Del Conte Sauces Inc.

Hancock,  ME 
United States
  • Booth: 7778

" Get Sauced with Luigi"

Del Conte Sauces Inc. is in the business of food preparation and distribution of savory red and white sauces created by Chef Louis Del Conte.

Conceived in 1996, Del Conte Sauces offers unique and gourmet red and white sauces to enhance the customers’ dining experience at a cost effective price. Chef Louis Del Conte “Luigi” is self- taught and has been given a unique “gift” in creating specialty gourmet sauces. Luigi chooses the finest ingredients for a mouth-watering experience your taste buds will fully enjoy. All sauces are handcrafted with no preservatives and made in the old-world and Artisanal Style.

Del Conte Sauces began in a little kitchen in Hancock, Maine at the request of family and friends. As the word of his sauces spread, he began receiving requests from Florida to Texas for shipments of his sauces. Current requests for the product to be placed in local stores and farmers’ markets were undertaken.

Chef Luigi plans are to market to restaurants, country clubs, added values, cruise ships and resorts. The future goals of branching out into larger markets will included travel resorts, country clubs and restaurants. The benefit for these businesses will be a savings on labor and food costs with out compromising the product they offer to consumers.

Chef Luigi wouldn’t be able to do this with out the help of his team. Team members of Del Conte Sauces includes, Luigi who has been in the food service industry for 40 years, and knows the business inside and out. His sauces are his passion and he takes great delight in the satisfied ooh’s and ahhh’s of those who partake of his sauces. Luigi’s partner, Coleene Del Conte with 25 years of experience in food service management and food processing. Also joined in the business by his two sons Matthew Del Conte and Cody Del Conte. Matthew has 12 years of restaurant experience in food service, management and demoing. Cody has 4 years of experience in restaurants, merchandising, inventory and delivery. Cody is also attending Husson University and studying for his M.B A. Also with the team is Dr. Danny Thomas. Dr. Thomas has been the business development director in oil and gas, food and processing, and Fintech industries.

In a busy world that is becoming more and more focused on health consciousness, Chef Luigi’s products are being introduced at just the right time, providing the consumer a product that allows them to prepare healthy, vegetarian and gluten free gourmet meals right at home at an affordable price wit no prep time. Future goals of branching out into bigger markets such as travel resorts, country clubs, and restaurants, will assist those businesses with savings on labor and food costs without compromising the product they offer their consumers.

Brands: Country Style Marinara Sauce, Spicy al Vodka Sauce, Sambuca Simmering Sauce, Caribbeano Simmering Sauce

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