Beyond Zero

Louisville,  KY 
United States
  • Booth: 11146

Freeze liquor & wine into ice. Are you ready to Go Beyond?

Cocktails make any moment better. A revolutionary cocktail takes it Beyond. Forget the laws of nature and in minutes, freeze liquor or wine into pure ice.  Anyone can take cocktails into the new ice age! Serve up drinks that are smoother, colder and full of intense flavor. Fully UL/NSF approved, the technology allows a user to push the boundaries of cocktail culture. Plug and play on any counter. The user interface makes it easy for anyone to make liquor ice with little training.  Freeze liquor automatically in the Ice Maker and hold ice for service in the Storage Freezer. The Ice Maker freezes 1-ounce every 4-6 minutes for most 80-90 proof base spirits like vodka, tequila, bourbon, whiskey, rum, scotch and gin. It also freezes wine in about 3 minutes!  The machine's technology pumps directly from a liquor bottle and measures each cube to accurately make .25 ounce cubes so that 4 cubes equal 1 ounce of spirits. The Storage Freezer holds 160 cubes which is 25-40 servings depending on the number of cubes in each drink. The cubes will last indefinitely in the storage unit.  For venues more into crafting ice by hand, the Storage Freezer will freeze liquor into different shapes and sizes using silicon ice molds. Now, instead of a giant water ice ball diluting a bourbon, anyone can enjoy a 1.5-ounce bourbon ball with some bourbon poured over it for a great tasting pure experience.

Delivering a superior experience is what all operators strive to attain. A Beyond Zero System lets anyone easily create a cocktail experience that is unrivaled, pure and and an affordable luxury for customers to enjoy. Venues can offer new categories of premium cocktails to boost excitement, get attention and drive profits. Its easy to make money with the machines. With just 15 drinks per day at 6 cubes per drink you have a 3 month payback period at $10/drink with $2.50 drink cost. Selling cocktails with cubes at a luxury price point, say $18, would result in $195k in sales at 30 drinks/day.  Most spirits consumed on the rocks are good – but when it is the rocks its much better since the alcohol burn goes away revealing the true underlying flavors. When cooling a spirit with a Beyond Zero liquor ice system it illuminates the hidden flavors masked much by the alcohol heat and ethanol burn. Essentially it tastes smoother. Regular ice waters down drinks to cool them and your left with a flavor profile not intended or different from what is expected. It's similar to having a warm soda versus a cold one. Warm soda is not good, but when it's cold, it's the best selling drink on earth.

As a plug-in device we allow any venue to creatively take their cocktail program to the next level. Currently, there are no competing machines like it in the market. It requires no chemicals to operate, just electricity like a standard appliance. The system can make any classic modern. Simply replace the liquor count with liquor ice as the ingredient. Since liquor ice is so cold it makes for a great presentation when pouring a mixer or additional spirit over the ice because it gives a cool smoke effect. Wine spritzer and Champagne based cubes still bubble after being frozen. When anyone experiences a drink made with the beyond zero system they will instantly taste the difference. The company is offering special show pricing and seeking distributor partners throughout the US. Are you ready to Go Beyond?

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