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Anchor Packaging, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, is 8th largest thermoformer of rigid plastic containers and flexible cling film for the foodservice industry.  As the largest manufacturer of polypropylene (PP) takeout food containers, our product lines include upscale packaging for restaurants and quick service chains, caterers, supermarkets, convenience stores, and any foodservice location offering takeout prepared foods.   Three production facilities occupy over 990,000 northeast Arkansas and consolidate product in a 683,000 sq.ft. Distribution Center in Paragould, AR for a single shipment to our customers. 

In addition to PP, the Anchor Packaging line includes a large assortment of PETE hinged containers and separate bases with lids made with FDA-approved, post-consumer recycled content.  This high clarity material with our Clear Guard™ anti-fog technology in the lid offers the ultimate in food visibility for products in self-service displays.  Black or clear PETE bases and black PP bases highlight the food in chilled or ambient temperatures with eye-catching appeal to drive impulse sales. 

Our award-winning designs include assorted hinged and two-piece packages in PP and PETE.   These unique products offer tear-away hinged lids or assorted lids that can be mixed and matched with various bases for hot food to go or chilled for microwave reheat later.  Leak-resistant, secure lids assure your food creation looks the same on the go as it did when you made it.

The next generation of tamper-evident food containers is available in our Safe Pinch™ products. This consumer-driven line of crystal clear, hinged PETE packages has a simple, one-step opening design deemed intuitive during third-party consumer research.  After experiencing the pinch, consumers overwhelmingly preferred the Anchor Packaging design over other packages in the market.

Choose from over 300 stock products or develop one to your specifications.  Custom package designs create innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers’ product or fulfill the unmet needs of a market.  Dedicated resources and an optimized 7-step product development process bring a stream of new and improved value-added products and services to the market in record time every year.  Anchor provides custom package designs and manufactures for many large food processing companies in the US and Canada.

 Anchor products are  BRC Packaging, High Hygience Certified, BPA free, Kosher approved, and recyclable curbside.  Our sustainable Nature’s Best® solutions also include bases made with 40% less polypropylene resin and sturdy product designs that are dishwasher safe and consumer reusable.

Healthy lifestyles have increased the demand for salads, fruits and veggies in every segment and the busy consumer is looking for quick and convenient ways to feed their family.  Anchor Packaging offers solutions for hot-to-go and chilled ready-to-eat or ready-to-reheat in the microwave foods.  For additional information, visit our website at

Brands: Culinary Classics/Basics/Squares/Lites, Nature's Best, MicroRaves, IncrediBowls, Crystal Classics, Gourmet Classics, Safe Pinch, MegaMeal, Microlite, Deliview, AnchorWrap, PurityWrap, CrystalWrap

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  • Crisp Food Technologies™ 2-comp. Oval Container
    Fried foods stay hot and crispy for 30-minute delivery with Crisp Food Technologies™. Patented cross-flow ventilation removes moisture and condensation to maintain temperature and texture of food. Heat resistant to 230oF and microwaveable....

  • Through-the-closure ventilation and raised airflow channels in the base of the container combine with venting in the lid to ensure fried food remains hot and crispy.  The clear, anti-fog dome lids keep food looking fresh and appealing while reducing order and delivery errors.  The package design allows steam to vent even when stacked in a bag. Secure lid closure eliminates spills during handling and transit.  Packages withstand temperatures to 230oF under heat lamps, in warming units and in the microwave. No need to transfer food to another plate to reheat. Made from durable, cut resistant polypropylene (PP) material, the packages are dishwasher-safe and consumer reusable. Eligible for recycling curbside.

  • 6” Square Culinary Basics® Hinged Containers
    Versatile 6x6 hinged clamshells with clear lids provide food visibility in high temperature, microwavable packages perfect for sandwiches and single servings to replace foam for takeout and delivery....

  • Clear, anti-fog lids keep food looking fresh and appealing while reducing order and delivery errors.  Available with an attractive black base to highlight the food presentation or a clear base to provide total food visibility.  The secure, hinged lid eliminates messy spills during handling and transit. The package design allows steam to vent even while stacked in a bag, reducing the moisture and preserving the food quality.  Tabs on the base and lid make the package easy to open and reclose for leftovers.  Packages withstand temperatures to 230oF under heat lamps, in warming units, and in the microwave. No need to transfer to another plate for reheating. Made from durable, cut resistant polypropylene (PP) material that is dishwasher-safe and consumer reusable.  Eligible for curbside recycling.

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