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Institutional Food Service Management Software

FSMax  Institutional Food Service Management Software

Executives + Teams + FSMax Software = Excellence in Management

If your Institutional Food Service Operation is showing good results, but despite of that you are looking for further management improvement, FSMax can help you. . FSMax Institutional Food Service Management Software offers management solutions for executives that want to continuously improve their company`s management processes, for better results and competitive edge.

FSMax has been working for over 30 years with food service´s executives in 13 countries, including in its software the best management solutions adjusted to different realities. Each executive can choose the set of Software’s functionalities that best fits his/her company’s reality. If the executive needs a different management solution, FSMax can develop it.

All the diners, using their cell phones, can participate of a Quality of Life Program. The System has a lot of functionalities to support diners to choose the best dishes in the daily menu, regarding the nutritional profile of each one.  

Executives and their teams have used FSMax Software in one of the biggest management challenges that a food service executive may face: management of the production of 1 million meals for athletes and teams during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

FSMax offers solutions to improve management of executives and their teams to:

a) Manage the worldwide operation of a Multinational Contract Food Service Management Company. The FSMax Software integrates the worldwide company’s management.

b) Manage the nationwide operation of a Contract Food Service Management Company: Menu Planning (Pre-cost & Nutrition), Supply Chain, Inventory, Costs, Diners’ Satisfaction. HACCP, Barcode, Tracking.

  • Cafeterias        
  • School Meals
  • Healthcare (Clinical Nutrition & Food Service)   
  • Nursing Homes (Clinical Nutrition & Food Service)  
  • Military Facilities      
  • Corretional Facilities  
  • Quality of Life Programs  
  • Remote Sites 
  • Cook & Chill Kitchens     
  • Fast Food   

c) Manage Self-Managed Operations

If you are interested in continuously improving your management, please contact us: www.fsmax.com.

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