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United States
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On Tap Beverage Dispensing Solutions Manufacturer

Established in 1953 and in over 120 countries, Micro Matic is recognized as a leading global supplier of premium on tap dispensing solutions and equipment.

Four strategically located sales and distribution centers in the US allow for quick and reliable product delivery.  Each center maintains inventory of draft equipment products for everything on tap: beer, wine, coffee, cocktail, water, tea, and nitrogenated products.  This enables quick and reliable order fulfillment.

As industry leaders, Micro Matic offers a variety of training and education initiatives.  An experienced sales team provides superior customer service and technical expertise by thinking long term when providing solutions. Strong sales support services are in place to help on-premise retailers grow their business.

By possessing a thorough knowledge of customer's demands, a high level of innovation, and a strong corporate culture, Micro Matic creates unique value-added beverage solutions through decades of experience, global reach and industry-leading training for clients.

Brands: M3 System, Metropolis Draft Beer Towers, Pro-Line Refrigeration, Pro-Line Underbar Stainless, Kool-Rite Technology, Black Diamond Trunk Line, Dispense Institute, Wine On Tap

 Press Releases

  • Micro Matic is proud to feature PourMyBeer at this year’s 2019 NRA Show.

    PourMyBeer, is a market leader in the self-serve dispense technology combines the expertise and quality of Micro Matic engineered draft systems to deliver an innovative, user-friendly self-serve beverage dispensing experience – a match made in heaven!

    Many customers are looking for an innovative experience when dining - and self-pour technology is one such innovation currently trending in the restaurant industry. PourMyBeer is the self-pour beverage technology of the future.

    Why PourMyBeer? It’s simple. PourMyBeer’s self-pour system increases sales and decreases waste, while being a fun, engaging experience for restaurant’s patrons.

    For customers, PourMyBeer offers simplicity that has been missing in the restaurant industry. After registering an RFID card or wristband, customers have access to the tap wall which houses beer, wine, cocktails, coffee, kombucha or any other variety of beverages. Using the touchscreen, customers can learn about each beverage available to make their selection. When customers are ready to pour, they can simply grab a glass and get pouring. Since customers are charged by the ounce, your restaurant will no longer waste money giving away free samples and customers can take their time deciding on their drink.

    For restaurant operators, the benefits are clear. Because patrons pay by the ounce, restaurants no longer waste product by giving away free samples. On average, restaurants save $142 per keg. Additionally, while bartenders or staff will always be necessary for more complex cocktails and their vast drink knowledge, the self-pour system can ease overhead costs as well.

    Lastly, PourMyBeer has engineered the most advanced and reliable software and hardware. The PourMyBeer system has room for up to four taps per screen and runs on hardware built to last. There’s no need for Wi-Fi and no need to worry about random operating system updates thanks to the proprietary Linux system. With an unparalleled support team on-call, it’s no wonder that PourMyBeer has installed over 3200 taps for businesses across the globe.

    PourMyBeer is currently partnering with preferred equipment supplier Micro Matic to give one lucky entrepreneur the gift of a lifetime: a free self-pour beverage wall. The contest offers the technology and dispense equipment to open a self-pour business that should generate approximately $1.1 million in revenue within the first year.

    At the National Restaurant Association’s 100th Anniversary Show, stop by the Micro Matic and PourMyBeer booth #11349 to get all the information you need on our giveaway and how to get set up with your own self-pour taproom.

    Company Name: Micro Matic USA
    Phone: (352) 593-2074
    Website: https://micromatic.com
    Email: infous@micro-matic.com

    Company Name: PourMyBeer
    Phone: (312) 416-9989
    Website: https://pourmybeer.com/
    Email: cheers@pourmybeer.com

    About Micro Matic and PourMyBeer

    Customers want choice today. As the industry leader in ON TAP solutions, Micro Matic understands the importance of delivering reliable, high-quality yet cost-effective dispensing solutions for Everything On Tap including beer, wine, cocktails, or any beverage of choice utilizing various formats (Keg, Bib, Pre-Mix, Post-Mix).

    PourMyBeer is the leading provider of self-serve beverage technology. Based in Chicago, PourMyBeer creates tap systems that allow restaurant and bar patrons the freedom to pour their own drinks and offers clients unique technology to lower operating costs, customer wait times and wasted goods. PourMyBeer is trusted by over 200 businesses all around the globe, with clients such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Caesars Entertainment, Marriott, and many others.

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