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Double Wall, Yogurt, Ice Cream, Hot and Beverage Paper Cups

Huang Guan Special Printery Co., Ltd. (HG) was founded in 1981, initially HG was primarily focusing on producing self-adhesive labels, color printing boxes, silk-screen printing, and transfer printing materials.

Nowadays, the level of awareness on environmental awareness has increased significantly in recent years, the environmental friendly products are become more and more popular. In order to make the contribution for our environment, HG insists on sustainable resources making the products. By 1991, HG expanded the disposable paper lunch boxes department, and startd to produces a series of paper lunch boxes. Also, the management capability was certified as Excellent Business Entity in 1996 by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA. The Hygiene Award in Excellence for food container was certified by Taiwan Lunch Box Association in 1999 which was commission by Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Taiwan. After that, in view of that more and more people have demand on take away service. HG started investing the production of disposable paper cup (Coffee cup, Cold drink cup, Beverage cup, Ice cream cup, Yogurt and Soup cup) in 2002; meanwhile, the division lunch boxes (Snack box, take out box, food container box and so on) were manufactured in 2003. Therefore, HG’s equipment and capacity have also been up to date, and meet the different needs of markets.

On the other hand, HG's raw materials can be recycled mostly, then process into the other paper products, such as paper towels. Thus, paper containers are environmentally friendly and useful products. HG uphold that "We only have one Earth" as the core value, we concern the environmental protection, sustainable development and safe products. For example, HG adopt two kind of printing technologies for environmentally friendly. First of all, UV printing technology. Then, "water-based ink” has some advantages for environment, such as natural decomposition, non-toxic and tasteless environmentally friendly. In brief, we believe that do the best is more important than do the biggest. In 2015, HG is the first company to purchase Komori presses HUV machine in Taiwan paper container industry.

However, as our business value "professionalism, innovation, service", in order to pursue more environmentally friendly and safe productions to establish our own brand in paper container industry. In 2015, HG have owned the most standard factory in Southeast Asia. We will continue to develop environmentally friendly products, such as eco coating paper and uncoated paper research etc., HG not only care all customers' health, but also create environmentally friendly paper containers. HG will become the best manufacturer in Taiwan for customers.

In addition, In 2015, double wall cup has been developed, because of more and more customer scalds when they taste hot beverage; therefore, HG developed the anti-hot double wall cup for customers. Double Wall Cup is provided an excellent hand-hold temperature, and the air-pocket insulation is kept beverage hot. No need to add a cup or sleeve.

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