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Air Oasis makes all-American made products for the Restaurant, Hospitality, Healthcare, Pet Care, Offices and Homes with strict quality control procedures. Air Oasis’ proprietary advanced technologies and product designs take surface santitation and air purification to a new level. Air Oasis products are reasonably priced, low maintenance, and energy efficient. They quietly and effectively sanitize air and surface areas, whereas many competitors are limited to passive, local air cleaning.

Brands: Bi-Polar Ice Machine Cleaner, Portable Air Purifiers, Whole Home Air Purifiers

 Press Releases

  • Air Oasis Bi-Polar Ice BPi200 Named Kitchen Innovation Award Recipient by the National Restaurant Association

    Proudly Made in the U.S.A., Bi-Polar Ice is designed to protect consumers and save restaurant, hospitality, office building, and healthcare facility operators time and money.

    AMARILLO, Texas – March 28, 2018 – The National Restaurant Association recently announced the recipients of the 2018 Kitchen Innovations Awards, honoring progressive equipment that increases efficiencies and productivity for back-of-the-house operations and benefits restaurant operators.

    “The KI Award recipients are innovators in back-of-house operations and work tirelessly to improve the challenges faced by restaurant operators,” says Dickie Brennan, Convention Chair for NRA Show 2018 and owner of the restaurant group including the brands Tableau, Palace Café, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, and Bourbon House. “For fourteen years, the industry has admired KI Award recipients and their contribution to making our foodservice industry even better.”

    The 2018 KI Award recipients reflect the trends and topics most important to foodservice operators today. The 22 selected innovations address operator concerns from labor, energy and water efficiency to food safety, sanitation, cross-functionality and space-saving. New software and new materials continue to make new solutions possible.

    Each recipient and their product will be showcased in the interactive Kitchen Innovations Showroom at the 2018 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, to be held May 19-22 in Chicago at McCormick Place.

    About the Air Oasis Bi-Polar Ice BPi200
    The Bi-Polar Ice is the only NSF (food safety) and UL-867 (electrical safety) approved commercial ice machine application using bi-polar ionization. According to the NSF International website: “Manufacturers, regulators and consumers look to NSF International for the development of public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and environment.”

    Unlike ice sanitizing technologies that use UV light or other sources that create ozone, the patent-pending BPi200 uses a small electrical housing and carbon-fiber brushes to release airborne ions throughout the ice machine without creating ozone. The compact unit greatly reduces mold, yeast, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, improving sanitation and reducing the number of expensive service cycles it takes to protect consumers.

    Visit for information about the show.

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    About Air Oasis

    Founded in 2004 in Amarillo, Texas, Air Oasis LLC has grown to become the leader in air quality, surface sanitation, and food safety innovation – all with American-made quality.

    For more information about Air Oasis, visit their website, or call 949-282-8037.


  • Bi-Polar Ice (Ice Machine Cleaner)
    2018 Kitchen Innovation Award -- The Bi-Polar Ice reduces cleaning costs by 75%. The easily installed, award winning Bi-Polar® Ice inexpensively protects consumers from ice machines contaminated by slime, sludge, mold, and germs....

  • Winner of the 2018 NRA Kitchen Innovation Award, Bi-Polar Ice provides a cost-effective solution for eliminating mold, slime & sludge inside commercial ice machines. Using a proven technology for cleaning indoor spaces and surfaces, bi-polar ionization, Air Oasis has designed a new product specifically for ice machines. The ions produced by the Bi-Polar Ice circulate throughout ice machines, greatly reducing the buildup of mold, slime, and sludge. This product significantly lengthens ice machine cleaning intervals by as much as two to three times. 

    How it works: the small Bi-Polar Ice is designed with a compact electrical housing connected by food-grade wiring to the ion production assembly. The assembly consists of two carbon fiber brushes safely housed according to NSF specifications. The small brush assembly fits any ice machine with flexible mounting options. Through the brushes flow positive and negative charges, which keep the machine clean for three to four times longer than without this technology.

    Ice machine cleanliness is a new application for bi-polar ionization. We are the first company to create such a device approved by both NSF for food-grade use and UL-867 for electrical safety. The Bi-Polar Ice is unique and revolutionary due to its adaptability to ice machines, within the limited available installation space of many ice machines. Carbon-fiber brushes extend from the compact electronic housing by food grade wire, allowing them to be positioned for maximum effectiveness and longevity. The brushes are protected by plastic housing and easily replaced if ever necessary.

    The Bi-Polar Ice allows ice machine owners to significantly reduce their cleaning cycles by up to seventy-five percent. It carries a three-year warranty and is expected to operate well beyond the warranty period.  In less than one year, the return on investment is clear: fewer cleaning cycles, fewer health inspection discrepancies, and, most importantly, consumers will consume clean ice.

    Independent laboratory tests report up to 99% reduction in mold when exposed to bi-polar ionization.

    The Bi-Polar Ice is unique due to its versatile configuration and cost-savings to ice machine owners. Ice machine control areas have become more compressed further compounding design and installation of value-added products. In response to this trend, the Bi-Polar Ice electronics are mounted away from the wet ice production area while the ion output is maximized where it is most needed.

    Other products such as chemicals, UV lights and ozone generators have been used for years in an attempt to solve the problem of ice machine cleanliness. Chemicals do not have a long residual effect and require continuous reapplication.  UV lamps and ozone can damage ice machine components over time and require regular replacement of UV lamps. However, bi-polar ionization is safe, effective and requires no replacement parts. The Bi-Polar Ice is very easy to install using a simple clip which attaches to the inside wall of the commercial ice machine.  Bi-Polar Ice is quickly hardwired into the 110v relay of the commercial ice machine control panel.

    The current process for keeping ice machines clean is time consuming and expensive.  The Bi-Polar Ice solves that problem, and its ROI is clear.

    We believe our unique approach to using bi-polar ionization will be a significant improvement over existing designs that employ UV lights or units that pump ozone into ice machines. UV lights, when employed in very close proximity to contaminants may be helpful, but UV bulbs do not tolerate cold temperature well, and UV rays degrade plastics and polymers. Ozone pumps are cumbersome and require running tubes into the machine. Conversely, our compact Bi-Polar Ice is quickly and easily installed within the ice machine and produces no ozone. There is no bulb to be changed on a regular basis.

    We believe this product will be widely accepted based on its durability, simple design, ease of installation and clear return on investment.  Not only will existing ice machine owners welcome this product, ice machine manufacturers will benefit from considering this as a factory-installed option. Furthermore, our Bi-Polar Ice has various applications including ice machines, ice bins, beverage dispensers, refrigerators, cold storage, freezers & food storage.

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