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United States
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Premium, All Natural, Gluten Free Bloody Mary Mix.

Bloody Point Bloody Mary's are all natural, premium, mixes created for the consumer who desires quality and depth over unoriginality and simplicity. Bloody Point's award winning Bloody Mary's require no “doctoring up” to create an unforgettable flavor. Open the bottle, mix with your favorite spirit, and enjoy a profile that will leave you yearning for more.  

Bloody Point Mixing Co. went a step further than the competition when developing Bloody Point Original Bloody Mary. It was also created to double as a marinade base. The layers of this product are so complex, it works great for steaks, chicken, seafood, and soups. Bloody Point Bloody Mary is cutting edge, not only was it created to be used in the kitchen, it is all natural, gluten free, no added MSG, and no artificial preservatives. Next time you go to the store and purchase a bottle bloody mary mix, check out the ingredients, it may come as a surprise.  

Here at Bloody Point Mixing Co., we have produced un-paralleled products that have beat all the major products on the shelves by an average of 7 to 1 in blind taste tests. We have a product line that is the most versatile and fun products on the market.

Brands: Bloody Point Mixing Co. - Original Bloody Mary, Bloody Point Mixing Co. - Remedy Mary, Bloody Point Mixing Co. - Coastal Mary


  • Bloody Point Mixing Co. - Original Mix
    This elegant, award-winning recipe has been around for over a decade. Created as both a premium bloody mary and a marinade, ithas never lost a blind taste test....

  • Bloody Point Bloody Mary. Using all natural ingredients, Bloody Point Original drinks smoother, cleaner, and is more refreshing than the competition.   Bloody mary connoisseurs have found the ingredients to perfectly compliment each other bringing you a crisp, refreshing, and bold flavor that will have you wanting more. Taste the layers for yourself...
  • Bloody Point Mixing Co. - The Remedy
    Our savory Original recipe with two speial ingredients. Caffeine and B-12....

  • The name speaks for itself.  Our savory Original recipe with two special ingredients.  Caffeine and B-12.  Prepare for the daily battle with this absolutely brilliant cocktail mix.  
  • Bloody Point Mixing Co. - The Coastal Mary
    Crisp, refreshing, and created for the bloody mary connoisseur. A clam juice infused bloody mary with Togarashi Japanese seasonings. Built for the gin and seafood lover....

  • This product is our spin on a Bloody Caesar.  The crispness of the clam juice paired up with the unforgettable flavors of Togarashi make this an extremely unique and crisp flavor.  

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