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Passirana di Rho,  MI 
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Italian manfacturer of a wide range of high quality wafers.

For over fifty years Bussy , Italian company specialized in the production of "cannoli", rolled wafers and wafer biscuits for pastry and gelato shops , supports  the best artisan creations , enriching them through a complete and diversified range of products: a variety consisting of more than 150 references , made with a rigorous use of selected raw materials, thanks to modern production processes and strict quality controls and it sells them in more than 20 countries around the world.

Company's strength is its flexibility , with the ability to meet all requirements in terms of recipt, form and packaging .

The company's product line is currently divided in the lines " Ready to be filled" (which includes rolled wafers, of various sizes, wafer bowls and wafer cups, small cones ) , " Ready to decorate " (plain or cocoa-striped rolled wafer straws , wafer filled with cream,  wafer fans and wafer biscuits with different shapes and flavours) , and " Ready to be taken away” (wafer biscuits packed in Retail packagings, original metal tins and family packs).

Bussy, a world of wafers.

Brands: Le Cialdissime Retail packs, Vintage Line Tins, LePastell'ose, Ciokki and Ciokkimilk range, Kikere, Lecestine, Biscottone, Biscottino.


    Small flat-bottom baskets, plain or enriched with chocolate and tasty grains....

  • LECESTINE are small and nice wafer cups, plain or coated with chocolate, available in different delicious varieties: with coconut, puffed rice sprinkle, coloured sugar sprinkle, cocoa-, coffee-, macaoon sprinkle and pink strawberry puffed rice. They are always ready, versatile, have lasting cruch, leaving a multitude of different recipes up to imagination of the pastry bakery and gelateria. Size: 4.6 cm diameter, 2.3 cm height.

    Crunchy rolled wafer straws filled with hazelnut-cocoa cream or with milk cream. Available in handy tube packaging. No preservatives, palm-oil free,


  • Bussy wafers are a delicious, crunchy snack for any time of day, a special treat to go with coffee or a beautiful enhancement to ice cream.

    CIOKKIPIU' and CIOKKIMILKPIU' are crunchy rolled wafer straws,  filled with hazelnut-cocoa cream or with milk cream. Available in handy tube packaging.

    No preservatives, palm-oil free. 18 cm Lenght, 38 wafers each tube.

    A wide range of Cannoli, cruchy rolled wafers ready to be filled, available in many sizes and variations....

  • Rich range of long and short rolled wafers, coated inside with dark cocoa or milk coating: perfect for both classic tasty preparations with cream filling and for the creation of single portions stuffed with gelato or mousse. Easy to be filled, they are available in many variations, plain or enriched with grains.
    A proposal of sweet and cruncy wafer biscuits , packed in original tins or in nice boxes, in pastel tones...

  • LE PASTELL'OSE is a line of wafer biscuits, all suggested in original packagings in pastel tones. The line includes elegant tins to be collected and coloured family-packs. There are 4 different variations: LE PASTELL'OSE LE NOCCIOLOSE, rolled wafers filled with hazelnut-cocoa cream; LE PASTELL'OSE  LE CIALDELATTE, rolled wafers filled with milk cream; LE PASTELL'OSE LE CIALDECACAO, millefeuille wafer fans with dark cocoa; LE PASTELL'OSE LE AMARETTOSE, cocoa-coated rolled wafers with macaroon sprinkle. 

    All products are without preservatives, GMO free, palm oil free, Made in Italy according to the original recipe and packed by hand.

    Crunchy rolled wafers, wafer fans, rolled wafers filled with cocoa, everyone suggested in family-packs to take away. Made in Italy...

  • This product line is  perfect to decorate desserts, gelato, soft ice cream or frozen yogurt.
    Only top quality select materials are used, with no GMO, no preservatives, no plam oil, only natural flavours.  The lline includes 4 different types of wafers: LE SIGARETTE, crunchy rolled wafer straws; I QUORETTI, heart-shaped wafer fans; LE SPIRULETTE, cocoa-striped rolled wafer straws, coated inside with cocoa. I CONIWAFER, classical wafer cones for gelato, package with 15 pieces. 

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