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Juicernet... Profit while Promoting Good Health!

Juicernet has over 37 years of experience in the food processing industry. Since 1982, we have specialized in the juice bar concept, and represent only the highest quality juicing equipment available in the industry. From apples to wheatgrass, we do it all! We provide a complete juice bar manual with nutritional information, and yields on all fruits & vegetables. We have been working with several major chains as well as the individual juice bar and fresh juice concept operators and have several references available. We offer an all-inclusive program to make your business a success. With nearly 100 service agencies across North America and corporate service centers in New York and Florida, you can be assured of service with a smile, if ever needed. The best part is we are always available years after you purchase your juicer to advise and assist you with specific questions about your juicer! Go green, save refrigeration space, start juicing, and stop throwing your money away on canned juice.

Ceado - Professional Juicers, Bar Equipment  hand made in Venice, Italy

JBT, Fresh'n Squeeze Commercial Juicers made in Lakeland, Florida.

Brands: Ceado, JBT FoodTech Fresh''n Squeeze (formally FMC), Juicematic

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    Contact: Nicole Loomis at Juicernet

    Phone: 561-408-0810

    Email: nicole@juicernet.com

    Juicernet by Mulligan Associates attending The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, Illinois from May 18-21, 2019.

    Don’t forget to visit our booth #5363 at the NRA Show!

    JUPITER, FLORIDA, May 3, 2019 Juicernet by Mulligan Associates attending The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, Illinois from May 18-21, 2019. Juicernet is the distributor of the world’s finest juice extractors and will proudly be displaying their machines.

    “We have over 37 years of experience assisting food service companies with their fresh juice program, they love the customer service and support we provide,” says President Gene Mulligan.

    Juicernet by Mulligan Associates is a full-service commercial juice bar equipment company.  Their customers include supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, juice bars, catering facilities at universities, hospitals and other businesses adding fresh juice for their customers. Juicernet provides their customers with the best equipment for their needs and budgetary guidelines.  They provide training materials for “juiceologists” and managers as well as service and maintenance for their machines.

    On display will be the all new Piñabar Self-Serve Pineapple Coring & Spearing Machine introduced in the USA. The Piñabar offers a patented system that gives customers the ability to peel their own pineapple in just 20 seconds. Fresh pineapple spears will be available to visitors.


    If you sell or want to add citrus juice to your menu, you will be excited to see the JBT CJ Fresh’n Squeeze (countertop) Juicer. The CJ utilizes the Whole Fruit Extraction method for higher yield and sweeter juice. Freshly squeezed orange juice will be available to visitors.

    Ceado high quality Italian fruit and vegetable juicers will be on display including the Ceado ES700, CP150, S98 and SL98 with carrot and apple juice samples available. The ES700 juicer is full of innovative features like a whisper-soft motor, double-feed chutes and magnetic basket for easy, no tool removal and fast cleaning. The CP150 Cold-pressed Counter Juicer is designed with a feeding chute that reduces preparation time. The S98 and SL98 are made of quality stainless steel, NSF certified and the most popular automatic citrus juicers on the market today. Both are used for all types of citrus fruits. These small volume citrus juicers are ideal for use in venues where reliability is essential.

    The SC-3 commercial sugarcane juicer from Juicernet is a top performing NSF certified juicer and will also be on display at the show. Sugarcane juice has been a growing trend lately due to its surprisingly health benefits. Additionally, as sugarcane rums continue to increase in popularity, there is a stronger demand for our SC-3.

    The National Restaurant Association is the only industry tradeshow dedicated exclusively to the restaurant industry—from equipment and supplies to food and beverage to technology. The NRA Show 2019 will be held May 18-21, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Visit Juicernet booth #5363 to learn more about their juicing equipment.

    Juicernet by Mulligan Associates is based in Jupiter, Florida. They are the exclusive North American Master Distributor for Piñabar, Ceado and JBT Fresh’n Squeeze Commercial Juice Extractors. In business for over 37 years they provide their customers with extraordinary customer service.


