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Swift Sensors is the fastest way to deploy sensors and analyze their data in real-time. Our approach enables restaurants to use sensors in places they’ve never been used before—providing a digital voice to an analog world.

Walk-in coolers, food prep lines, beverage coolers, doors, safes, and customer seating areas equipped with sensors give an information system the ability to monitor, capture, communicate and process data to avoid food spoilage, improve food quality, and drive operational efficiency.

Connecting sensors to your physical assets is only the first step. The real value lies in the data that is transmitted from those assets and the compelling business insights that the sensor data enables.

These connected devices are producing large amounts of data. By tapping into those data streams and connecting them to the cloud and back-end systems, organizations can optimize business processes, make more informed decisions, identify new revenue opportunities, and understand and predict behaviors in ways that they couldn’t imagine before.

Improving efficiencies, enabling innovation and fueling transformation. Swift Sensors wide range of sensors allow you to monitor assets to improve efficiencies, drive operational performance, and comply with FSMA and health department regulations.

About Swift Sensors

Based in Austin, Texas, Swift Sensors is a cloud wireless sensor IoT company, providing a simple, secure, and scalable wireless sensor system for industrial and commercial applications.  Its flagship product is the Swift Sensors Cloud Wireless Sensor System, comprised of a comprehensive line of low-power wireless sensors and cloud-based monitoring, alerts and analytics in a unified solution. The sensor system enables companies to proactively monitor and protect a wide range of equipment and processes, comply with regulations, and enhance business performance.  Swift Sensors applications include food chain, transportation, restaurants, industrial, IT data centers, research & development, and power. 

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 Press Releases

  • November 15, 2017, Austin, TX – Long Range Systems and Swift Sensors, Inc. have partnered to launch VEN-U Sensors, a system of wireless sensors offering businesses assurance that environmental data such as temperature, humidity, door access, vibration and water presence are monitored and recorded around the clock. When a desired threshold is breached, VEN-U Sensors deliver immediate alerts via SMS text, email and/or phone call. VEN-U Sensors help businesses proactively maintain equipment and procedures, which can ultimately save significant time and costs.

    Maintaining an optimal environment is a critical factor in business such as restaurants, industrial warehouses, data centers, cold-chain transportation and property management companies. With VEN-U Sensors in place, owners have peace-of-mind knowing that if procedures or pieces of equipment falter, they will be immediately notified and can take steps to remedy the issue before it worsens. Whether a temperature increases or decreases, a piece of equipment stops vibrating, water is present where it shouldn’t be and more, VEN-U Sensors report inconsistencies and protect your business and customers.

    “By adding sensor monitoring of critical equipment and processes, a variety of businesses automate data collection, improve safety and ensure compliance all while improving the quality of their product or service,” said Sam Cece, Founder and CEO of Swift Sensors. “Our partnership with LRS will bring IoT sensor technology to the large and growing base of LRS customers worldwide.”

    “Businesses succeed when they have exceptional communication, whether that is using LRS products to communicate with or locate people, or a VEN-U Sensor alerting an operator of a system failure. We’re delighted to be partnering with Swift Sensors to provide business managers with tools that enable smart, efficient operations,” said John Weber, President & CEO of LRS.

    About Long Range Systems, LLC
    Since 1995, Long Range Systems has been dedicated to developing technologies that help service-based businesses provide a better customer experience. From messaging devices to guest management applications, LRS provides a better means for managing customer flow.

    About Swift Sensors
    Swift Sensors Cloud Wireless Sensor System offers businesses a low-cost, unified solution to proactively protect and monitor equipment and processes, comply with regulations, and enhance business performance. The Swift Sensors cloud-based system incorporates sophisticated analytics to deliver business intelligence and a rapid return on investment.


  • Ven-U Sensors powered by Swift Sensors
    Simplify how you monitor refrigerators, freezers, doorways, power or equipment outages, water damage, transportation paths and more....

  • The cloud-enabled, wireless, IoT solution includes sensor devices to monitor temperature, humidity, water, voltage, vibration and motion and deliver real-time alerts and data.


    The wireless waterproof temperature sensor measures ambient temperature near the sensor. Ideal for buildings, restaurants, refrigerated enclosures and greenhouses and can be exposed to or briefly submerged in water.


    Temperature and Humidity

    The wireless temperature and humidity sensor measures ambient temperature and relative humidity near the sensor. Ideal for buildings, restaurants, refrigerated enclosures and greenhouses.

    Water Presence

    The wireless water presence sensor can detect the presence of water or lack of water. This sensor is ideal for monitoring and preventing property damage from water leaks and flooding.


    The wireless voltage detection sensor detects voltage from 24 VAC to 500 VAC. The sensor notifies of the presence or absence of AC voltage. Ideal for detecting faults in the HVAC and other 24 VAC control systems.


    The wireless vibration sensor activates at a user-defined interval and measures g-force along X, Y and Z-axes. Ideal for monitoring rotating equipment and machines.


    The wireless motion sensor detects movements within a range of 15.4’ (5m). The wireless door sensor reports the status of doors, windows, and cabinets when they are open or closed. Ideal for monitoring applications of room and building access.

    Wireless sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water presence, motion and more and transmit data via UHF or BLE to a Bridge. The Bridge securely transmit data to the Cloud using WiFi, Ethernet and/or Cellular.


    Data transmitted to the Cloud is web viewable on a Console. Console architecture is scalable from single sensor type, one-site applications to multi-site enterprises with thousands of varied sensor. Multiple thresholds and alerts can be set separately for each sensor, and notifications are supplied to specified users via SMS text, email and/or phone call.

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