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FasTrax Solutions specializes in Retail POS, Warehouse Management Systems, Digital Marketing Solutions, and Customer Loyalty and Reward Programs. Our solutions are designed to function as independent applications, while also integrating seamlessly with each other to take advantage of and build an end to end enterprise package.

This type of modular harmony eliminates the pains and frustrations often experienced when attempting to utilize and integrate products from multiple companies. FasTrax Solutions’ total enterprise solution allows retailers to spend less time dealing with technical issues so they can focus on what’s most important – running their business. FasTrax Solutions developed all of its products to be both powerful and extremely user-friendly with intuitively designed controls.

 Press Releases

  • ROCK HILL, NY., April 26th 2019 /
    FasTrax Solutions, a software development company based out of New York, announces the re-release of their digital media players that centralize and streamline store promotions. FasTrax media players are small devices that either plug into your TV via USB or across WiFi. Their intuitive design makes it easy and seamless for retailers to upload and display promotions in a matter of minutes.

    Just this year, FasTrax Solutions decided to take the hospitality industry by storm and customize their digital signage features to fit the needs of those in the business. Their updated technology allows retailers to design and push their promotions to their TVs in seconds, and to make any updates no matter your location. “The hospitality industry has many needs for digital signage,” says CEO Douglas Nolan. “It’s important that those in business can focus on serving their customers in the best way that they can.” Nolan believes that this is through effective promotion and education displayed digitally throughout an establishment.


    In order to build credibility and trust with customers, they need to consistently see the same message in multiple places for a brand experience that distinguishes from the rest. Digital signage catches consumers’ eyes at the optimum time to deliver that message. Customers could be waiting in line, dining in your hotel restaurant, or simply walking through the halls of your establishment when they see a promotion. FasTrax’s digital signage puts the message right in front of their face to increase sales, reduce waiting perception, and inform your audience.

    In addition to their enhanced digital marketing capabilities, FasTrax Solutions has released a new version of their FTx Adpro software. Adpro is included with Digital Signage, and allows the user to design ads and promotions using simplified drag and drop features. It comes with thousands of premade ad templates while even integrating with DepositPhotos. Once an ad is created, you simply upload your promotion to a specified TV and you’re done. Simple, effective, and no professional needed.

    About FasTrax Solutions: FasTrax Solutions specializes in Retail POS, Warehouse Management Systems, Digital Marketing Solutions, and Customer Loyalty Rewards. All of their modules are designed to integrate and work together seamlessly, or as independent functions. Their newest loyalty program, Loyal~n~Save, debuted earlier this year. It’s unique referral-based marketing approach is used by over 60 retail locations and counting. For more information about FasTrax and their solutions, visit


    Engage and educate customers with eye-catching digital ads that drive sales and build store loyalty. Deploy ads instantly to promote slow moving and new products, eliminating costly printing time....


    In an increasingly tech-driven society, in-store digital advertising captures consumer attention, driving sales with promotion and product education. Dynamic graphics and animation draw customers’ eyes. Rotating digital advertisements allow multiple promotions to hit a single consumer at the optimum time to launch impulse buys.


    FasTrax Solutions Digital Signage includes a full suite of tools that will simplify your in-store marketing. FTx Digital Signage syncs with FasTrax Solutions’ Point of Sale system to update pricing on your digital menus and signs automatically when you use the Products Feature. POS customer facing displays educate customers on promotions, enticing them to make impulse purchases at the register.


    Use FasTrax digital signs and menus to promote slow moving products and create awareness for new ones, while simultaneously building store loyalty. Take advantage of sales trends by deploying ads immediately, eliminating costly printing time. Broadcast digital ad content across multiple retail outlets quickly from anywhere using the FasTrax Control Center. Schedule your ads days, weeks, months, or even years in advance so you never miss a promotion.


    Traditional in-store paper signs are costly, inefficient, and take up prime real estate in your store. Digital signs are efficient, profit generators. Sell ad space to manufactures, building their brands and offsetting your digital signage expenses.

    Ensure the repeat business of your current customers and keep new customers coming back with FTx Loyalty. Create an effective incentive program that tracks and rewards customers for their purchases....


