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APG is a manufacturer of cash management solutions.

About APG Cash Drawer, LLC - Retail payments are changing, yet there is still $1.5 trillion in cash in circulation. In fact, cash represents between 30 to 45% of all global transactions. APG Cash Drawer, LLC has been designing and delivering cash management solutions with a variety of size, color, interface, and integration options for over 39 years. Whether you need a custom design, general application cash drawer or a product for a mobile shopping experience, APG has a solution. With our durable and dependable products installed, an APG cash drawer will provide years of smooth, trouble-free service with virtually no downtime, no preventative maintenance, and no headaches. Whether it's our general application cash drawer, custom designed solutions, or the SMARTtill® Intelligent Cash Drawer, our products and brand are differentiated by our ability to deliver innovative technologies that globally enhance efficiency and security at the point of sale. To learn more about our products, visit http://www.cashdrawer.com or call 763-571-5000. Follow us on Twitter at @apgcashdrawer and on Facebook.

Brands: Series 4000, Series 100, BluePRO Bluetooth Device, Stratis Integration System, NetPRO Wireless Interface, Vasario, Caddy SPM, Flip-top Cash Drawers, APG Cash Drawer, SMARTtill Cash Management Solution


  • USBPro™ Interface
    The Model 554A/854 Cash Drawers provide a convenient, cost-effective solution for the USB port....

  • Product Benefits:

    — Ready for connection to USB port
    — Driver solutions exist for nearly every retail software environment
  • Series 100
    A PERFORMANCE SOLUTION — Designed around a full size till, the narrow footprint of the APG Series 100 cash drawer minimizes the amount of counter space required while still providing heavy duty reliability....

  • Product Benefits:

    — Tested to last beyond four million transactions
    — Ample media storage in a deep under-till compartment holds coin rolls and packaged currency
    — Provides a small footprint for retailers with limited counter space
    — Perfect of medium or high-volume environments
  • Entry Level Cash Drawers
    AN ECONOMICAL SOLUTION — APG’s Entry Level Cash Drawers, ECD, are a range of cost effective, highly functional cash drawers that offer excellent value for money....

  • Product Benefits:

    — Cost effective and durable for value
    — Tested to last beyond 500,000 operations
    — Designed to fit majority of European checkouts
    — Offers adjustable and removable note dividers to maximize the insert capacity
  • Vasario
    The Vasario™ Series is a family of cost-effective drawer choices that do not sacrifice quality or dependability. Warranted for two years they are competitively priced to function in various environments....

  • Business Types:

    Retail, Quick-Serve, Hospitality, Kiosk

    Product Benefits:

    — Electronically or manually operated
    — Available in a variety of sizes for specific landscapes
    — Competitively priced and optimal for medium to low volume environments
    — Tested to last beyond one million transactions (excluding manual)
  • SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution
    The SMARTtill® Solution, integrated with your trusted business partner ecosystem, captures, in real time, every transaction and cash discrepancy in every register in every store, providing powerful analytics....

  • Product Benefits:

    — Eliminates manual till counts and reduces the cost of cash handling
    — Reduces time spent on identifying cash losses
    — Minimizes “dead” cash and reduces CIT fees
    — Redeploys saved labor to profit generating activities
    — Improves in-store productivity
    — Forecast business strategies using data
  • TabletPRO™ Interface
    The TabletPRO™ Model 550 Cash Drawer for iPad® provides a simple, cost-effective cash drawer for an Apple iPad® tablet. Connected by wire to the iPad®‘s Lightning® jack, the retailer’s app can quickly connect to and use the cash drawer....

  • Product Benefits:

    — The iPad® controls the cash drawer through the cable (not via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)
    — Detachable Lightning® jack cable included
    — Powered by the iPad® or the included adapter which can power the cash drawer and recharge the iPad®
    — Available for the Series 100, Series 4000, and Vasario™ Series cash drawers
  • Series 4000
    A PERFORMANCE SOLUTION - APG’s Series 4000 cash drawer provides millions of smooth trouble free transaction cycles. We know you can’t afford any downtime at the point of sale....

  • Product Benefits:

    — Tested to ensure effortless performance and durability beyond four million transactions
    — Offers a perfect balance between ease of operation and durability for all retailers
    — Provides the MultiPRO® Interface that adapts to most POS platforms
  • BluePRO® Bluetooth Device
    The BluePRO® Bluetooth device when integrated with a trusted business partner enables a cash drawer to pair with a mobile device allowing retailers to wirelessly synchronize and create a one to one relationship between a cash drawer and tablet....

  • Product Benefits:

    — Enables a printer-driven cash drawer to be Bluetooth-ready
    — A Bluetooth-enabled cash drawer solution may be shared by one or more tablets
    — Requires integration with a trusted software business partner
  • NetPRO® Interface
    The NetPRO® interface allows you to integrate with our wide range of Ethernet-ready cash drawers. By consolidating with one of our trusted software business partners, you can control your POS hardware deployments seamlessly....

  • Product Benefits:

    — Control the drawer through direct (raw) sockets or websockets
    — Options offered for secure communications to ensure in-store LAN fidelity
    — Cash drawer can be configured to interact with other on-premise hardware products
    — Control a cash drawer from a thin-client device where a receipt printer is not needed or wanted

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