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United States
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Earth-To-Go. "We're the solution, not the pollution™"

Company Profile

Earth-To-Go™ is an environmentally conscientious company that was formed in 2011 in Central Missouri that specializes in the manufacture of sustainable food containers and packaging, cups, tableware and cutlery for the foodservice industry that are produced using only renewable and sustainable resources. All Earth-To-Go™ products are bio-based, certified compostable, Marine degradable, and participate in the USDA BioPreferred™ Program.

The parent company of Earth-To-Go™, Biodegradable Food Service™, was founded in 2001 in Bend, Oregon, with the mission to develop new food service’s technologies that lessen the impact on natural resources while reducing the carbon footprint during manufacturing. This led to the development of the company’s flagship bio-based product offering known as TaterWare™.

Product Family

The challenge of lessening the impact of manufacturing on local, national, and global surroundings is one that Biodegradable Food Service™ and Earth-To-Go™ takes seriously. To this end, the synergy of Biodegradable Food Service™ and Earth-To-Go™ have developed a complete line of environmentally responsible products that validate our commitment to production of eco-friendly food service products.

  • TaterWare™ products are the result of specially formulated sustainable bio-based resins used to create innovative food service containers, tableware and cutlery that was developed in Central Oregon over a decade ago, well before the current bio-plastics industry became remotely established.
  • Earth-To-Go™ products provide a certified compostable, and environmentally-safe, alternative to petroleum-based cups, tableware, cutlery, and food containers and packaging products for our customers who choose to minimize the impact of manufacturing, consumption, and landfill disposal of food service products.
  • Earth Maize™ extruded PLA trays, tableware and food containers are the newest addition to the Earth-To-Go™ family of compostable food services products. Earth Maize™ products provide a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative to Polystyrene (PS) foam, that produces 70% less green house gas to manufacture, meets ASTM D6400-12 standards for compostability, and is accepted in the USDA BioPreferred™ program.
  • EarthWare USA™ is a line of innovative sustainable tableware that is produced in the U.S.A. The unique mix of plant starches, calcium carbonate, and natural fibers during product forms a product substrate that was painstakingly engineered to breakdown with hot and cold water, while maintaining its structural integrity for use with hot and cold foods.

Specialized Services

Customization and private branding are some of the specialized services that Biodegradable Food Service™ and Earth-To-Go™ makes available for a variety of their product lines. Whether customers desire custom print artwork, custom colorization, or custom embossing, there is a right combination available for the customer’s private branding needs.

Brands: Earth Maize™, Earth Cup™, Earth Bowl™, Earth Cutlery™, TaterWare™, High-5-Me™, EarthWare USA™


  • Earth Maize
    Expanded PLA compostable packaging trays, hinged takeout containers and school trays. Custom branding options available....

  • Earth Maize™ products are made from a compostable PLA biopolymer resin that is used to produce an expanded PLA substrate that meets ASTM D6400-12 standards for compostability, and is certified as a 100% bio-based material that is BPI certified and accepted for participation in the USDA BioPreferred® Program. Earth Maize products have been tested for compostability by the Compost Manufacturer Alliance (CMA) at Cedar Grove for acceptance at commercial composting facilities in the U.S.

    Earth Maize products are a compostable non-petroleum based expanded PLA product that has no PFAS added. Earth Maize produces 70% less green house gas to manufacture, is 100% compostable, and was the recipient of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition 2018 SPC Packaging Innovation Award (Honorable Mention).

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