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Revention Point of Sale Solutions

Revention is the leading developer of complete, customizable restaurant and entertainment management solutions designed to streamline the way hospitality concepts do business. Revention’s offerings include point-of-sale solutions, HungerRush™ integrated online ordering, and Revention Enterprise. Revention’s goal is to provide a complete solution that includes customized installation, training, technical support and much more.  

Brands: Revention Point of Sale Solutions, HungerRush Online Ordering (powered by Revention), & Revention Enterprise Management


  • Revention Online Ordering
    Revention online ordering service, seamlessly integrated with Revention POS, offers alternative innovative ordering options to increase revenue through customer convenience....

  • Did you know that customer checks from online ordering average 15% higher than ones placed in-store?  Online ordering accounts for over 50% of sales in many businesses today. If you are not online, you may be losing customers. 

    The HungerRush system provides customized, white-labeled apps enabling online orders directly to your Revention POS.  Supported by iOS and Android devices, HungerRush provides an exceptional online and mobile ordering experience that your customers will love and you control.

    Brand Consistency
    • Apps are themed and branded to match your website
    • Maintains consistency with your concept and online presence
    • Provides a great user experience across all platforms
    Flexible Platform with Powerful Reporting
    • In-app or web version, mobile responsive
    • Integrated with your Revention POS – no additional terminals
    • Captures customer data for future marketing
    • Advanced reporting for store performance, customer activity and locations
    Easy to Manage and Cost Effective
    • Modify selections directly from any POS or admin portal
    • Integrated payments and credit card processing
    • Supported 24/7/365 by in-house Revention personnel
    • Private and secure – PCI DSS Tier 1 certified protection for customer information
    The Right Customer Experience
    • Simple login and account set up, or order as a guest
    • Facebook integration for one-click login
    • In-app sign up for loyalty account
    • Complete order history
    Drive Revenue and Ease of Order
    • Suggestive selling to add items or upsell Limited Time Offers
    • Promotions – first order and online-only specials
    • Easy coupon and reward redemption through Coupon Walkthrough
    • Favorite order – four-button reordering process
    • Future orders – schedule pick up or delivery in advance
  • Revention Loyalty Service
    Revention loyalty service, seamlessly integrated with Revention POS, offers customized solutions to reward your most valued customers, drive repeat business and increase customer satisfaction....

  • A customer loyalty program is a proven approach to increase sales and customer retention while growing your brand and reputation.  The HoneyComb solution provides a complete customer experience that connects with all Revention solutions.  Loyalty programs become part of your customers’ natural ordering process – promoting repeat business and a happier customer base.

    Store owners connect and grow easily
    • Works how you need it to: across in-store,
    • in-app or online orders
    • Get the information faster: loyalty data calculated and posted in real-time
    • Make it your own: custom reward branding including icons and descriptions
    • No overhead: rules and rewards are easy to configure and modify
    • Drive more business on your terms: HoneyComb makes it easy to configure your own promotional programs
    • Customizable: motivate participation to match your goals – such as giving double points for online deliveries
    Customers find it intuitive
    • In-app or web version, mobile responsive
    • Easy to use: simple set-up requires only customer first name, last name, email and phone number
    • Straightforward: points are aggregated automatically through purchases and posted to a customer’s account
    • Convenient: members can review current point status and available rewards through your HungerRush mobile app or through your HungerRush website
    • Flexible: Awards can be redeemed through the HungerRush reward interface, or in store without a code
    • Easy management interface helps keep costs down while empowering you to review data and make decisions
    • Identify your best customers by frequency and spend
    • Specify product-specific rewards or order level discounts
    • Upsells enabled by reward value or reward item
    • Customize your loyalty program by store, region, or standardize for your brand
    • Unique single-use reward codes are automatically distributed and prevent abuse
    • Review customer data by phone number, email or membership ID
    • Financial reporting and totals for unredeemed rewards
  • Revention Point of Sale Software
    Revention offers an integrated and intuitive point of sale, online ordering and loyalty solution that’s easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable to support multi-unit restaurant operations with 24/7/365 US-based customer support....

  • Revention delivers a complete point of sale system that is easy to use and manage, while providing an exceptional user experience. Revention has the functionality you need with the ability to support your growth and scale from one location to multiple units.  Supported 24/7 by our dedicated US-based team, Revention’s POS solutions provide
    front-of-house customer satisfaction and back-of-house business assurance.