    FasTrax Solutions’ Cloud Loyalty program turns your customers into brand ambassadors who are deeply engaged with your store and responsive to your promotions. This multi-tiered loyalty solution rewards your customers for signing up their friends and family.


    Customers earn a percentage of points based on the spending of the people that sign up underneath them. With FasTrax Cloud Loyalty, your customers do the majority of your marketing for you through word-of-mouth referrals.


    You determine the percentage of points that are awarded at each level. You also assign reward points to specific items you want to sell. Loyalty campaigns offer a great opportunity to introduce customers to your new products or entice them to purchase your slow-moving items.


    Reduce your credit card fees by using FasTrax’s Cloud Loyalty to incentivize cash purchases. Reward your members with additional points for paying with cash and decrease the amount of credit card transaction fees you pay each month.


    You will have access to a loyalty management dashboard in Control Center. Customize your business page by adding your company logo and a description of your business. Use the campaign tools to control how each customer earns and redeems points.


    Set a conversion rate for points to dollars. Customers can choose when to convert their store points into dollars and redeem them on their next in-store purchase. In the future, we’ll be adding the option to redeem points for store or manufacturer coupons.


    Your customers will also have access to tools on your business page where they can view their point accumulation for the store. They’ll also be able to review their past purchases and print receipts. They can select which promotions they want to participate in.


    By offering exciting rewards, you increase customer enthusiasm and engagement, which in turn drives sales, and creates new loyalty members who return to your store time and again. Elevate your loyalty program to the next level. The sky’s the limit with FasTrax Solutions’ Cloud Loyalty! Visit for more information.

    Easily create professional ads like a pro with FTx AdPro even with limited computer skills. Use the ready-made templates, drag and drop tools, and expansive library of free photos to quickly create custom ads on the fly, when you need them....



    You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create quality graphics with FTx AdPro, for your FTx digital signs and menus. FTx AdPro graphic design software was engineered to deliver professional results regardless of a user’s design experience or skill level. The extremely user-friendly software features drag and drop tools and context sensitive menus that help you easily navigate your way through the design process.

    FasTraxPOS gives you complete inventory control, utilizing real-time data, granular categorization, and rich reporting features which allow you to make accurate decisions about ordering and inventory movement....



    Let FasTraxPOS help you realize the full profit potential of having an industry-leading retail point of sale (POS) software solution at work for your business.

    Our retail automation system utilizes a user-friendly touch screen interface with an intuitive design to make training new cashiers quick and easy.

    Many of our customers tell us that their cashiers can be fully trained in a matter of minutes. Our streamlined and agile point of sale (POS) system walks cashiers through transactions in an obvious way, reducing transaction times.

    Monitor and protect your mission-critical servers and infrastructure. With FTx MSP services, you’ll be notified of potential problems with your hardware or network before they impede your ability to do business....

  • FasTrax Solutions MSP services can help protect your mission-critical infrastructure including servers and workstations, giving you maximum uptime. FasTrax Solutions keeps an ever-vigilant eye on your IT, monitoring the pulse of your business.


    If your computer gets a virus or hard drive is about to crash, our software alerts us before you ever know a problem exists. Hardware or network issues will never inhibit your ability to do business when you partner with FasTrax Solutions.

    Streamline the picking process, manage your price lists, perform real-time inventory counts with the wireless handheld, and see at a glance the item quantities available on hand or on order. Easily accept orders or submit invoices electronically....


    FasTrax Warehouse gives you complete control of your inventory. Price lists are assigned to account groups to easily assign them to customer accounts.

    Daily snapshots are taken of your inventory, allowing you to run reports on your own schedule. See at a glance the quantity available on order and on hand for any item.

    Create accurate purchase orders to avoid overstock. Schedule orders to run automatically so they are ready when you are.



    The user-friendly interface gives you up to ten location levels per item, allowing you to accurately track all the different positions and statuses of inventory in every stage of the picking process.
    The FasTrax wireless handheld lets you perform real-time inventory counts and adjustments. Look up and modify item information right from the warehouse floor, reducing travel time and increasing order picking productivity. Pick and verify orders without pages of worksheets, eliminating keyboard errors and reducing the risk of mispacks.


    Electronically accept orders through file system or FTP. Send out invoices electronically to stores. Mass print your EDI orders for easy and efficient picking.

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