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What is Pinsa?


Pinsa is the consummation of over 100 years of Roman artisan baking expertise, creativity and experience


Pinsa is enjoyably digestible! The ease of digestibility is due to several factors, including the 72 hour process of cold fermentation which breaks down starches, the 80-90% hydration and the simplicity of all natural ingredients.


The combination of NON-GMO wheat flour, rice flour and soy flour makes it crunchy on the outside, and even softer and lighter on the inside. Besides the high percentage of water allows Pinsa to have lesser calories, fats and carbohydrates than any other normal pizza. Our natural soy flour adds vitamins A, B, and C. Moreover, it is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and magnesium, is gluten-free and reduces cholesterol in the blood.


Pinsa is a work of culinary art and a revelation into the pizza industry.  Pinsa dough is made by following a strict method of cold temperature fermentation and timing. An expert team of master pizza makers stretch each Pinsa by hand to keep its amazing properties intact.  Each Pinsa is hand-stretched, par-baked, flash-frozen and ready to be shipped to you.


Not only has Pinsa won multiple World Pizza Championships, it has been a game-changer for many of 5,000 existing clients. Pinsa has seen the rapid growth (40%) in Italy, traditionally a very demanding country for tasty and quality food, while in the rest of the world has improved by 200%.


1. Brand New product in North America.

2. Proven World-wide success

3. Consistent excellence in quality

4. Easy and Fast cooking (2-3 minutes)

5. Superior Artisan Quality without the extra labor costs

6. Perfect for any type of business 

7. Works with any type of oven, even at home

8. Always fresh for 18 months

9. No Expensive equipment or labor required

10. No extra training required; any staff member can quickly and easily prepare our Pinsas

 Press Releases

  • Pinsa is the result of over 100 years of Roman artisan baking experience, creativity, and expertise. 

    Pinsa comes from the Latin “pinsere’ or “push the dough by hands”. It is a cloud of pizza with a taste of ancient bread in an original oval form, which makes it distinctive and unique in both toppings and bread.

    Pinsa traces back to Roman Empire. It was considered so good that the ancient priests used to offer it to the Gods. Even the poet Virgil in his Aeneid reports that peasants in the Roman countryside used to knead grains, salt, and herbs to make a “low and oval cake” cooked on hot coals. That cake was easily digested, and as told by Virgil, it was one of the first foods that the Trojan Hero Aeneas bit into when he set foot on the Lazio coast.

    Today, we want to share this typical regional product, par excellence characterized by a soft crumb enclosed in a crispy wrap that combines the wisdom of the past with modern need for quality food.

    Pinsa is wonderfully digestible! The dough is made of wheat, rice flour and soy flour, NO GMO. Pinsa is a work of art and a revelation into the pizza industry. Not only has it been a game-changer for many of the existing clients, given its properties and benefits, we are confident it will become a mainstay in the United States market as well.

    The incredible digestibility is due to the 72 hour process of cold fermentation which breaks down the starches, as well at the 80-90% hydration. The perfect “maturation” is the result of our specific cold working method of the dough based on the study of the optimal temperatures for each work’s phase. During the maturation, the complex sugars and proteins of the dough decompose into simple sugars and amino acids. That means our stomach receives a partially decomposed and simplified food into its elements, resulting in easier and quicker digestion.

    Due to its cold working method, high hydration and 72 hours of cold fermentation, Pinsa is more wholesome, digestible, low-calorie and low fat than the classic pizza. Pinsa is an innovative food product as it perfectly matches the current and future growing demand for quality food.

    The combination of NON GMO rice flour and soy flour makes it crunchy on the outside, and even softer and lighter on the inside. The rice flour in the dough is a true revolution as nobody has ever taken advantage of its property of water absorbing and digestibility in a pizza-like dough. The rice flour used in Pinsa allows the digestible dough to have lesser calories and fats than any other normal pizza due to the higher percentage of water in the dough, resulting in a reduced amount of wheat flour; hence, fewer carbohydrates. The soy flour adds vitamins A, B, and C. Moreover, it is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and magnesium. The soy flour is gluten-free and reduces cholesterol in the blood.

    These unique factors makes Pinsa one of the most delicious and digestible pizzas available in the world today. It is the perfect blend of ingredients and flavors to offer a unique pizza base that fans of pizza and health-conscious consumers love.

    Original Pinsaria LLC is the importer, wholesaler and distributors of Pinsa par-bakes in the USA. We are a business that focus on providing unique experiences to our clients. We are always focused on improving our product and our process. We pay attention and handle each aspect of the import and manufacturing process.

    For the last decade, the Pinsa par-bake sales have grown immensely throughout the world and are continuing this strong upward trend. Original Pinsaria intends to be the first to import high-quality par-bakes to the North American market. The bases of Pinsa are hand stretched, par-baked, flash-frozen and ready to be shipped to you.

    Be a pioneer of the Pinsa revolution in the USA!! 

    The Original Pinsaria LLC

    Import - Wholesale - Distribution

    5111 Magnolia Bay Cir, Palm Beach Gardens, 33418 FL


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