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BUNN®: The Best Result in the Cup BOOTH 1031

Bunn-O-Matic® Corporation (BUNN) is a heritage brand committed to evolving with the needs of today’s customer. Growing from an initial focus on foodservice and coffee, we are now at the forefront of all dispensed beverage equipment manufacturers with a full portfolio of innovative products and first-in-industry technologies. It’s in our entrepreneurial DNA to relentlessly pursue:  quality in the cup for every serving occasion, profitability for our business partners, and ways to use our success to make the world a better place for our customers and our families.

The BUNN equipment portfolio is managed by teams headquartered in Springfield, IL USA who listen, anticipate and meet emerging trends for every channel. These teams oversaw the introduction of nearly 50 new models in the past year, one of the most prolific development periods in the company history.

BUNN equipment launches featured at The NRA Show 2018 will address the growing demand for a quality crafted beverage without sacrificing convenience, profitability, reliability and design suitable for front-of-house placement:

  • Infusion Series® Platinum and Soft Heat Models are the new standard in batch coffee and tea brewing;
  • Nitron® Cold Draft consistently serves high-volume cold brew and nitro-infused beverages without the need for kegs;
  • Crescendo® serves authentic espresso alone or built into a choice of nine premium café beverages at the touch of a button;
  • Sure Immersion® elevates the taste profile for bean-to-cup single-serve coffee in a machine ideally designed for a micro-market setting;
  • Sure Tamp® is a BUNN-exclusive superautomatic espresso machine that features outstanding puck quality and simple-to-operate touchscreen management; and
  • BUNN refresh® dispenses cold filtered sparkling or still water with an exclusive mistifier and certified purity filtration.

While the Ultra™ Series Frozen Beverage System by BUNN is not among the new equipment launches, it remains one of the company’s bestsellers and can be sampled at the show. Whether it’s heat, rain, or shine – Ultra is BUNN-designed and tested to work reliably every day, even in challenging outdoor environments.

Also featured at NRA 2018 is BUNNserve®, the growing and customizable post-purchase support programs that professionally manage uptime for multi-beverage and multi-vendor platforms. The program offers comprehensive response and restore through 24/7/365 call-tech availability, real-time augmented reality virtual-tech assistance, and nationwide field-tech coverage for onsite reactive and planned maintenance.

The complete BUNN product line includes coffee brewers and grinders; single cup makers, liquid coffee dispensers, iced tea brewers; cappuccino, granita, and juice machines; superautomatic espresso systems; bean-to-cup systems; precise temperature hot water systems; filtered cold water systems; water quality solutions and paper filters.

The BUNN brand is synonymous with honesty, integrity, and courtesy, which supports the company’s brand promise to be A Partner You Can Count On™. Visit www.bunn.com or BUNN Booth 1031.

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  • Infusion Series® Coffee and Tea Platform by BUNN®
    The new standard in batch coffee and tea brewing with the same BUNN dedication to Best Result in the Cup...

  • The New Standard in Batch Brewing

    The New Infusion Series® coffee and tea equipment platform by BUNN® provides Best Result in the Cup™ performance with the proven industry knowledge to deliver the lowest cost of ownership.

    Standard Models

    Achieve a variety of flavor profiles and batch options with programmable Digital Brewer Control. BrewWISE® intelligence with pre-infusion and pulse brew ensures ultimate control of your brewing process and maximum flavor extraction.

    SoftHeat® Models
    BUNN-exclusive Soft Heat® technology supplies controlled heat to the brewed coffee within the server whenever it's docked on the brewer, ensuring ideal holding temperatures and optimal flavor for longer periods. These servers are completely modernized, ergonomic, energy efficient and constructed with durable stainless steel.

    Platinum Editon™
    Platinum Edition introduces a large touchscreen for an enhanced operation experience, allowing users to customize recipes with Visually Intuitive Programming™. The powerful duo of the BUNN exclusive Peak Extraction™ Sprayhead coupled with SmartWAVE® technology delivers increased turbulence in the coffee bed during brewing, unrivaled uniformity of extraction, and complexity in the finished beverage.


  • BUNNserve®, Professionally Managed Uptime
    Protect your profitability and partner with BUNNserve to execute full coverage service packages for multi-vendor multi-beverage platforms...

