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MySingleLink Smart Locker and Authentication Technology.

If it is MySingleLink....It must be technologically advanced, secured and affordable.

MySingleLink holds 8 US Issued Patents* and has several patent pending applications related to Authentication and Locker Technologies.

MySingleLink is introducing the world’s first Drive-Thru Window Lockers, Food Truck Lockers, In-Store Lockers and In-Home Delivery Lockers.

MySingleLink Smart Lockers:

They are cloud based having dedicated controller, wi-fi connector, key pad, unique QR Code and without shared key pad.    Users can unlock any Locker, within a few seconds.   Can handle more Orders than Lockers simultaneously.

​No Waiting in line

No Shared Key Pad

No Texting

No Emails

Following are some of the applications:

In-Store Pickup

Drive-Thru Lane Pickup

In-Home Delivery

Common Area Pickup

Many other applications.

They can be used by many types of Merchants as following:

Quick Service Restaurants

Full-Service Restaurants

Airport Merchants

Concession Stands

Food Trucks

Retail Outlets

Grocery Stores

Dry-Cleaners etc.   

They are affordable, provides faster secured service with better user interface.     For example,  fully functional MySingleLink Locker Station with a single Locker of 24.00" W X 24.00" H and 24.00" D costs only $599.00 whereas a Locker Station with shared key pad could cost a minimum of $4,000.00.   Volume purchase discount is available.   Pick-up from a MySingleLink Locker Station with 5 Lockers is 5 times faster than from a Locker Station with a shared key pad with 5 Lockers.    Users simply scan a QR Code displayed on the Locker to unlock.

MySingleLink Drive-Thru Lane Lockers:

Reduces Wait Time by 50% with 100% Order Accuracy and friendly to environment.

Displays, on monitors, Locker number of the orders that are ready.

Vehicles can by pass other vehicles still waiting for their orders to be ready.

Online Orders

Mobile Orders from any vehicle in Wait Lane. 

Kiosk Orders

Verbal Orders

MySingleLink In-Home Delivery Locker:

With MySingleLink In-Home Delivery Locker, deliveries can be made directly into recipients' secured premises (example: Homes, Offices) without delivery persons entering recipients' secured premises.   In case of homes, groceries can be directly delivered into kitchen. They can be attached to following structures:





MySingleLink Smart Locks:

MySingleLink also sells Smart Locks for $299.00 where Consumers and Merchants can convert any cabinets into Smart Lockers.    Drive-Thru Windows can also be converted into Drive-Thru Lockers.

MySingleLink Authentication Technology:

MySingleLink Authentication technology provides hack free security, eliminates porch piracy, promotes environmentally friendly paper less and plastic less cards and coupons. It supports card less payment services, password less logins, text message less waitlist management, PIN less help desks, on-premises online orders, code less  Lockers and many more. It is so secured, even public networks can be used for sensitive transactions such as placing orders, making payments.

MySingleLink waitlist management system with self-sign in and with self-ordering service will reduce the table down time to a bare minimum to serve more guests.

MySingleLink Interface:

MySingleLink provides a simple user interface where Users scan a QR Code while holding a finger on the Finger Print Reader or enter a unique transaction specific code on the key pad.

US Issued Patents: 8,505,079 - 8,533,802 - 8,566,957 - 8,695,071 - 8,713,656 - 8,800,014 - 9,112,847 and 9,584,499.

Brands: MySingleLink, MSL Lockers, MSL Locks, MSL Wallet, MSL POS,

 Show Specials

  • Get fully functional Order Pick-up Smart Locker 24.00" W X 24.00" H X 24.00" D for only $549.00.

    Get Smart Lock that can convert any cabinet or drive-thru window into a Smart Locker for only $249.00.

