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PermaDrain, creating the standard in drainage technology.

PermaDrain®With over 70 years of plumbing experiencePermaDrain strives to develop new and innovative products to help save our customers time and money. Our entire product line was invented and patented by Master Plumbers and Co-Owners of PermaDrain, Russell and Fred Robillard. While fixing costly drainage issues at a valued customer’s commercial kitchen, they formulated the products needed to reduce devastating restaurant industry plumbing issues. We have perfected the PermaDrain products, always keeping customer satisfaction the #1 priority. PermaDrain continues this mindset everyday, acting as partners to our customers’ success in operation. We at PermaDrain are honored to be creating the standard in drainage technology.

PermaDrain® is a better way to keep foreign objects, such as silverware, plastic gloves, straws, ramekins, kitchen utensils, etc. from entering drain lines.  During kitchen cleanup, floor drain grates and floor sink strainers are often  removed from floor drains and floor sinks. Employees use a high pressure water hose and squeegees to clean floors, and push debris into open floor drains.  Foreign objects and debris will accumulate in drain lines, creating a lattice-like scoffolding for fats, oils, and grease to attach.  

PermaDrain® protects thousands of commercial kitchens and restaurants across the USA, by perventing debris from entering your drain lines, our product saves millions of dollars in potential drain maintenance and repair.

PermaDrain® is embracing today's love for technology, by intoducing a line of custom 3D printed products. This gives us the opportunity to cover every aspect of our customers drainage protection needs, no matter what the application.


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  • Please stop in to see us at our PermaDrain booth in the North Hall (#6127) grab one of our ice cold bottles of PD water and allow us to take you on the PermaTour through our wide selection of products! Along with our classic lines, we will be unveiling the latest and greatest in 3D printing, as it applies to manufacturing custom drain protection in the food and safety industry. We at PermaDrain are dedicated to creating the standard in drainage technology.


  • Large & Small Safety Basket ®
    Small Safety Basket ®
    Sizes 6″ - 7½”

    Large Safety Basket ®
    Sizes 8" - 10 1/2"...

  • Our Safety Baskets capture debris so that it can be easily discarded. They are dishwasher-safe to allow for easy cleaning.
  • Trough Drain
    There’s no better way to setup for success than with our first, fully assembled, fully integrated, fully protected Trough Drain....

  • There’s no better way to setup for success than with our first, fully assembled, fully integrated, fully protected Trough Drain.
  • Cross Strainers™
    2″, 3″, 3 1/2″ and 4″ Cross Strainer™...

  • PermaDrain’s 2″, 3″, 3 1/2 and 4″ Cross Strainers protect 2″, 3″, 3 1/2 and 4″ drain pipes from large debris and allow any strainer to be locked in place.
  • DrainShield®
    Locking Commercial Sink Strainer...

  • A 3 ½” permanent locking strainer designed to protect your three-compartment, prep and pot-washing commercial sink drains against clogs caused by food particles and other debris. 
  • Locking Dome & Low Pro Locking Dome Strainer Kit
    Locking Dome Strainer Kit
    Low Pro Locking Dome Strainer Kit...

  • The Locking Dome Strainer is ultimate strainer for floor sinks! This locking strainer protects floor sinks from debris while providing a free drain area for liquids to flow. Each kit includes two gaskets to ensure the proper fit of your Locking Dome Strainer into PVC or Cast Iron drain pipes.

    The Low Pro Locking Dome Strainer is the ultimate strainer for floor sinks and mop sinks! This strainer blocks debris while providing ample surface area for liquids to drain regardless of the amount of debris in your floor sink or mop sink. Each kit includes two gaskets to ensure a proper fit across various applications.

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