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Shaoxing jinyang textile co., ltd. is the only one that has passed the international SGS inspection to produce the aviation flame-retardant and anti-static blankets, aviation pillows, aviation pillowcases, aviation quilts, aviation headrest pieces, aviation napkins, aviation tray gaskets, aviation tooth sets and other aviation textiles for cabin use in aviation and railway engine rooms.The company has a complete quality assurance manual and quality control procedures and the corresponding product standards, ISO certification.

The factory was founded in October 2004. It owns and leases 26,212 square meters of production space. At present, it has 116 looms of 3.6m, and produces and sells 5 million pieces of various aviation blankets annually.Have 5 tower SiGuan wiring machines, with an annual output of 300 million pieces of non-woven fabric air pillow towel, at the same time also won the seat headscarf patent certificate, at the same time, according to the relevant airlines and the needs of the business unit, development and production of the high quality air quilt, air pillow, aviation cloth napkins, aviation antependium, aviation aircraft cabin textiles such as water wheel cloth, the annual output of 6 million pieces.In September 2009, our company won the first place in the sample quality score of napkin cloth bidding of Air China.In 2011, I won the bid for American airlines napkin cloth and other cotton products, and organized the production of 4 million tablecloths with annual supply contract.In 2015, the company successfully won the bid of 23 million pieces of American aviation napkin cloth and mouth cloth.

The company has 38 technical backbone with professional work experience, and is the real permanent anti-static aviation blanket independent patent holder.At the same time in the cabin supplies development, production, supply of a number of national patent technology.Formed a fixed point review procurement of raw and auxiliary materials, fixed point legal unit quality testing, fixed point spinning, fixed point dyeing and other quality cooperation guarantee.

Use of company products and comprehensive service of high quality, have such as American airlines, delta air lines, the Spanish airline, air Portugal, Qatar airways, British airways and virgin Atlantic, emirates airline, Lufthansa, air Jordan, road, air, Pakistan aviation airlines, Australia airlines, air India, Libya, more than 90 famous airlines such as Korean air supply.

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