and horizontal lines, these
    delightful placemats bring energy and depth to the table in two colorways: Fireworks and Parade.The intense handworking of boro, the Japanese textiles born from necessity rather than aesthetics, was a starting point for Pickstitch and
    Strike. Developed on a handloom at our New York studio, their dynamic rows of stitched lines are both texture and pattern, accentuated
    by a graphic contrast of threads. Both Pickstitch and Strike are available as placemats and as new felt-backed coasters in two colorways:
    Black and Limestone.A striking addition to Chilewich’s popular “pressed” designs—non-woven textiles created using special molds — is Kaleidoscope. Inspired
    by Japanese kumiko wood crafting used for centuries to create intricate latticework screens, it is a gleaming exploration of tessellations:
    patterns of shapes that fit perfectly together. Kaleidoscope placemats are available in four colorways: Black, Brass, Gunmetal, and
    Pink Champagne.
    Also expanding the range of pressed designs is Pinwheel, available in Black and Gunmetal. Inspired by patterns found in the natural world,
    these delicate-looking yet durable placemats combine geometric forms with gently blurred lines to create a design that is both intricate
    and organic.
    Additionally, two of Chilewich’s most popular pressed placemats are now available in best-selling colorways: Dahlia debuts in Champagne,
    a luminous light gold, while Petal arrives in Gunmetal, a dusky silver. These modern metallics highlight the organic cutwork that has made
    Dahlia and Petal enduring customer favorites.The 2019 collection also includes expanded palettes for a broad range of existing weaves. New to the iconic Basketweave tabletop range are rich hues of Jade, Plum, and Pomegranate, along with Shadow—a deep, cool grey. Mini Basketweave expands with vibrant yet versatile
    Cantaloupe, Daffodil, Mist, and Sky. Bamboo gains depth with jewel-like tones of Seaglass and Rhubarb, and Mosaic debuts in deep Plum.
    Ombré’s new Jade and Gold colorways add a festive touch to any table. Also debuting are felt-backed coasters, in two shapes. The Hex set is available in a graphic mix of the new Pickstitch and Strike weaves or in a multi-color mix of Mini Basketweave shades. The Square set has rounded corners to complement the lively, multi-tonal surface of Mini Basketweave in three best-selling colors: Blush, Matcha, and Mist.


  • Worktop
    A turn-key solution for the daily task of preparing the pass, designed for the world’s finest professional kitchens....

  • A Problem-Solving Innovationfor the Ultimate Kitchen Hub

    Developed to address the functional demands and aesthetic priorities of professional kitchens, the Worktop brings Chilewich’s innovative textiles to the pass, protecting these essential prep surfaces with elegant, durable, and fully customized woven coverings that feature a waterproof, non-slip backing of blown vinyl foam.

    The Worktop is a turn-key solution for the daily task of preparing the pass. This process typically involves using masking tape to affix a linen covering (usually a surplus tablecloth) to each pass, creating a clean, stable surface for plating and pick-up. A Michelin-starred restaurant estimates that it spends $33,600* per year on this tape-and-tablecloth method.

    By replacing the costly tape-and-tablecloth method with the Worktop, kitchens of all sizes can realize a myriad of benefits:

    Save time and money 
    Avoid labor-intensive preparation, regular laundering, and frequent replacement of makeshift linen coverings.

    Streamline setup and maintenance 
    Prepare and break down passes in moments. Worktops can wipe clean, and can also be scrubbed or soaked.

    Improve aesthetics 
    Choose from a broad range of original Chilewich weaves and distinctive colors.

    Reduce waste 
    Conserve energy expenditure and water usage associated with linen coverings.

    Add a layer of protection 
    Enhance stability and prevent damage with a woven textile surface backed by a non-slip backing of blown vinyl foam.

    Each Work Top is made to order.
    Choose a size, weave, and color that fits your needs.

    For delivery within the contiguous United States:
    Work Tops can be mad
    e in dimensions of up to 18 feet (5.49 meters) x 50 feet (15.24 meters).

    For delivery outside of the contiguous United States:
    Work Tops can be made in dimensions of up to 12 feet (3.66 meters) x 30 feet (9.14 meters).

    Custom Worktops are subject to a 1/2”(+/-) / 1.3cm(+/-) size tolerance in either direction.

    The woven textile of your choice will be bonded to a waterproof, non-stick, non-slip backing of blown vinyl foam.

    Our textiles come in 6-foot-wide rolls, so visible seams will be present on any Work Top wider than 6 feet (1.83 meters).

    Eleven Madison, NYC. Photo credit: Winnie Au
    The Lobster Club, NYC. Photo credit: Antoine Bootz

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