 Press Releases

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    Gina Eisenberg                                                                                                    April 3, 2019


    Industry Leader “MySingleLink” to Introduce Industry-First Technology to Combat Porch Piracy, Help In-Store Consumers Skip the Counters and Kiosks, Reduce Drive-Thru Wait time, Create Ease for ‘On-the-Go’ Consumers at 2019 National Restaurant Show

    May 18-21 in Chicago

    The MySingleLink Smart Locker, which is cloud based, uses latest mobile and internet Technology with dedicated controller, wi-fi connector, key pad and a QR Code for each individual Locker, eliminates problems associated with counter, drive-thru windows, porch piracy and airport shopping

    (San Antonio, Texas)—"MySingleLink,” a technology company headquartered in San Antonio announces the launch of its first Smart Lockers, that will replace obsolete shared key pad technology with dedicated controllers, key pads, WIFI connectors and unique QR Codes to provide safe and faster operation and reduce costs.

    “MySingleLink is proud to introduce the world’s first Drive-Thru Window Lockers, Food Truck Lockers, In-Store Lockers and In-Home Delivery Lockers,” said Gopal Nandakumar, Inventor and President of MySingleLink.

    The ‘Smart Lock’ used in Smart Lockers uses state-of-the-art technology where users simply use their mobile device to scan the QR Code displayed on the Smart Locker while holding a finger on the finger print reader to unlock as well as supports the current technology of entering a code on the key pad.   

    The Smart Lockers utilizes MySingleLink’s patented Authentication technology in MySingleLink’s free apps MSL Wallet and MSL POS.    MSL Wallet is used by consumers where as MSL POS is used by merchants.   The patented Authentication technology can also be incorporated in any app and the Smart Lock can also be used with any Cabinet.      MSL Wallet not only supports placing of on-line orders while the mobile device is away from the pick-up location, but also supports placing of online orders while the mobile device is at the pick-up location just by scanning a QR Code displayed at the pick-up location.     This “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) concept can reduce or even eliminate the use of counters and self-service kiosks.

    Smart Lockers can be used for In-Store pick-up, Drive-Thru Pick-up, Common Area pick-up and In-Home delivery.    They can be used for “Buy On-Line Pick-Up from Lockers” (BOPFL) and for “Buy Online for In-Home Delivery (BOIHD).   Because of its unique and novel technology, Smart Lockers are also Do It Yourself (DIY) gadgets where they can be easily assembled and installed without professional help.

    “Online orders and home deliveries have increased nearly fifty percent and it’s created a black market for Porch Pirate thieves,” said Gopal Nandakumar, Inventor and President of MySingleLink. “Our Smart In-Home Delivery Lockers will provide a secure, safe, and convenient way to receive In-Home deliveries from inside of recipients’ homes 24/7 without a delivery person entering homes.”

    The Smart Lockers are securely attached to any windows or wall openings or fences or securely anchored to any structure in any existing or future homes. The windows and doors can even be part of home monitoring system.    Delivery persons simply scan the QR Code attached to the Smart Locker or enter a few selected digits of the tracking number to unlock and place the order.      Homebuilders can incorporate Smart Lockers into their design plan as a standard or added value item.

    The Smart Lockers are also configured to receive deliveries from drones which will be the technology of the future.

    Nandakumar says the Smart Lockers will change the definition of fast food.

    “Online orders for in-store consumption or takeout is unable to reach its full potential, especially for Quick Service Restaurants, because of the absence of an easy way to pick-up freshly cooked food from in-door as well as from drive-thru lane,” said Nandakumar.  “MySingleLink’s “first ready first served” technology replacing “first entered first served” technology would eliminate bottlenecks and reduce wait time for drive-thru lane pick-ups significantly.” 

    MySingleLink’s Smart Locks will revolutionize the fast food drive-thru. It can convert any drive-thru window into a drive-thru Smart Locker.

     “At the present time, online orders for common area pick-ups such as Food Courts, Airport Gates is not even available,” said Nandakumar. “The Smart Locker changes that. For example, customers can simply enter their flight information and select any restaurant within airport secured area to pick-up the order near their arriving or departing gates.”

    Inventor Gopal Nandakumar, President of MySingleLink, an entrepreneur with more than 25 years in business technology developed the proprietary Smart Lockers for homes, restaurants, airports, drive-thru pickup to name a few.

