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The knives & cook tools French manufacturer

Since 1921, this fourth generation company, DEGLON, has become one the leading brands in the food industry, for professionals and private gourmets. To accompany them in their everyday life and to improve their practice, our 3 main commitments are to create tools that are : useful / innovative / guaranteed for life.

Our large assortment covers the daily needs for the professionels in various field such as the cook knives for cooking, pastry, fish, butcher, cheese, bread... as well as the steak & paring knives, preparation & decoration tools, servicing utensils (in the kitchen or at the buffet) without forgetting all the sharpening tools (manual or electrical).

A large part is also reserved to the culinary institutes through a wide choice in material and cases.

Some words regarding the engagement of our company :

* A right selection in the quality of steel for the blades and a high care in the maufacturing process provide our customers reliable tools with an optimum cutting power.

* A wide assortment combined with a depth of range in order to meet the expectations of everyone, in terms of functionalities (60 patents, trademarks and models) and prices.

* More than 630 references, more than 450 000 units on stock and an excellent service rate.

Brands: DEGLON


  • French GRAND CHEF forged KNIVES
    Your beautiful cook knives, made of a forged blade and a smart pressed wood handle with brass rivets....

  • Fully forged from one piece, they offer optimized cutting properties and sturdiness.

    * Forged blades made of a premium stainless steel : X50CrMov15 (0.50% carbon for a perfect cutting power, 14% of chromium and 0.50% of Molybdenum for a high level of anti rusting).

    * A square bolster for more sturdiness and optimum balance

    * A robust and refined handle made of pressed wood and assembled with 3 brass rivets.

    14 pieces are available for your daily use, from the paring knife, 5 sizes of cook knives (from 6" to 14"), the carving knife and its fork, fileting knife, bread knife, slicer, scalloped ham knife and 2 models of sharpening steels.

    Packaging : individual premium white card (with protection of the blade) or gift box for 1 piece or for a set. Also available in bamboo blocks.

  • The worldwide known French MEETING nested knives
    "Instead of trying to separate the knives, why not to try to do the opposite and incorporate them into one single unit ? Why nottry and design a set of nested knives ? ...thus is born the series of the marvellous MEETING knives...

  • The "Meeting" design is about clean, uncluttered lines coupled with high quality materials.

    Available in an all stainless steel version, as well as in a presentation with a natural oak stand. Made from timeless and elegant materials, "Meeting" has succeeded in combining beauty and practically, it is what gives it its unique character.

    5 sets are available :

    * 4 stainless steel pieces (paring, utility knife, cook knife, carving knife) on a stainless steel base

    * 4 stainless steel pieces (paring, utility knife, cook knife, carving knife) on a stainless steel base, all of them with a black non-sticking coating

    * 2 pcs (paring & cook knife), 3 pcs (paring, cook and carving knives) or 4 pcs (paring, utility knife, cook knife, carving knife) stainless steel pieces on an oak base

    * steak stainless steel pieces on an oak base

    A black gift box includes each set, like a jewel

  • EMPIRE CAFE luxury servicing tools for your buffet
    The new collection of "Empire Café" service articles is designed for prestigious receptions, buffets in hotels and find dining restaurants....

  • This selection of 7 service articles are designed and manufactured in a silversmith's atmosphere, which blends modern and elegant lines, high quality (Deglon expertise, stainless steel and meticulous finishes) :

    - Serving spoon 32 cm
    - Hors d’œuvre & salad spoon 26 cm
     Hors d’œuvre & salad fork 26 cm
    Serving tongs 23 cm
     Tart server with bevelled edge 29 cm
    - L
    adle diam 7 cm (length 28 cm)
    Sauce ladle with 2 spouts (length 20 cm)

    Their proven features :

    * 18/8 stainless steel
    * smart "Stop Glisse" anti-sliding handle holds the utensil on the side of dishes (This process was created and patented by Déglon)
    * Mirror finish and "silversmith" ring
    * Thickness of tang 2,3 mm
    * Packed in individual box

  • French " GENERATION Y " design cook knives
    How to combine design and ergonomy on a cook knife !
    2 awards for its design and innovation....

  • A new creation for a very attractive range of knives :

    * Stamped stainless steel blade

    * Spherical bolster made from stainless steel providing balance & handling...and also design

    * A smart and ergonomic round rosewood handle for a perfect handling

    Moreover, these knives have got a thinner blade for a lighter knife, always good when you use them in a daily use.

    9 pieces are available : paring knife 4", utility knife 6", fileting knife 7", chef knife 8", bread knife 8", carving knife 8", chef knife 10", chopper 7" -blade 2.5 mm thickness- & chopper 6.5" -blade 4mm thickness-.

