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Restaurant Training. Simplified.

Train your Staff Using the Latest Technology
ExpandShare is a leading provider of training software and services for restaurants, including some of the largest chains and franchises in the US.

Training is a Challenge
Training is one of the biggest challenges facing restaurants today. Everything a restaurant does depends on what its employees know, believe and do. If they don’t do those things well and consistently, bad things happen.

More than 98 percent of guests who have a bad experience don’t complain: they just leave. Plus poor training leads to high turnover, which is a big problem because the average industry employee turnover costs is about $2,000 per trained employee lost.

The Solution? Training
Your goal is to replicate your most successful or ideal employees. That way you have a set of employees that know, believe and do the same, right things. Every time. And that applies to everything from their basic responsibilities, to the culture, to guest experience and product knowledge. 

What’s the Best Way to Train?
It’s possible to do live, on the job or shoulder-to-shoulder training. It’s a good way to train, but it’s not perfect. The problem is that it relies heavily on the expertise and consistency of the trainer. Plus, it’s not easy to track and verify and honestly, it’s not scalable for large numbers of employees. You and your other managers just don’t have the time.

ExpandShare + Restaurant Ready
ExpandShare + Restaurant Ready is a great solution for managers and owners to use to train their staff. It’s scalable, fast and always on. One of the major features for your users is it’s mobile—right on their phone. And the whole software is designed to help you get everyone trained the exact same way and then keep them there. All of the knowledge they need to do their job is right in their back pocket.

Easy to Use
ExpandShare is easy to use. Your team members and employees just enter your private team code to get added to your training site. On the back end you set up groups and locations if you have multiple locations.

Then, upload your training content, including videos, images, documents and more. You can instantly share and assign any of this content as soon as it’s uploaded.

Or you can build out courses with quizzes using the built-in course creator. It’s super easy.

Or you can use any of our built-in Stock content including courses for major roles like servers, hosts, bartenders and more.We have a marketplace of content for you to choose from.

And there’s reporting on everything, from individual users, to whole groups and locations. Keep constant tabs on who knows what and make sure everyone is up to date.

Dedicated Training Advisor
ExpandShare will not leave you on your own to get everything set up. Our customer success team will help get your site set up and running quickly. 

Get Your Team Ready
Get your team ready and keep them ready. ExpandShare gives you a more consistent and efficient way to onboard and maintain team knowledge.

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