    “Our product is affordable and easy to install,” said Nandakumar. “MySingleLink’s Smart Lockers will cut drive-thru wait times by fifty percent and reduce car emissions into the environment.”

    Nandakumar and MySingleLink will be attending the 2019 National Restaurant Show in Chicago, May 18-21, 2019 to showcase their state-of -the-art products. The Booth number is 9411.

    The Smart Lockers for residential, restaurant in-door, food truck, drive-thru and airport will be on display.

    MySingleLink has developed many applications using Authentication method based on US Patents* issued to MySingleLink and pending patents for impeccable security. The new Authentication method replaces the current and vulnerable Verification method in protecting secured resources including Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Account, User Account, Lockers to name a few.

    For pricing, go to or call 210-494-5465.


    MySingleLink is a DBA for Textile Computer Systems Inc, a Texas-USA based company, has been in business since 1987. My Single Link is a technology company providing cutting edge technologies for merchants and consumers using mobile devices and internet. MySingleLink's primary focus is providing protecting to merchants and consumers at a reasonable cost, from data breach, credit card fraud, merchandise theft, and porch piracy.

    *8,505,079 - 8,533,802 – 8,566,957 – 8,695,071 – 8,713,656 – 8,800,014 – 9,112,847 – 9,584,499


  • In-Home Delivery Lockers (Last Inch Delivery)
    In-Home Delivery Lockers provide last inch delivery and can be used by Consumers and Businesses to receive packages 24/7 inside the premises without delivery persons entering . They are affordable, easy to install and protects from porch pirates....

  • As online orders exceeding 1 billion, porch piracy is also ski rocketing to tens of millions of packages every year costing billions of dollars.    Major package delivery companies like Amazon, USPS, UPS, FedEx can offer only safe last mile delivery where as MySingleLink In-Home Delivery Lockers can provide safe last inch delivery.  

    MySingleLink’s In-Home Delivery Lockers have the following features:

    1.     Can be used for last inch delivery

    2.     Recipients do not have to pick-up packages from common locker stations that are usually placed in places such as gas stations, pharmacies, delivery centers etc.

    3.     Can be securely attached to windows, walls, doors and fences.

    4.     Lockers are Do It Yourself (DIY) gadgets and can be easily assembled and installed by buyers.

    5.     Delivery Persons can safely deliver or pick-up packages without entering recipients electronically monitored and/or restricted premises.

    6.     Delivery persons simply scan a QR Code attached to the In-Home Delivery Locker or enter selective digits from the tracking number to unlock the Locker.

    7.     Lockers can be securely attached to windows, walls, doors and fences.

    8.     Delivery persons can open the Locker without triggering home monitoring system, when the Lockers are attached to windows or walls or doors.

    9.     In-Home Delivery Lockers are very affordable, a complete In-Home Delivery Locker measuring 24.00” W X 24.00” H X 24.00” D is priced only at $599.00 with no monthly subscription fees.     It can be assembled,  installed and ready for use within 2 hours.

    10.  Authorized users can also unlock the Locker remotely for the delivery persons to leave or pick-up the goods.

  • In-Store Order Pick-up Lockers
    Orders can be placed using a mobile device or over the counter or using a self-service kiosk for Locker pick-up. Order statuses will always be displayed on a Monitor. When the order is placed in a Locker, it would also display the Locker number....

  • Buyers can place online orders not only while away from the store location but also while being present at the store location just by scanning a QR Code printed in an iPoster.   iPosters are posters with one or more QR Codes printed on any medium (paper, plastic, digital) that support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept for Consumers to safely transact with the Merchants.


    Buyers can use  'MSL Wallet' or any approved app to find the status of the order or can view the same on a monitor.     The status would also include the Locker number, if the order has already been placed in the Locker.    When the order is placed in a Locker, buyers can use the app to unlock the Locker by simply scanning a QR Code attached to the Smart Locker while holding a finger on the Finger Print Reader.    If the order is not displayed on the monitor, buyers can use the app  to  scan a reminder QR Code printed in an iPoster at the location to remind the merchant that the buyer is ready to pick-up the order.


