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Complete solution for premium quality VEGETARIAN/VEGAN menu

Since 1998, Vege USA, LLC has been offering the most comprehensive and easy-to-prepare solution for vegan and vegetarian menus. Our Vegetarian Plus brand of gourmet quality vegan plant-based protein has the most authentic flavor and texture, winning the Best of Show award 5 times in the faux meat category from VegNews magazine at Natural Products Expo West. In March 2016, our new plant-based Vegan Jerky line was awarded Best of Show.

Our Easy-Serve Series is created for multi-location foodservices operations that demand both consistent premium quality and fast, simple preparation. This series provides plant-based vegan versions of the most popular dishes in the world with simple heat and serve applications.

Our Element Series is created as the building block for Vegan cuisine creations. This series of premium quality plant-based protein alternatives gives chefs the freedom to create any gourmet dish or use with existing recipes.

Vegetarian Plus plant-based meat alternatives can quickly broaden your Vegan menu and immediately cut down your preparation time, labor, and complexity.

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 Press Releases

  • Vegetarian Plus Leads in Gourmet Plant-Based Vegan Cuisine

    Monrovia, California – May 14, 2019 Vege USA, LLC will be showcasing their signature plant-based meat alternative Element Series in Booth 2291 at the National Restaurant Association Show 2019. Vegetarian Plus, the premium clean label brand of Vege USA, offers the series: Element and Easy Serve. Vege USA’s Element series provides the basic proteins as the building blocks to create unique gourmet dishes. Their selection of vegan and vegetarian proteins provides the broadest range of textures ranging from poultry, beef, seafood as well as other vegan meat alternatives.

    Vege USA, LLC will also be presenting their Easy Serve Series in their Vegetarian Plus brand. The Easy Serve dishes comes pre-sauced and ready to heat. Which provide a consistent flavor and labor-saving operation.

    “Our vegan proteins provide a gourmet experience and have versatility fit for any dish for chefs to use from traditional meals to custom meals”, said Tina Lin, Marketing Manager of Vege USA, LLC. “Because our vegan proteins are already cooked, chefs and restaurant owners will experience just how simple it is to incorporate a vegan option to the menus.”

    Attendees will be able to sample Vege USA’s vegan proteins that feature a variety of realistic meat textures ranging from chicken, beef, and fish. Unlike real meat, Vege USA’s vegan alternatives also have minimal protein shrinkage. In addition, their vegan proteins can be prepared in different cooking methods such as sautéing, frying, steaming, etc. With the vegetarian and vegan population increasing, Vege USA continues to make these options appealing to restaurants and chefs.

    About Vege USA, LLC

    Vege USA LLC, was founded in 1998 and an international distributor of vegan and vegetarian food for both retail and foodservice channels. Under their Vegetarian Plus, they have developed a gourmet line of frozen vegetarian and vegan entrees. Vege USA’s also has one of the most comprehensive distribution networks. You can find their products throughout the United States, from the west coast to the east coast.


    For more information regarding Vege USA, please call our contact Normel Williams at 626-386-0800 x110 or email at


  • Vegan Popcorn Chicken
    Crispy Black Pepper Imitation Chicken...

  • We're bringing to you a street food favorite as a vegan dish! Our Vegan Popcorn Chicken features a crispy crust with a tender and juicy center. Serve it as an appetizer or entree. It's up to you whether or not you want ot share. 
  • Vegan Citrus Sparerib Cutlets
    Imitation pork in plum vinegar sauce...

  • Our wildly popular Vegan Citrus Sparerib Cutlets feature a mildly sweet, tangy citrus sauce and perfect texture. Try with chunks of grilled fresh pineapple, a fresh organic salad, and steamed veggies. 
  • Vegan Chicken Drumsticks
    Imitation Chicken...

  • Our vegan chicken drumsticks are delicious enough to enjoy as either an appetizer or the main entree. Baked or fried and shared with friends will make for a wonderful time!
  • Vegan Thai Lemongrass Fish Fillets
    Imitation fish in lemongrass marinade...

  • Vegan Thai Lemongrass Fish Fillets are infused in a light lemongrass marinade and are sure to inspire endless vegan dishes for everyone to enjoy! Try them with a side of jasmine rice and fresh papaya salad.
  • Vegan Tuna Roll
    Imitation tuna...

  • We've transformed one of the world's most popular items into a healthy vegan product! Our versatile Vegan Tuna Rolls can be used to create any of your favorite tuna recipes, from delicious sandwiches to savory casseroles and flavorful salads. 

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