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AHDB Pork, levy payer organisation from England.

AHDB Pork as part of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board has an export marketing department which can help to put those who wish to import in contact with those who have pig meat to export.

AHDB Pork has successfully conveyed the message to overseas buyers that Great Britain can offer high quality, lean pig meat, cut to customers' specification. Most importantly, British pig meat is produced under welfare-friendly, quality-asssured conditions.

The quality of meat starts with the breeding animal and Britain has been at the forefront of breeding success for many years. Britain can boast some of the top breeding companies in the world offering high health, high breeding-merit animals with characteristics to suit almost every market.

Animal Welfare Standards

The United Kingdom is the first country in the world to implement laws protecting animals. In 1835 an Act to Prevent the Cruel and Improper Treatment of Animals was passed by parliament.

Welfare Standards in the UK are higher than in most other countries.

Legislation banning the use of the sow stall and tether system and allowing a more natural group housing of sows was introduced in the UK from the end of 1998 eight years before the EU ban of the use of tethers in 2006 and fifteen years before the partial ban of stalls in the EU in 2013.

British Pork's Premium

British pork has made considerable inroads to world markets over the past two years and we are confident that this trend will continue, as a result of British pork's premium characteristics.

Key among British pork's sales assets in global markets, particularly China, are its rigorous safety and regulatory credentials, the independent Real Welfare audits (using a set of five objective and repeatable measures which are animal-based, meaning that they are obtained from the animal themselves, rather than the environment) and its ability to  provide different genetics for different customer's needs ranging from modern indoor production to straw-barns to outdoor-reared and outdoor free-range.

British pork's safety and regulatory credentials are underpinned by regular Red Tractor Assured Audits. http://assurance.redtractor.org.uk/contentfiles/Farmers-5615.pdf

The British pig industry has also introduced an antibiotic stewardship programme which is expected - when data is available - to show producers are in the process of significantly reducing their use of antibiotics.

Organic Pork

Organic pork is a growing market in many countries, providing premium and special products, excellent animal welfare and environmental benefits.

Organic food has been around for decades, but it is a niche area that is gradually becoming more mainstream.

Organic certification gives the assurance that food has been produced using environmentally friendly, sustainable methods that are good for animals. Farmers adopt preventative husbandry and management practices to minimise pest and disease problems and reliance on chemical treatments.

Prohibited inputs for pigs include all organophosphate treatments, the unauthorised use of routine veterinary treatments and the unauthorised feeding of non-organic feed-stuffs which may be contaminated with genetically modified material. As much feed as possible must be certified organic. Pigs should have outdoor access all year round and land should therefore be ralatively level and free draining in low rainfall area. Good land rotation is essential, as the use of synthetic fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides is prohibited.

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