  • Complex and Demanding Service Needs? The Solution is Simpler Than You Think.

    With today’s increasingly complex and technology-driven equipment, service is an inevitability. Machines break down, errors occur, parts need to be cleaned, and software has to be updated. For all of these needs, service options come in all shapes and sizes, and the choices can be daunting.

    End-to-End service models operate on one essential idea: we take care of everything. BUNNserve® offers professionally managed uptime of multi-vendor and multi-beverage platforms and adapts to your unique service scenario.

    For almost every brand of dispensed beverage equipment at any time and any place, BUNNserve will be your partner in ensuring uptime. This is possible due to a nationwide network of Field Service Engineers, Virtual Technicians for fast on-site diagnosis, and a 24/7/365 call center in Springfield Illinois, where you’ll always connect to a BUNN-trained professional and never an automated system.

    Protect and grow your profitability with a BUNNServe program. Learn more at www.bunn.com/BUNNserve

  • Crescendo® Espresso Platform by BUNN®
    Authentic espresso served pure, or built into your choice of nine premium cafe beverages, at the touch of a button BOOTH 1031...

  • Excellent Single and Double Shot Espresso on Demand

    Quality in the Cup

    • 9 bar pressure used with a variable brew group to produce an excellent single and double shot with beautiful crema
    • Tamping sensor achieves consistently great coffee extraction
    • Precision Ditting® burrs for accurate grinding and great shot quality
    • Ideal serving temperature of espresso and café beverages are achieved with our two tank system

    Great Design

    • Consumers see the 1kg (2.2lb) bean hopper so they can view fresh whole beans
    • Touchpad features two programmable portion sizes from 230 to 350ml (8 to 12oz) and 9 beverage choices, plus hot water
    • Waterfall, compact footprint (356mm W x 500mm D x 656mm H)
    • Decorative, bright, buff nozzle guides to the 140.5mm dispense area

    Highest Quality Equipment

    • Engineered with three powder hoppers; two 1.5kg (3.3lb) hoppers for the larger demand flavors and a third 1kg (2.2lb) hopper that allows for additional flavor
    • Adjustable speed auger motors produce great consistency of ingredient portioning
  • Ultra® Series Frozen Beverage Platform by BUNN®
    Frozen beverage dispenser with reversing auger technology for superior mixing and freezing; BOOTH 1031...

  • Avoid a Freeze Up With Reliable Frozen Drinks

    Whether it’s heat, rain, or shine – frozen drinks have found popularity all year round, and in everyday daypart. In fact, according to a study by NPD Crest, frozen beverages saw an increase of over 26 million servings in foodservice last year. When it comes to offering these frozen treats, reliability is key. Machines like Ultra® Series Frozen Beverage System by BUNN® address this need by delivering consistent frozen drinks for long periods of operation. A look inside the machine reveals how this is all possible.

    A defining feature of Ultra technology is an exclusive reverse auger design that quickens freeze time and keeps the ice crystals at a favorable consistency. This ensures that the drink is prepared quickly, and an internal refrigeration monitor ensures that your blended drink stays at the proper temperature, keeping your drinks in a desirable state throughout the day.

    From here, Ultra can take on different configurations, depending on the specific needs of a particular beverage program: Pourover, Powdered Autofill, and Liquid Autofill. The Pourover version serves a standard volume of customers and a standard rate of dispense. For high-volume situations, the Powdered Autofill version provides higher capacity serving and will allow you to keep your frozen offerings online. For the ultimate high-volume solution to frozen drink demand, the Liquid Autofill version provides roughly five times more finished product before an operator needs to fill the hopper.

    Ultra has found a place in convenience stores, amusement, college, leisure and other similar channels as a way to round out beverage offerings with a colorful, frozen treat. Additional features like simple brix adjustment and guided cleaning on the touchpad display further ensure that Ultra will provide consistent, profitable results.

  • Nitron® Cold Draft Platform by BUNN®
    From pour to pour, serve Cold Brew and Nitro coffee consistently without sacrificing quality or the hassles of keg management...

