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  • Finest truffle, highest proportions of exquisite ingredients inside our products, and a steadily growing range of products. This is what we stand for!

    We are a family run business, with the focus to manufacture what you always wanted , but did not know yet!

    Now we give you the chance to taste our delicious products, whether it is "Claire", which is a clarified butter, or our "Deli Cheese" , which is a product line of different hard cheese to be grated.

    These cheese are available with different ingredients. Truffle  of course is one of them! But for those who are not too keen on truffle, or simply want to try something different, we have created hard cheese with domestic bavarian garlic, chili, papaya, or even spicy curry.

    Our products have a very high proportion of  ingredients inside, whether it is truffle, garlic, curry, or any other delicious ingredient that we have chosen to make you happy!

    We want you to be able to taste these exquisite ingredients.

    You will be  able to  taste the quality, and the passion that goes into our products as well!

    We are certain, that our products are able to let you dive into a new, sinful and undiscovered world of taste, offering great impressions to your gustatory nerves!

    Make sure to drop by at booth 9227 to gather your experiences with our excellent product portfolio!


  • Deli Cheese
    Deli Cheese are hard cheeses to be grated. We offer them with various peppers inside, a spicy chili, a Bavarian garlic, turkey curry, as our "4 season special" with pepper and garlic, and last but by far not least, with papaya and coconut....

  • For specifications please ask at our booth
  • Claire
    Claire is a clarified truffle butter, which delivers the advantage of being much more durable than a normal butter. Even after opening the container, we have a durability of almost one year in the fridge....

  • For product details, please ask at our booth 

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