    If you would like more information about this topic, please call Juicernet 1-800-627-2886 or email Nicole@juicernet.com. Visit their website at www.juicernet.com


  • Self Serve Pineapple Coring Machine (Piñabar)
    The DFT Piñabar is a "patented" self-serve pineapple coring machine that is ready to go in just 20 seconds. Two (2) options available - standard cored pineapple or spears....

  • Increase Produce Sales
    We are having great success in the produce industry with the Piñabar and users have found up to 400% increase in pineapple sales by increased foot traffic and repeat business. The Piñabar is a very easy-to-use machine that brings your customers returning to the produce department again and again!  

    Increase Foot Traffic
    Our Piñabar customers are enjoying a huge increase in foot traffic as well as higher produce sales. It’s an interactive experience that your customers will love! 

    Increase Branding (custom wrap and theater effect)
    Our machine is a branding tool for your marketing department. It can be customized in style and color and can include your business logo in the custom wrap. Custom-made POS materials can also be arranged.

    2 Options
    Standard Cored Pineapple or Spears

    1 year parts and 90 days labor

    NSF, CE, UL

  • Automatic Fruit & Vegetable Juicer (ES700)
    This Ceado ES700 is the #1 juicer extractor in the industry with automatic pulp ejection. It is the only one with a double feed chute for the best juice extraction from fruit and vegetables....

  • The Ceado ES700 is the latest generation, top of the line juice extractor with automatic pulp ejection. The only one on the market with a double-feed chute for optimal extraction of juice from both fruit and vegetables! It can produce a half gallon of juice in just one minute! Productive constancy and quietness, the ideal business expansion for high turnover juice bars that consume over 22 pounds of fruit and vegetables per day. 


    • Polished light alloy cast motor housing.
    • Stainless steel bowl and juicer basket.

    • Juicer cover, basket, bowl and pulp retainer are easily removable, no tool required.

    • Safety locking arm and motor brake.

    • Fan cooled and quiet asynchronous motor.

    • Double feed chute, for maximum juice. 

    Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

    NSF, CE, UL, ETL

  • Sugarcane Juicer (SC-3)
    This SC-3 Sugarcane Juicer is unique in the industry because the rollers and juice compartment are removable for cleaning. The base of the machine can simply be wiped down and the juicing parts taken to the sink for cleaning.

  • If your juice bar is in need of a commercial sugarcane juicer, Juicernet has you covered. Model SC-3 has removable rollers and juice compartments for easy cleaning. Additionally, it is a one-pass unit that offers better yield because of the gap between the rollers. We have a replica of the SC-3 that is not NSF Certified and that would be model SC-B.

    This high-quality, stainless-steel sugarcane juice machine is designed with a gearbox which gives the machine more torque, thus reducing the stress on the motor. It requires 110V/60hz of power to run the ½ hp motor, which runs as 15 rpm. Please see our manual for more technical specifications if needed. We offer a full one-year (1) warranty on parts, one of the longest warranties in the business because we stand behind our product 100%. 

    Thinking about putting freshly squeezed sugar cane juice on the menu? The commercial sugarcane juicer from Juicernet are an excellent option. Made with heavy-duty stainless steel, this machine will run at top performance for years to come. 

    To request a quote on our sugarcane juice machine, give us a call at 800-627-2886. We look forward to helping you find the perfect machine for your business!  

    Warranty: 1 Year Parts

    NSF Certified

  • Citrus Fruit Juicer (S98)
    This Ceado S98 is designed with a double interchangeable citrus reamer for all types of citrus fruits. Features include polished or painted light alloy cast motor housing; removable stainless steel container; fan-cooled asynchronous motor and more......

  • The Ceado S98 offers a stainless steel bowl, a splash cover, and a powerful and long-lasting 250 watt asynchronous motor.


    • Double interchangeable reamer for all types of citrus fruits.
    • Polished or painted light alloy cast motor housing.
    • Removable stainless steel container.
    • Fan-cooled asynchronous motor.
    • Removable white polycarbonate splash guard.
    • CE listed, NSF listed (with C and CU suffixes).

    Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

  • Cold Pressed Counter Citrus Juicer (CJ)
    The JBT CJ Juicer will process oranges, lemons and limes, all sizes, up to 3 1/4 inches. It uses the whole fruit extraction principle offering a minimum of 25 percent more yield and less peel oil....

  • JBT Fresh'n Squeeze (formerly FMC FoodTech) technology provides you with a compact juicer that will not only extract juice using a cold pressed patented “whole fruit extraction principle”, but will also “transfer” the juice into the free-standing chilled juice dispenser. The cold pressed process is a real attention-getter for your customers and the Citrus Juicer shows the whole juicing technique. Seeing the juice made fresh is a big part of the experience, but the most important is the taste. Instantaneously separating the peel from the fruit produces sweeter juice with higher juice yields.

    Sweetest Juice is Cold Pressed
    Now recognized around the world as the Point-of-Sale Juice extractor that produces the sweetest juice in the lowest level of citrus peel oil within the juice at yields that were never before available.

    Image Builder
    The ultimate food service image builder. Freshly squeezed orange juice and lemonade made in view of your customers fresh every day perfect for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and juice bars.

    So, if your plans are to add or expand by offering a fresh and natural product like fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh squeezed lemonade, let your consumers experience juices made with the Fresh’n Squeeze Citrus Juicer.

  • Cold-press Compact Juicer (CP150)
    This Ceado CP150 Juicer was created to be productive on the counter-top. Solid and innovative, designed for on-demand service and production of bottles....

  • The result of Ceado’s in-depth knowledge of professional juice extraction systems, CP150 is a compact cold press model created to be productive on the counter-top. Solid, innovative, and designed for on-demand service and production of bottles.1 juice jug and 1 pulp jug included (1.5 liter each)

    Ready to Cold-Press
    Thanks to the feeding chute and the pressing chamber fit, the fruit and vegetables can be inserted whole or in large chunks, thus reducing preparation time. Nuts can also be inserted.

    Hi-Yield Pressing
    The yield, the richness and the consistency of the juice are optimized by the inclination angle of the dynamic spin flaps of the auger and by the design of the filter’s mesh.

    Non-Stop Service
    The innovative anti-blocking mesh filter and the most resistant motor ever seen in a compact cold press juicer, keep the machine working non-stop. 

    Anti-Dripping Drum Cap
    With a simple gesture, the ergonomic drum cap makes it possible
    to block any leakage of juice and prevent dripping.

    Modular Design
    The small size and compact design mean the CP150 can be configured with multiple units placed side-by-side.

    Wash & Go!
    All the parts that come into contact with food can be disassembled without the use of tools and are easily washable in the dishwasher, where they occupy very little space.

    Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

    NSF, CE

  • Citrus Fruit Juicer (SL98)
    The Ceado SL98 is the most popular semi-automatic citrus juicer on the market. It is a tireless workhorse for those who want to squeeze truly fresh fruit juices with the minimum effort....

  • The all stainless steel Ceado SL98 is the most popular automatic citrus juicer on the market. It is a tireless workhorse for those who want to squeeze truly fresh fruit juices with minimal effort. The universal reamer adapts to fit all types of citrus fruits. The particular shape of the reamer exploits the centrifugal force and increases output. Thanks to the lever, juicing couldn’t be simpler. The container, reamer and splash guard are easily removed for cleaning and are dishwasher safe. The exclusive activating micro switch located on the back of the juicer is safer and more reliable. The motor will never accidentally start with an open cover and the micro switch will never get stuck by liquids that may drip along the motor shaft. 


    • Asynchronous motor with thermal cut out.

    • Universal shape reamer suits all types of citrus fruit.

    • Patented automatic activation.

    • Lever handle for more efficient juicing and higher yield.

    • Polished or painted light alloy cast motor housing.

    • Basket, reamer and cone are easy to remove and clean.

    • CE listed, NSF listed (with C and CU suffixes).

    Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

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