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Environmental Protection, Professional, Quality, Innovation

KING GUAN XIN CO., LTD was established in 2007, specializes in international trade. Our manufacturing factory, KING YIH SEN CO., LTD locates in Changhua, we would like to introduce our factory below.

“KING YIH SEN CO., LTD” was established in 1991 and has 20 years’ experience in production. With the principle of “environmental protection, professional, quality, innovation”, our leaders led a group of professionals and set up “KING YIH SEN CO., LTD.”

Our company combines domestic and international expertise. We focus on research and development, having high quality productions and a lot of patent registered products. Our company specializes in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of plastic food packaging containers and vacuum forming products. Available materials include PP, PET, PS, OPS, PLA, two-color PP & PS sheet, etc. We have variety of products to meet various customers’ needs, and we also accept custom processing.

“KING YIH SEN CO., LTD.” enjoy good reputation and has considerable scale in Taiwan. With the ever-changing society, people pursue objective of “new, fast, practical and simple”. Our company has the warmest heart and the most complete professional services. Recently we introduce environmentally materials – PLA, and provide a full range of green-related products to consumers. In order to improve the quality of life, we fully support global environmental plan.

Also, we are already certificated by ISO 9001, FDA. Quality control processes are followed at all levels of production. With each passing day, we will provide you with more quality products and better services.


  1. The materials are completely from plants which can be thoroughly dissolved, recycled and composted.
  2. Non-poisonous, recycled and composted with organic wastes.
  3. All products can be thoroughly dissolved by microorganism and transfer to composted soil.
  4. The materials correspond with the norm of FDA. Every product is safe and harmless when the food is directly touched.
  5. The medical BE in Umbria, Italy has proved and certificated it is non-poisonous and harmless to human bodies.
  6. After testing by CNS 14432, the materials correspond with CNS 14661 which is under the standard of fertilized plastic. It proves that it is well-dissolving and compostable.
  7. After testing by OWS, ISO 14851, 14852 and 14855; appointed by England, America, Japan and German, the materials correspond with the standard of EN 13432, ASTM d. 6400-99, ASTM D. 6002-96 and DIN V54900. It can also get the certification of Kompostierbar German, OK Compost EN, Green PLA Japan, Jatlaito Syhdisty Finland and Compostable US.
  8. We use biodegradable materials to make all the products. We do our best to protect the environment.

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