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Safe and effective commercial kitchen knives on demand.

Fast, intuitive, and professional knife sharpening designed for busy hospitality kitchens. Make Knives the Easy Part and enable chefs to work with safe and effective kitchen knives on demand.

Tormek® T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener 

Quiet running and unobtrusive electric diamond wheel knife sharpener designed to provide optimal sharpness in busy hospitality kitchens without unnecessary blade wear. Fast, intuitive, and precise sharpening enables chefs to work with safe and effective kitchen knives.

​Locking Angle Guide for easy setup and precise sharpness from every operator

  • Consistency without experience
  • Choose optimal angle for knife or usage
  • Set a different angle for each side of a blade
  • Precise angle minimizes blade steel removal
  • Restore neglected knives to optimal shape

Diamond Wheel optimized for speed and efficiency while preserving blade life

  • ​Sharpness restored in a minute
  • Razor sharpness
  • Only removes essential steel
  • Low speed avoids temper-busting heat

Composite Honing Wheel removes burrs and leaves a polished finish

  • No honing oils or compounds needed

On-Demand Sharpness for a safer kitchen with exceptional presentation

  • Quickly sharpen knives, even during service
  • Sharpness when needed, not when delivered
  • Small nonslip footprint and whisper quiet operation

Easy ROI Calculation for commercial hospitality kitchen managers and restaurateurs​

  • 7-Year Warranty
  • Support and service from Detroit.
  • Call now: 1-800-624-2027 m-f, 8-5 est

​​​By Tormek® AB - Made in Sweden - SKU (US) TOR-T2 - Specs and product details

Sharp Knives Matter

• Increase Yield/Reduce Waste • Preserve Flavor Quality • Improve Visual Presentation
• Reduce Fatigue • Safer Kitchen/Fewer Accidents • Happier Chefs

"If you want a life, you want a wheel grinder. You'll have the sharpest knife on the block and still have time to play with your kids."

- Tim Hayward in Food and Wine Magazine

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 Press Releases


    The Simplicity of Sharpness

    Demonstrating the Tormek® T2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener at the 100th Annual National Restaurant Association Show

    TROY, Mich. January 16, 2019 – After a successful launch of the Tormek® T2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener at the National Restaurant Association Show in 2018, Affinity Culinary is excited to demonstrate the simplicity of sharpness in Booth 9837 at the upcoming Centennial Show in Chicago this May 18-21, 2019. Learn how to make knives the easy part of operating hospitality kitchens with fast, intuitive, and professional knife sharpening, enabling chefs to work with safe and effective kitchen knives on demand.

    Sharp knives minimize food waste, improve presentation, preserve flavor, and reduce fatigue in a safer kitchen with fewer accidents. Dull knives require more force and are prone to slipping. Each day spent in anticipation of a weekly knife delivery service is a day spent generating needless waste with knives that don’t stay on track in an unsafe kitchen. On-demand sharpness allows food workers take control of the most ubiquitous tool found in every kitchen and used in the creation of virtually every dish.

    The Tormek® T2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener is a quiet-running, unobtrusive diamond wheel electric knife sharpener designed to restore blade sharpness in a minute with little training. Featuring a locking angle guide for quick and easy setup, its intuitive design allows every operator to produce consistent knife sharpness optimized for any blade. Its slow turning diamond sharpening wheel is optimized to remove only the necessary steel without generating temper-busting heat, preserving the useful life expectancy of a valued capital expense.

    “In developing the T2, Tormek consulted with professional chefs to identify the important functions and features they would need to adopt an in-kitchen sharpening system,” said Ken Neilson, Product Manager at Affinity Culinary, Tormek’s exclusive U.S. importer. “The result is a highly efficient tool ideal for any commercial or noncommercial kitchen looking to ensure their chefs and food workers are using safe and effective cutlery.”

    Indeed, the Swedish Culinary Team, led by Chef Fredrik Andersson, used the T2 in preparation for their recent first place win at the 2018 Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. "Having sharp knives is vital for us to be able to perform,” said Andersson. “The Tormek T2 is an important part of our equipment, as it’s quick and reliable in getting us the edge we need.”

    For more information on the Tormek T-2, as well as dealer inquiries, visit AffinityCulinary.com, email info@affinityculinary, or call 1.800.624.2027.

    About Tormek: Since 1973, Tormek has been meeting tool-sharpening challenges through quality and innovation. Based in Sweden, Tormek holds 13 patents and offers world class sharpening systems, jigs, and accessories to customers in more than 30 countries. Its sharpening systems are depended on by professional cabinet makers, carpenters, woodcarvers and woodturners, as well as in restaurants, industrial kitchens, professional sharpening businesses, and households.

    About Affinity Culinary: Affinity Culinary is proud to serve as the exclusive importer of the Tormek® T2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener to appliance distributors, restaurateurs, hospitality managers, chefs, and other commercial or noncommercial kitchen food workers and managers across the United States. It is a dynamic, systems focused, and culture-driven organization that realizes today’s world is evolving at a rapid pace and keeping up is no longer good enough. Affinity Culinary selects innovative and award-winning products to represent while supporting customers with a world-class, customer support team in Troy, Michigan.

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    Product Photos: Access: Access Here

    Media Contact: Keith Fyhr, Affinity Culinary – info@affinityculinary.com – 815.793.4574

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