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Stratford,  Warwickshire 
United Kingdom
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Multi award-winning designers of premium quality flatware.

Studio William Welch Ltd, is an internationally renowned, multi-award-winning flatware company, based in the quintessentially English town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. We are contemporary designers, upholding the tradition of flatware makers; but we are also people of the world. Here at Studio William, we are inspired by a wide range of influences, from Art and Architecture to Nature and History. Every range of flatware we design and manufacture, has its own personal story to tell.

This Isn't Just Flatware
Our love of food science has lead us to create unique sensory forms that are proven to enhance the dining experience. As a result, we have received more design awards than any other cutlery brand and today, several of our ranges can be found in permanent exhibitions at the V&A London and the MAK in Vienna.

Delightfully Meticulous
We really care about the smallest detail. Our designs stand the test of time. We use the highest quality material available for all of our products, with every piece inspected by our Quality Control Team in the UK. This ensures that you get a perfect finish every time. Our cutlery is frequently described by our customers, as elegant and beautifully designed.

William Welch: A Designer With Heritage
William Welch FSCD MA (RCA) is an award-winning British Industrial Designer. His father was also one of the most recognised Industrial Designers in post-war Britain. William is a leading authority of flatware design and food science. His passion, enthusiasm, and attention to detail stand out in his original cutlery designs, which push the boundaries of traditional cutlery and set Studio William apart from every other flatware brand.

Brands: Studio William, Charingworth, Serax, Rosenthal, Riedel

 Press Releases

  • Designer William Welch FSCD MA (RCA), Studio William Ltd, is to attend the 2019 National Restaurant Show in Chicago.

    His attendance will give delegates a rare opportunity to discuss the science behind his multi-award-winning designs, which are now the go-to choice for many of the worlds leading chefs, Michelin Starred restaurants and iconic venues around the world.

    William's father was also one of the most recognised Industrial Designers in post-war Britain. Since launching Studio William in 2005, the Welch name has become synonymous with premium quality flatware that refuses to compromise on function, whilst at the same time challenging the boundaries of traditional flatware design.

    Today, William Welch is one of the leading experts in flatware design and possibly the last remaining designer/maker who retains full control of the design process and the products that make it through to production. Because of this, he is saught the world over to supply unique and bespoke flatware solutions. Most recently, Studio William was appointed official flatware supplier to British Airway's First Class.

    For four days, William will be in attendance at the 100th National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. It's an event he believes is an important opportunity to hear first hand, the needs of new and existing customers in North America, "Venues want to stand out. They want to build loyalty amongst existing clientele. They want to attract new customers and send them away satisfied. For some reason, flatware is often overlooked. But it's a vital part of creating a memorable dining experience. I'm looking forward to demonstrating how I can help people achieve this."


  • Mulberry Sensory Spoons
    Through detailed research and development, we have created innovative ways for food to be served to your customers....

  • We take pride in creating forms that stimulate every sense. We research the experience of dining, we take time to understand perceptions, and we study human responses to our designs. We don’t simply design flatware, we design sensory forms.

    Sophisticated and timeless, the award winning Mulberry pattern design is perfect for both contemporary and traditional table settings. Our multi-award winning Sensory Textured Spoons is part of our focus on Creative Dining.

    Winning Design

    • German Design Award
    • Homestyle Award
    • Good Design Award

    Discover Creative Dining by Studio William

  • Mulberry LEAF Spoons
    Studio William has been researching the way we consume food and in particular, asking the question, "can the shape and texture of flatware change the way we enjoy tasting food?"...

  • Studio William has been researching the way people consume food and in particular, asking the question, ­­­­can the shape and texture of flatware change the way we enjoy tasting food? From our on-going research, we've created this set of LEAF spoons.

    We believe beautiful flatware enriches the dining experience. It feels good in the hand and mouth. It shapes the mood of an occasion. It brings the table alive. It gives creative chefs new opportunities to innovate.

    The LEAF Spoons are made using the finest quality 18/10 stainless steel and have a mirror polished finish.

    Key Design features:

    • In Thailand and other Asian Countries, the leaf has historically been used as a tool for eating, Leaf Spoons create a romantic bridge between culture and history.

    • They challenge our perception of familiar shaping in cutlery/eating utensils.

    • The spoons create beautiful sculptural customer experiences.

    • Following the Studio William “tree theme”, the shapes of the leaves can be found in many forests around the world.

    • The Leaf Spoons have different shaped utensil heads, providing different uses and possibilities.

    • The Palm Spoon has holes which allow for drainage.

    • The Cocoa Spoon has the left bowl edge for rocking to cut and for spreading.
    • Ideas for use: Preserve Spoon, Wasabi Spoon, Dessert Spoon, Ice Cream Spoon, Pate Spreader, Tapas spoon, Olive Spoon, taster menus

  • GROVE Buffet Tongs
    Our range of specialist tongs has been designed for enhancing food presentation and service, for all-day-dining and buffet settings in high-end hotels and restaurants....

  • Historically, tongs used for serving food have been very functional and Spartan in design. Designer William Welch of Studio William, noticed a gap in the market for beautiful, design-led tongs. For that reason, this range of specialist tongs has been designed for enhancing food presentation and service, for all-day-dining and buffet settings in high end hotels and restaurants. Twelve unique tongs have been created to solve a range of serving requirements. Ergonomic features create positive user interactions, whilst the organic forms of the tongs add to the interior presentation and atmosphere of the venue.

    Design features include:

    • The heads of the GROVE tongs have an internal bowl shape, for the easy collection and gripping of food items, without the need for teeth or serration.
    • Internal counter forms have been used to assist the grip of food items, without the need for teeth or serration.
    • Twelve tongs have been designed as a cohesive group, whilst each having unique characteristics for different uses. As a group of products they create a natural form similar to a shoal of fish, or a rolling countryside landscape.
    • Low entry tongs have been designed for larger, flatter food items, served on shallow vessels.
    • High entry tongs have been designed to use for food items held in deep vessels.
    • All tongs are manufactured 18/10 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.

    Tongs in the GROVE Collection include:

    • Sugar Tongs -100mm GRM 880070
    • Lemon & Lime Tongs – 140mm GRM 880069
    • Ice & Olive Tongs – 140mm GRM 880071
    • Executive Lounge & Dessert Bar Tongs – 170mm GRM 880075
    • Bread & PastryTongs – 210mm GRM 880076
    • Fruit & Breakfast Tongs – 210mm GRM 880077S
    • Salad & Vegetable Tongs – 210mm GRM 880078
    • Low Casserole Tongs – 260mm GRM 880079
    • Salad Leaf Tongs – 260mm GRM 880080
    • Wok & Chafing Tongs – 260mm GRM 880081
    • Spaghetti & Noodle Tongs – 260mm GRM 880082

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