    Packaging : individual premium white card (with protection of the blade) or gift box for 1 piece or for a set. Also available in bamboo blocks.

    Useful everyday pocket sharpener !

    Deg-sharp restores the desired cutting edge to knives : on-the-go, clever sharpener, easy to take with you everywhere and use efficiently and safely....

  • For one-step sharpening : 2 cross-bars made of tungsten carbide to refine the cutting edge directly at the right angle and evenly.

    For safe sharpening :
    - the blade is guided by the bars, the cutting edge is turned facing downwards
    - the hand is away form the edge adn protected by the "finger protection" flap : no risk of injury
    - a non-slip coating underneath the sharpener and an oval shape allow for a better hold on the work surface during use

    Very easy to use
    - no special training required
    - sharpen your knives quickly and easily

  • DRESS-CLASS, passion for precision!
    A new range of dressing tweezers for a better comfort and improved precision....

  • Déglon dressing tweezers to set and decorate dishes and plates.
    For intricate, precision work with food and herbs.

    EXCLUSIVE : pads incorporated into each arm of the tweezers to :
    - improve finger comfort
    - avoid "cold" contact of metal on fingers
    - immediately visualise the optimum position of the fingers on the tweezers to limit the effort required to use them

    The pads are injected directly onto each arm of the tweezers to ensure they are held correctly in place and for optimum hygiene (no gaps).

    Specificities of pads: Moulded pads to ensure waterproofing and strength.
    Made of polypropylen.

    Specificities of tweezers:
    18/8 high-quality stainless steel (8% chromium, 8% nickel)
    Satin finish
    Thickness : 1,5 mm, offering an optimal spring (neither too weak nor too strong) for comfort.

    2 models of straight dressing tweezers (6.4" & 8.8") & 2 models of bent dressing tweezers (6.4" & 8.8")

    Packaging : individual kraft card.

  • PUSH FOOD, the new versatil Déglon FOOD HOLDER
    Grate, zest in complete safety and evenly thanks to the new versatile Universal Deglon® food holder, the Push Food adapts to wide or narrow graters....

  • Multipurpose: The same tool can take the Stop Glisse graters thanks to the slide hooks fixing to wide and narrow graters.

    Optimised cut:
    - Great capacity of pusher and integral cut of food
    - Its height (6 cm) and width (4.5 cm) means big chunks of food can be grated.

    Safety: Guaranteed protection of fingers

    Comfort & Precision: The slide hooks allow for an easy, even cut:
    - Guaranteed hold of graters
    - The food holder slides ensuring an even, effortless cut

    A range of 3 narrow graters and 3 large graters featuring a first-rate cut and finish is available.
  • DAMAS 67 premium Cook Knives
    High value AUS 10 stainless steel blade & a Corian-type handle make extraordinary knives....

  • These knives offer cutting quality, aesthetics and comfort of use.

    * Blade composed in its heart of the famous AUS 10 steel, highly loaded in carbon, bringing hardness and longevity of cutting.

    On both sides, 33 layers of 2 steels : 420 & 431, ensuring exceptional anti-rusting properties and aesthetics.

    * Handle made of rare white "Corian" material : excellent resistance to shocks, stains, UV and bacteria.

    6 items are available : paring knife 3.5", paring & table knife 4.5", santoku knife 7", carving knife 9", chef knife 8", chef knife 10".

    Packaging : individual premium white card (with protection of the blade) or gift box for 1 piece or for a set.

  • Anti-sliding handle for STOP'GLISSE utensils
    The "clever" notch on the handle prevents the servicing utensil to slip into the food !

  •  The notch on handle allows to rest the utensil securely on the rim of bowl, preventing it from slipping into the food.

    - easier work & clean hands : 100% hygien
    - ergonomic and sturdy tools
    - dishwasher safe & sterilizable
    - a wide and complete range of more than 40 tools
    - lifetime guaranty

    Besides the clever handle, the shape of each product has been carefully studied :

    -The straight shape of the spoons allows to measure the right portion and also to serve dishes without damaging them and retrieve sauce at the same time.

    - The 85° angle of the lasagna spatula allows to cut perfectly at the bottom of the dish

    - The curved edges of the griddle spatula has been conceived for an easy and good cleaning of the plate surfaces, without pouring out the sauce.

    You will then find at your disposal a wide assortment of spoons, forks, large spatulas -all for different uses-,  fish shovel, ladle...and also more accurate products, like the spaghettis spoon, the rice spoon, the potato masher or the plancha set.

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