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Biassono,  ITALIA 
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The leading company in Italian charcuterie industry

Passion, talent and family ties. These are the three pillars of Rovagnati’s history, which have been making it an iconic brand in Italian charcuterie for over 70 years. Established in the 40’s/50’s by Angelo Ferruccio Rovagnati, it started focusing on producing and merchandising essential goods, butter and cheese.

It was only after the arrival of his son, Paolo Rovagnati, that things changed. Hesuggested and decided to switch the business to the production of charcuterie always keeping in mind that “quality is the answer to all questions”. His great stroke of genius came in 1985 and brought the name of Gran Biscotto: a super premium prosciutto cotto made from the accurate selection of pork meat, the precise processing and the secret recipe kept unchanged over years. Company’s expansion and seeking for

innovation had not stopped right then: the product assortment widened with the launch of all the other types of salumi and the production of the first cold cut line, ensuring the same quality and fragrance of the deli counter products. Today Rovagnati is one of the leading companies in Italian charcuterie industry with an ongoing expansion abroad from Europe, United States to Far East.

Brands: Rovagnati, Gran Biscotto, Rovagnati Riserva, Rovagnati Naturals


  • Rovagnati Riserva
    A range of unique Italian masterpieces selection....


    Made from pigs raised without added hormones*
    •An extremely careful meat selection
    •The use of Italian sea salt , particularly suitable for the curing
    •The curing area, crucial for the quality of the final product
    •Mastri stagionatori, the essential and the differentiating element, for a peculiar result
    •Zero grams of trans fat in the final product
    •Imported from Italy

  • Rovagnati Naturals
    Naturals – with no added nitrites – is the first ever Rovagnati full line of charcuterie made using 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives....

  • A complete range of tasty, healthy and fair products as they are made with natural ingredients, respect for the environment and the animal welfare.
    All the ingredients are completely natural - from field to fork - and processed to a minimum without any chemical adjuvants or additives. Our product transformation processes are totally natural and harmless, such as steaming (prosciutto cotto), hot air cooking (Mortadella), and curing at controlled temperatures and humidity (salami and prosciutto crudo).
    Naturals – with no added nitrites – is the first Rovagnati full line of cured meats using 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives.
    The Naturals line uses natural derivatives that are 100% nitrite & nitrate free. Thanks to their synergy, the result is a totally healthy product, with the same safety guarantees as one treated with nitrites.

  • Mortadella
    Rovagnati Gran Mortadella is one of the most representative products of Italian charcuterie....

  • From the finest and carefully 100% Italian selected pork cuts, the shoulder and the throat, Rovagnati Gran Mortadella is cooked in traditional brick ovens to keep the meat tender and preserve its natural characteristics. Gluten free, free of milk products and without polyphosphates added, Gran Mortadella is available in different weights (up to 35kg) and recipes (classic, with pistachio or with truffles) to satisfy any customer's needs. 
  • Gran Biscotto
    The #1 of prosciutto cotto in Italy. From a careful selection of whole fresh pork thighs, entirely processed by hand, massaged up to 72 hours, oven steamed and finally made rest....

  • The #1 of prosciutto cotto in Italy.

    From a careful selection of whole fresh pork thighs, entirely processed by hand, massaged up to 72 hours, oven steamed for up to 12 hours and finally made rest for up to 4 weeks. A hot mark on the rind makes it recognizable even at the Deli Counter and is a guarantee of its premium quality. 

    Available in different recipes: Classic, Roasted, Gourmet, Smoked and Animal Welfare. 

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