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About Checkit

Checkit’s smart technology helps businesses of any size to manage people, processes and compliance. Our Real Time Operations Management Platform is used to power digital food safety systems, to deliver smart compliance services and to easily build tailored solutions that make operations more effective.   

With Checkit, managers can define, monitor and analyse routine processes, making sure that the right thing is done in the right place, at the right time by the right person.  This is achieved by a unique combination of configuration – not programming – of mobile checklist applications and real-time alerts seamlessly integrated with smart sensors and cloud analytics. The result is improved performance through higher quality, improved productivity and reduced risk.

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  • Your operations as you’ve never seen them before
    Checkit Work Management and Automated Monitoring capture millions of data points on how people, processes and equipment are performing against your operational strategy and turn them into insightful dashboards to give you visibility of trends....

  • Checkit provides a smart operational KPIs dashboard so you can understand data, view and interrogate.

    Is work being done on time? Are managers and supervisors dealing with issues? Are processes running within specification? Is equipment available and operating? 

    Performance can be tracked by site, team and process, creating the visibility needed to track records and make sure you can intervene before small dips in performance turn into major issues.

    The data can be aggregated for different users - a regional manager might want to see overall performance for his or her sites, and then a site by site comparison. A divisional manager might want to see dashboards that focus on a specific area of business performance or compliance (e.g. fire safety or food safety checks).

    The pre-configured dashboards allow drill down for managers who need to understand the factors contributing to KPI performance.
    For example when examining the work not done as scheduled, it is possible to see whether the work was never started, or just started and not finished; whether it was done but in an ad hoc fashion, and which sites or teams or processes are most to blame for the shortfall.


    •  Gives an unprecedented view on the health of your organization

    •  Shows how people, processes and equipment are performing against your operational strategy

    •  Allows intervention before small issues turn into major issues

    What it does

    •  Gathers data from Work Management and Automated Monitoring

    •  Presents data as usable information and interactive dashboards

    •  Shows and tracks performance by site, team and process

    •  Allows users to understand the factors contributing to KPI performance


    •  See, compare and track real-time data from sites, teams or processes

    •  Out of the box dashboards enable data to be understood and interrogated

    • Powered by Microsoft BI

    •  Share and publish dashboards across the organization

    •  Extend dashboards to combine data from other systems

  • Work Management
    Smart, easy to configure and use digital checklists to take control of front line work, making sure that the right people do the right thing in the right place at the right time....

  • Checkit's Work Management Benefits:

    • Efficient, accurate work and records
    • Consistent, high standards
    • Real-time visibility across sites
    • Early warning of performance changes
    • Fast training
    • Advanced solutions without coding
    What it does:

    • Gives users easy to use digital checklists and workflows
    • Prompts and guides staff
    • Automates and schedules routine tasks
    • Checks temperatures and dates
    • Manages time as a control
    • Sends time-stamped records to the cloud
    • Captures corrective actions
    • Benchmarks performance
    Main Features:

    • Point and click checklist building
    • Alert management and reporting
    • Location aware checks and QR code scanning
    • Time delayed checks
    • Wireless temperature checks
    • Photos and notes
    • Document distribution
    • Sound notifications
    • Internationalized
    • Secure data storage
  • Automated Temperature Monitoring
    Checkit’s smart wireless sensing networks use Internet of Things technologies to replace manual checks with 24*7 monitoring to protect valuable stock, appliances and processes....

  • Checkit's temperature sensors cover key processing, compliance and data storage requirements. Readings are continually compared with limits and alerts are raised when rules are breached.

    Automated Monitoring Benefits:

    •  Replace manual checks with 24*7 automated monitoring

    •  Save staff time, minimise wastage and financial loss

    •  Identify issues, trends and equipment failures quickly

    •  Gain real-time multi-site visibility from any location

    •  Centralise compliance, auditing and reporting

    What it does : 

    •  24*7 automated monitoring

    •  Sends time-stamped readings to the cloud

    •  Allows you to set up your own alert rules, limits and triggers

    •  Maintains data and functionality if a network or component fails 

    •  Generates alerts and escalations


    •   Temperature sensing from -80°C to +260°C

    •  Portable - works offline for deliveries and mobile workers

    •  Cloud based, fully resilient, secure managed solution

    •  Robust wireless technology

    •  Hardware and software as a service

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