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Fryer oil technology to improve food quality & reduce costs.

OiL Chef Corp. is helping thousands of professional kitchen operators to reduce their deep frying oil and energy operating costs by over 35% per month.

State of the art technology which is placed inside the deep fryer. This reduces the oil content of food and improves fried food quality and increases your profits!

This virtually maintenance-free technology typically doubles the life of your fryer oil without compromising food integrity. 99% of our clients say their fried food quality is improved when they use OiLChef, color, texture, taste, shelf life and a reduction in food waste.

90% of our clients break even with their OiLChef investment in around 6 months and while some clients achieve a 5 or more year lifetime with our units, we give a no quibble 3-year warranty to make your ROI more interesting!

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  • OiLChef technology makes fried food healthier for your customers, more profits for your stakeholders and less environmental impact on the planet!

    OiLChef is the Worlds most trusted brand of innovative deep frying technology that reduces your fryer oil purchases by around 50 %, helps improve fried food quality with texture, taste profile, color profile & shelf life.

    OiL Chef is a small device that is fitted inside your open pot or pressure fryer. There are 16 different models to choose from, and if we don't have a device for your fryer, we have the ability to custom make a solution for you!

    Your food cooks quicker and crispier, is less oily at a lower temperature!

    Visit our booth #7472 to ask how we can help you reduce your fryer oil purchases and increase your profits today!

    Free exclusive OiL Chef  - 'oil test kit' for each new client with their first delivery.


  • OiLChef Device
    Small high tech device that is customizable to fit any gas, electric, pressure or industrial fryer. OiLChef doubles the life of your frying oil, saving you around 50% on annual fryer oil purchases and improves the texture and taste of your fried food.

  • OiLChef technology is a must - if you own and operate a deep fryer. OiLChef installs into a fryer in less than 5 seconds!

    There are many different devices which have been designed for gas, electric and pressure fryers.

    OiLChef improves your bottom line, by reducing monthly and annual fryer oil purchases by around 50% and by reducing energy consumption by up to 7%. 

    Food will cook quicker, some frozen food products can cook between 3 and 7 minutes quicker. Also, there will be no flavor transfer between different foods cooked in the same fryer oil.

    From a health and safety point of view, as your staff now only have to change the fryer oil half as many times as they would have done if they did not have OiLChef, this reduces the risk of burns, slipping and other fryer oil-related incidents.

    Reducing your environmental impact and improving your food quality surely give you a competitive edge, with the added attraction of being able to further reduce contents on your labels, helping yield cleaner labels.

  • OiL Chef Test Kit for Frying Oils/Shortening
    This inexpensive oil test kit is an invaluable tool to help your staff determine when the oil is still good and when the oil is reaching the change point. This test kit is only to be used for oil that is conditioned with OiL Chef technology....

  • The OiL Chef test kit is an invaluable tool for your kitchen staff to use when determining oil change cycles. All too often, staff depends on their sight to determine when oil is to be discarded which can cost your business, hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars a year. Typically, when a staff member sees the oil in the fryer looking dark, they can assume this means bad - the OiL Chef test kit will reduce pre-mature fryer oil changes and save your business unnecessary expense and additional carbon footprint impact.

  • OiL Chef Fryer Oil Tester
    Handheld Fryer Oil Tester for Deep Fryers without OiLChef Devices....

  • Highly efficient oil test kit for your deep frying oil and or shortening. This OiLChef Model of Test Kit is for those who own deep fryers but are not yet using the OiLChef Technology inside them yet.

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