  • Authentic Cold Brew Taste Is a Tap Away

    With an uncommonly smooth and palatable flavor, cold brew coffee’s recent boon in popularity is no surprise. In fact, 89% of cold brew coffee consumers are willing to pay a premium price for their drink[1]. The unique flavor comes from a lengthy and complex traditional brewing process. Luckily, authentic cold brew flavor is possible with a single tap – meet Nitron® Cold Draft Platform by BUNN®.

    The Nitron platform conveniently dispenses cold brew with the simple pull of a tap handle, without sacrificing quality. This operator-friendly keg-free platform delivers authentic taste and frees the operator from having to store, clean, or manage kegs – while still delivering several gallons of drinks from a narrow-footprint. The nitro-tap houses a BUNN exclusive in-line gas infuser that produces up to 3 minutes[2] of cascading micro-bubbles, resulting in a nitro cold brew crowned with a silky, stout-like head that tastes distinctively creamy and delivers a velvety soft mouthfeel. Visual details like chrome-plated brass tap handles and customizable LED-lighted door graphics create a unique look to catch consumers’ attention.

    1 NRA 2017 2 Results based on product concentrate used

  • BUNN refresh® Filtered Water Platform
    Sparkling and Still water dispenser delivers purified, premium water elevating the customer beverage experience BOOTH 1031...

  • What Will You Craft Today?

    Refresh your beverage offerings ---and the look of your counter-top--- with the BUNN refresh Cold Water Dispenser. The BUNN refresh produces purified chilled water, as both a pure conventional crystal-clear drink and as a sparkling, lightly carbonated offering. The styling reveals an open, large radius face, inviting and refined, which provides intuitive visual cues to user-interaction points. With one push-and-hold button for Still Water dispense, and one push-and-hold button for Carbonated Water dispense, this machine is refreshingly simple to use.

  • Sure Immersion® Bean-to-Cup Platform by BUNN®
    Fresh, expertly extracted single cup, on-demand coffee...

  • Elevate Single-Cup, On-Demand Coffee


    Whole beans are prominently displayed in two separate hoppers, denoting the freshness of each brew. The hoppers are designed with the perfect angle to ensure a consistent flow of beans, and each hopper has its own dedicated grinder. High quality burrs provide a uniform grind distribution and electronic dosing assures the constancy of the brew recipe. This is the foundation for full-on flavor extraction.

    Air Infusion®

    BUNN’s Air Infusion process provides the tools for accelerating extraction and dialing in brewing recipes. 


    The extraction process is a hybrid of filter drip and immersion brewing that mimics other single cup processes. On one hand it is similar to flat bottom, paper filter, and on the other hand it mimics vacuum/siphon infusion.


    The attention to detail during the infusion process is what sets Sure Immersion apart from other Bean to Cup systems. Sure Immersion delivers better taste and quality while remaining consistent throughout the day. 

  • SureTamp® Superautomatic Platform by BUNN®
    Make BUNN Sure Tamp® your fresh, new canvas for successful beverage innovation and execution BOOTH 1031...

  • An Espresso Based Beverage Menu Can Add Profit to Your Operation

    A profitable espresso beverage program that delights your customers requires equipment that is embraced by staff, safe to use, intuitive, consistent, and easily maintained. The heart of the BUNN Sure Tamp® Superautomatic is the exclusive Sure Tamp process incorporated into the Brew System Assembly. Gold cup espresso production begins with the formation of a puck (of compacted recently ground coffee) that allows for the optimum movement of water throughout. The all-metal Sure Tamp uses a proximity sensor to ensure correct compaction and a precise tamping pressure, while quality design specifications assure consistent production of pucks of perfect resistance, time after time.

    Profitable espresso programs depend on engaged staff members who are willing to confidently utilize and maintain high-performing equipment, thus maximizing the return on your investment. Good drink quality is a direct result of thorough daily cleaning, but in hectic serving environments time constraints often limit your ability to provide thorough, in-depth training.

    Picture Prompted Cleaning ™ on Sure Tamp is a new approach to the daily maintenance requirements necessary for consistent quality drink production. Instead of having to spend time reading manuals (that are sometimes unclear to the uninitiated, and are often easily misplaced) or to view training videos (that are all too quickly forgotten), our large 7” touchscreen displays high resolution photograph tutorials (not illustrations) to guide the operator step-by-step through proper cleaning techniques, which are handily available every time they are needed. Our Picture Prompted Cleaning will work to make your program best in class.

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