    In case of Quick Service Restaurants, buyers placing the orders while being away can also request for freshly cooked food and can also place the order without selecting any specific location.     Buyers upon arrival at the location would simply scan a reminder QR Code printed on an iPoster at the location to inform the merchant that the buyer is ready to pick-up the order.    Buyers wait time will be considerably less and would get freshly prepared food.


    Statuses of orders placed over the counter or using self-service kiosks can be viewed on a Monitor.   When the order is placed in a Locker, buyers can enter the code, printed on their receipt, in the key pad attached to the Locker to unlock.


    Delivery service providers can also pick-up the orders.     Delivery persons just scan the QR Code using Delivery Service Providers’ apps or enter a code to unlock the Locker.


    Non-verbal orders will always be more accurate, also employees can spend more time in preparing the order, rather than taking verbal orders.


    With Lockers employees can spend more time in preparing the order, rather than manually handing over the orders.

  • MySingleLink Smart Lock
    MySingleLink Smart Lock can be attached to any cabinet to convert the cabinet into In-Store Order Pick-up Locker, Drive-Thru Order Pick-up Locker, In-Home Delivery Locker or Common Area Order Pick-up Locker....

  • In addition to selling easy to assemble and easy to install MySingleLink Smart Lockers that can be used for various applications, MySingleLink also sells stand-alone MySingleLink Smart Lock.    MySingleLink Smart Lock is the heart of any MySingleLink Smart Locker.

    MySingleLink Smart Lock features:

    1.     MySingleLink Smart Lock controls at least one door of MySingleLink Smart Locker.

    2.     It comes with built-in lock, lock controller, wi-fi connector, key pad and a QR Code.

    3.     Interfaced with MySingleLink’s apps (MSL Wallet and MSL POS) and any other app interfaced with MSL Wallet and/or MSL POS.

    Advantages of using MySingleLink Smart Lock:

    1.        Provides choices for Consumers as well as Merchants to build or purchase their own cabinets that can be converted into MySingleLink Smart Locker just by installing MySingleLink Smart Lock in the cabinet.

    2.        Flexibility for Consumers and Merchants to customize the locker to match the surroundings of the place where the MySingleLink Smart Locker will be used.

    3.        Cabinets converted into MySingleLink Smart Locker and MySingleLink Smart Lockers purchased from MySingleLink would function the same way.    For example, Merchants can install MySingleLink Smart Lock in a Drive-Thru Window to convert the Drive-Thru Window into Drive-Thru Smart Locker.    The Drive-Thru Smart Locker would work the same way as the Merchant assembled and installed In-Store Smart Locker, except that the Drive-Thru Smart Locker will be used by Consumers driving thru Drive-Thru Lane and In-Store Smart Locker will be used by Consumers walked into the store. 

  • Common Area Order Pick-up Lockers
    Common Area Locker administrators maintain Common Area Locker Stations in Food Courts, Stadiums, Airport Terminals, near Airport Gates etc. Buyers pick-up orders from these locker stations instead of visiting Merchant locations....

  • Common Area Locker Stations are great for both Consumers and Merchants where many merchants are located within a small area such as Food Courts, Airports, Stadiums, Concert Halls and Auditoriums etc.    Like any other Smart Locker in a Locker Station, Smart Lockers in Common Area Locker Stations also can be mounted to walls, placed on counters and mounted on wheels. 

    Here is how it works: 