    Easy to use – reduce complexity for your waitstaff
    • Fast and efficient order entry including customizable icon graphics and unlimited menu size
    • Complete kitchen management for order tracking, priority sequencing, and custom orders
    • Configurable table management allows defined assignments and customized areas
    • Integrated mapping features for delivery routing and catering operations
    • Full compatibility with our HungerRush online ordering and Honeycomb loyalty programs
    Customizable management and reporting – track and measure your success
    • Build personal relationships with your customers through the built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing analysis interface
    • Customized and automated reporting to measure business health and provide actionable data as you need it
    • Employee scheduling and shift alignment with management oversight
    Intuitive and customized menu management
    • Easy to use menu editor is accessible from any workstation with proper security
    • Multiple pricing options including second and third item pricing, time/day pricing, and price by order type
    • Menu edits update automatically and instantly without rebooting
    Kitchen management solution improves efficiency
    • Configurable ticket display, size and color of font
    • Priority order type configuration to expedite walk-in orders
    • Robust settings display previous or additional items
    • Color-coded order timer to alert staff when orders are late
    • Order stages configured to accommodate KDS with print functionality
    Unmatched system reliability - yields high owner confidence
    • Software developed by Revention, supported in-house with a dedicated 24/7/365 team
    • Planned updates and regular releases for new features and add-ons
    Dependable and serviceable hardware
    • Full line of hardware for your store, including POS systems, tablet systems, kitchen displays, power protection, receipt printers, barcode scanners, drive thru systems and more
  • Revention Enterprise Management
    Revention’s analytics and reporting solution connects you and your business anytime, anywhere. Our management delivers real time KPI reports, sales, and comparison data for your team across all locations or at the individual store level....

  • Revention’s enterprise management and reporting connects you and your business all the time, wherever you are. Store owners with multiple locations across geographies benefit from an intuitive, comprehensive management and reporting solution.  Revention’s R-Enterprise delivers real time KPI reports, store sales, and comparison data for your management team across all locations or at the individual store level.

    Manage globally, make decisions faster, and control quality
    • Review KPIs from multiple store locations in real time – from any location
    • Make proactive business decisions with actionable data that is easy to understand and use
    • Push menu updates and changes, coupon libraries and inventory updates from a single web portal
    • Standardize inventory and mobile count entry parameters
    • In-app corporate messaging to communicate with store managers and staff, including required read function and read notification
    • Mobile interface through the R-Mobile app
    Easily view performance and manage your business
    • Up-to-date information into store performance including sales and labor
    • View trends in sales, products and promotional performance
    • Gift card performance reporting
    • Complete shelf-to-sheet count entry – either in-app or online
    • Manage in-store sales competitions
    Reports that allow you to make better decisions
    • Real-time sales and labor reports by location
    • Easy-to-understand dashboards
    • Multi-unit reporting
    • Centralized configuration and menu management
    Administrate with ease
    • Corporate standardization with market and store level customization for local laws and regulations
    • Store and manage employee profiles
    • Manage and review employee overtime with easy payroll reporting
    • Conduct audits and adjustments for theft tracking
  • Revention Digital Signage
    Revention digital signage allows you to create a high quality experience for your customers by displaying menu options and offers that drive sales in a visually dynamic and captivating way....

  • Revention digital signage allows you to create a high quality experience for your customers by displaying menu options and offers that drive sales in a visually dynamic and captivating way. From rolling pictures of your menu to videos, upcoming events, special occasions, or even subsidized advertising, the benefits of having digital signage and entertainment are virtually endless!
    Make updates easier and faster
    • Remotely make real-time changes for multiple stores
    • Push menu, inventory, and coupon updates from a single web portal
    • Cloud-based digital signage software
    • Easily manage your media with ease by uploading images, videos, and more
    • Multiple media files accepted, including GIFs
    • Save layouts for easy updating and editing
    • Ability to access standardized files and widgets including weather, clocks, more
    • Schedule specific content to show by time or days of the week
    Creativity that drives sales
    • Visually promote your menu and special offers to boost sales
    • Promote new menu items or seasonal offers to increase customer’s average purchase by encouraging add-on items at checkout
    • Show off positive customer reviews or the latest social media mentions to obtain trust and encourage word of mouth support
    • Provide visual entertainment such show trivia or sport scores for guests waiting for food to reduce perceived wait times
  • Revention Video Surveillance
    Revention video surveillance enhances security, speeds loss prevention investigation times and gathers critical operational intelligence for your restaurant....

  • Revention video surveillance enhances security, speeds loss prevention investigation times and gathers critical operational intelligence for your restaurant. Video surveillance is integrated with the point of sale, allowing you to rapidly detect suspicious activity and match it with corresponding video footage. Our solutions help you increase accountability, reduce irregular transactions and deter employee theft.

    Advanced controls and remote access provide ultimate protection
    • Define motion activity and sensitivity for each camera, resulting in system recording only when necessary.
    • Remotely view one or many cameras from multiple locations simultaneously
    • Play back video recordings from days, weeks or months
    • Access video remotely, on any device
    Enhanced security with POS integration and text insertion
    • Text overlay displays the transaction onto the video to detect under/over charging or failure to charge for items
    • View and verify orders, no sales, or voided orders
    • Stop fraudeulent credit card use and denials by video printing every transaction
    How Revention can help
    • Expert assistance with camera and device selection, including quantity and location in your restaurant
    • In-house team to install and program devices
    • Training for you and your staff on system operation
    • On call, responsive support team including technicians available for emergency dispatch

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