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About PaMi

In Taiwanese dialect, the word “PaMi”  refers to a kind of sun-dried Guanmiao noodles originated from southern Taiwan. It is made by simple ingredients such as water, flour and salt without adding any additive and then dried by sun in a traditional way. Bathed in sunlight, the noodle is characterized with a faint fragrance, and by using Durum wheat that contains high proportion of glutelin protein, the noodle provides a particularly chewy texture and is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Advanced with time, the production of PaMi has gradually been adapted to automation. However, the sun-drying tradition has been persisted and preserved in glass house. The process is somehow optimized with the introduction of air intake system following strict medical standards, which ensures air of good quality constantly circulating in glass house along with pure sunlight. It is our great expectation and ultimate goal to introduce PaMi, the natural healthy noodles produced by traditional Taiwanese recipe with none additive added, to every corner of the world and let more and more people get to know and further enjoy its benefits.

About Tseng Noodles and Tseng Rice Noodles

As a renowned Taiwanese TV host, Sam Tseng (born on Jan. 29th, 1968) has hosted more than 70 TV shows during his career that has spanned over 30 years in movies, TV and music. Being a versatile superstar, Sam has also achieved great success in both broadcast and stage play. Moreover, he has been honored with many awards for being an outstanding host. Sam was privileged to be a special guest to New York Fashion Week this time, together celebrating the great event and the one-of-a-kind cross-field cooperation with his inviter and famous designer, Justin (Yu-Ying Chou).

With 20-year experience hosting cooking and gourmet hunting show, Sam has tasted worldwide delicacies. In fact, the name “Sam Tseng” well represents gourmet itself. In 2001, a business partner of “FreshDelicacy” acquired the recipe of “spicy crab” and opened restaurant in Taiwan, which catched Sam’s eye. With keen sensitivity to good food, he soon became one of the investors. Spicy Crab restaurant took over 660 square meters and attracted tons of customers at its peak. Later when facing Financial Storm, the restaurant seized the moment and adapted itself to the situation.

As team members are all fond of noodles, plus Sam has profited greatly from his experience accumulated over the years being a big fan and expert of noodles when it comes to smell, observation and taste, the team made up its mind and devoted itself into developing noodles. Aside from taste, the team cares more about that customers eat healthily and contently. After repeated and restless study on all details including thickness, width, sauce and quality control, finally in 2015 the team proudly brought “Tseng Noodles” to the world.

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