    • Buyers can place orders directly with the Merchants or with the Common area Locker administrators or with any Online Order Administrators to pick-up the order from Common Area Locker Stations.     
    • While placing the order, the Buyer would select a Merchant and a Common Area Locker Station.    
    • In case of Airport Gate Locker Stations, the travelers can even select a departing or arriving flight so that the  Common Area Locker administrators can determine the Common Area Locker Station closer to the departing or arriving flight and the time based on the flight information from the Airport.   If the Merchant has multiple locations, the Airport Gate Locker Station administrator can also redirect the order to a Merchant location closer to the  Airport Gate Locker Station.
    • The delivery person of the Common Area Locker administrator can pick-up the order from the Merchant location either from a counter or from a In-Store Order Pick-up Locker.     If the order is picked up from In-Store Order Pick-up Locker, then the delivery person would use an approved app to scan the QR Code displayed on the In-Store Order Pick-up Locker to unlock the Locker or enter a code in the key pad.
    • The delivery person authorized by the Common Area Locker administrator can place the order in any available Locker in the appropriate Common Area Locker Station just by scanning a QR Code displayed on the Locker in the Common Area Locker Station.
    • The buyer using an approved app would scan a QR Code displayed on the Locker in the Common Area Locker station or enter a code in the key pad attached to the Locker in the Common Area Locker station to unlock the Locker.
  • Drive-Thru Lane Lockers
    Drive-Thru Lockers fitted with MySingleLink Smart Locks along with MysingleLink’s proprietary Drive-Thru traffic management system can reduce Drive-Thru Wait Time by 50%, help Merchants to sell more and improve air quality by reducing carbon emission....

  • Quick Service Restaurants hand over 70% of their orders thru Drive-Thru Window and online orders, which is on the rise, cannot be processed efficiently thru Drive-Thru Windows.     So, the Return On Investment (ROI) with any Order Pick-up Lockers will be significant, only if the Order Pick-up Lockers support Drive-Thru orders including on-line orders with drive-thru pick-ups.


    Following are the 2 most important factors in measuring  any Drive-Thru efficiency:


    1. Order Accuracy
    2. Wait Time (Quick Service)


    In 2018, the average Drive-Thru Wait Time as measured between the time an order was placed and the time order was handed over  was 234.08  seconds with only an Order Accuracy of 89.7%.     True Drive-Thru Wait Time would be  significantly more, if the wait time is measured from the time the vehicle enters the location.


    Drive-Thru Window Lanes could be easily converted into Drive-Thru Locker Lanes without any structural changes, just by following the 4 steps given below (see the image above):


    1.     Rename the current Drive-Thru Order Lane and Drive-Thru Pass Lane into      Drive-Thru Wait Lane and Drive-Thru Locker Lane respectively.  

    2.     In every parking space in the Drive-Thru Wait Lane, install iPosters in any medium (paper, plastic, digital) with a QR Code for the Consumers to place an order and another QR Code for the Consumers to notify the Merchant that they are ready to pick-up the order.   

    3.     Install MySingleLink Smart Lock in Drive-Thru Window and place orders in Lockers based on first ready first served rather than first entered first served.

    4.     Display monitors with order statuses and locker numbers, if available, in Drive-Thru Lanes as well as In-Store.    


    Following are the advantages of converting Drive-Thru Windows into Drive-Thru Lockers:


    1.    Online Orders in addition to Drive-Thru orders can be processed thru Drive-Thru Lane

    2.    Drive-Thru orders include verbal, kiosk and iPoster that support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept.

    3.    The number of drive-thru orders accepted thru iPosters simultaneously would only depend on the number of parking spaces in the Drive-Thru Wait Lane.

    4.    Drive-Thru Wait Time can be reduced by 50%  with a significant reduction in vehicle emission also.

    5.    Order accuracy can be improved to 100% except for verbal orders.

    6.    Freshly prepared food can be handed over even for online orders.

    7.    Multiple Lockers for each Drive-Thru Lane can be installed

    8.    Buyers and Delivery Persons, as soon as their orders are placed in the Lockers, can by-pass other vehicles waiting in the Drive-Thru Wait Lane.

    9.    Employees can spend more time in preparing the food, rather than taking orders verbally and waiting to hand over the food.

    10. Increased sales 

    11. Either the door facing the drive-thru lane or the door facing the kitchen is always closed protecting the kitchen from inserts and car emissions and providing security

    12. Delivery Service providers can quickly pick-up orders

    Buyers who placed orders verbally or using a kiosk at the ordering station placed at the end of the Drive-Thru Wait Lane can also view the status of the order on a Monitor and use the code printed on their receipt to unlock the Locker.

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