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Waiter Wallet, since 2009, making the best waiters better

“I can’t believe no one thought of this before.” We’ve heard this from restaurant professionals time and time again.

While almost every aspect of a restaurant has been painstakingly considered, one of the most important determinates of a successful restaurant has been largely ignored; how a server fundamentally functions. Enter the Waiter Wallet.

Cash, receipts, order pad, specials, notes, P.O.S. swipe card, where do servers keep it all? Most just jam it into a check presenter. Not only does this make for a sloppy, unprofessional appearance but also it leads to costly mistakes & significant inefficiencies that adversely effect service.

With the Waiter Wallet everything is neatly & securely contained & easily accessible. We even have FREE customizable templates designed to help continually educate your servers & increase their sales.

The simple truth is; the better educated and organized a server is, the better they and their restaurant perform. And isn’t that every manager & owner’s goal?

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 Show Specials

  • The Waiter Wallet NRA Blue Plate Special is back! All NRA attendees who visit our booth will get a 15% discount on all Waiter Wallet cases, Waiter Wallet Pads cases and Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket Insert cases! Be sure to take advantage of our best offer of the year!

    Additionally, we also have a limited number of Original Waiter Wallet seconds (slight, cosmetic imperfections). These Waiter Wallets are available by the case (25 units) for only $275! Limit one case per attendee. 

    This offer is good for 2019 National Restaurant Show attendees who visit the Waiter Wallet Booth (5343 South Hall) from May 18th to May 21st

 Press Releases

  • Holding everything servers are challenged to carry has always been a tall order. With no other options, servers are forced to cram everything into a check presenter. Well, say goodbye to this dysfunctional, disorganized mess.  Enter the Waiter Wallet.

    Not only does the Waiter Wallet securely hold and organize a server’s cash, credit card receipts, order pad, POS card, with our game-changing clear pocket system, invaluable money-making information is placed at server’s fingertips.

    Waiter Wallet even makes creating powerful educational and training content a snap with our Free Waiter Wallet Template system. From daily specials to menu allergens and beer or wine pairing templates, our customizable, on-line system empowers severs to know and sell more.   

    And, for casual dining restaurants, our Waiter Wallet LTO is also an incredibly effective marketing tool. In addition to the organization and training capabilities, the LTO perfectly positions promotional offerings when and where they count, in front of the guest each and every time an order is taken.

    This will be Waiter Wallet’s seventh year exhibiting at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago.  We love meeting new and old customers alike and never get tired of hearing, “Wow, I can’t believe no one thought of this before!”

    So how did the Waiter Wallet become the #1 rated and best selling server organizer book? In 2009, I had a dream. Yes, I literally a dream about a Waiter Wallet. I know what you are thinking; this guy needs to get a life.  While that may be true, my dream of creating a game-changing server book to help organize servers and make their job more profitable has become a reality.

    My journey in the restaurant business started in 1992 when I moved to Los Angeles to become a working actor. I often joked; it was harder getting a good restaurant job than a work as an actor.  After years in the trenches at some of the cities finest restaurants, I was able to support myself as an artist and hang up my apron.

    I learned a lot about waiting tables. Not only how to be a better, more understanding person but how to be a successful, professional waiter. All those invaluable lessons have been put into creating Waiter Wallet, the world’s best-selling and number one rated server book for waiters and waitresses.  

    While Hollywood was great, I couldn’t be happier with where my journey has taken me. Every time I hear how the Waiter Wallet has helped make an incredibly tough job easier, I smile and reminisce fondly upon my years waiting tables. They were truly among the best times of my life.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank all the hundreds of thousands of servers and restaurants who use the Waiter Wallet for their support and business!

    The Waiter Wallet team will return to the 2019 National Restaurant Show in Chicago May 18th through May 21st in the South Hall at Booth 5343. 


  • Waiter Wallet Pads
    Waiter Wallet Pads are perfectly formatted for more accurate guest orders and fewer expensive comps. With a structured order pad, server’s writing is more legibly and less likely to cause mistakes....

  • Waiter Wallet Pad Features:
    • 4" x 6" and 4" x 5" sizes
    • Formatted for accurate order taking
    • Eight ‘guest’ rows and five columns for position/table number, drinks, first course, main course, and dessert.
    • Stapled & taped binding for durability
    • Perforated pages for fast, easy removal
    • Cardboard backing for strength
    • Twelve, fifty-page pads per pack
    • Made in the USA
  • Waiter Wallet | The Ultimate Server Organizer Book
    Waiter Wallet securely organizes everything servers are challenged to carry. So, they perform better while looking extremely professional. And, our money-making clear pocket and template systems help even the best servers know and sell more....

    • EARN MORE with our expandable Clear Pocket System that places money-making information at server's fingertips.
    • PERFECTLY ORGANIZES everything servers are challenged to carry with exclusive wallet pocketing for less stress and more success every shift.
    • EXTREMELY SECURE with our sleek zipper-less pockets that safeguard your cash and receiptsOne lost receipt and the Waiter Wallet has paid for itself.
    • SPILL-RESISTANT exclusive, top fold design protects your cash and receipts from those accidental restaurant spills. 
    • PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE hides all of its contents from guests while only keeping the essential, order-taking information visible to severs.
    • FEWER MISTAKES  with our uncluttered, firm writing surface and FREE perfectly formatted order pad that set you up for success with more accurate orders. 
    • FREE TEMPLATES populate all Waiter Wallets and clear pocket inserts with money-making information that is fast and easy to create HERE.
    • MULTIPLE VERSIONS for every server and restaurant because one size doesn't fit all. COMPARE ALL SIX WAITER WALLETS
    • SINCE 2009 Waiter Wallet invented the sever organizer book. Unlike check presenters, we were designed from the ground up by and for servers. Invest in the best and make the job of waiting tables easier and more profitable. 
  • Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket Insert
    Slip our Clear Pocket Insert behind the Waiter Wallet's Pad and instantly add two clear pockets to your server book. Now, three money-making cheat sheets are perfectly positioned at server’s fingertips to increase your sales and knowledge!...

  • Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket Insert Features:
      • Know more and earn more money 
      • Fast, covert access to info
      • Designed to fit Waiter Wallet's FREE Templates
      • Thumb-notched for easy removal
      • Matted clear pockets reduces reflection

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