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Established in 1983, Yi Shen Plastic Corp. has abundant experience in food packaging for over 30 years. It has succeeded in the domestic market in Taiwan, as well known as, top class manufacturer of plastic lid.

They have wide range product, including plastic lid, cups, and food containers. Being certified by SGS, ISO 9001, 22000, HACCP criteria, the quality of the products is quite good with no doubt.

With premium quality and competitive price, the company is ready to show their profession with esteemed customer worldwide.

Brands: YS

 Press Releases

  • A global trend in environmental policy, whether it is "carbon emission reduction" or "single-use plastics ban", thus recognizing that this is only a global trend that is still in the ascendant.

    Looking into the future, Yi Shen release the new Eco-friendly products, ranges from PLA cold drink cups, food containers CPLA coffee cup/ soup cup lids and tableware.  Especially for PLA cold drink cups, we have diameters in 92mm, 96mm and 98mm to fully satisfy customers’ demands from all around the world.

    Please do come to visit us to learn more.


  • Deli container series
    Perfect for restaurants and stores, serving a wide variety of products....

  • With crystal look, the deli container promotes fast product identification. Available in various sizes with lids to fit each size, material choice have PET and PLA. The container provides customers with a pleasant experience to pack and store food with ease,  ideal for a grocery store, or restaurant take-out application.
  • Food bowl series
    With the elegent look, serving salads, donburi and soups in style and making every dish more delightful....

  • Our bowls have a wide range of capacities and styles for selection, which is made of the plastic raw material PP characterized for the light specific weight, good heat resistance, and 100% safe to health.  The containers are convenient products for your take out or retail food service.  
  • Food box series
    Microwaveable, ideal for rice, pasta, noodles and so on....

  • Widely used in various food storage for freshness preservation.  It's your best take-out packaging choice for pasta, risotto and salads. They are also great for packaging leftovers from fine dining restaurants, or even for fast casual restaurants. 
  • Lids for cups and containers
    Our lids include coffee cup lid, soup cup lid, cold beverage lid, and food container lid....

  • The materials range from PS, OPS, PP and PET to PLA. We also provide flat and dome lids for different food packaging. There are white, black, colorful coffee cup lids for your selection which comes with great experiences for customers. With very high quality and competitive prices, our lids are NO.1 sales in Taiwan.
  • Fresh tray series
    Best for packages of fresh products, completing your nature products....

  • The shape of our fresh trays include square and rectangular. It's made from PLA material, they fully biodegrade when composted, care our earth and customers. Transparent color is also availalbe. Widely used in various fresh food,  food processing and food storage for freshness preservation.  To efficiently prevent dust and bacteria adheres to food in container during storage. 
  • Self-locking series
    Protect your food and lock fresh. Packaging solutions for fresh sold by retailers....

  • Widely used in various fruit and food storage for freshness preservation.  This container is a convenient product for your take-out or retail food service. With the crystal look, PET and PLA clamshells meet your retail specifications and make your food look more delicious. Shape and color can be customized  for customer's requests. labels can be sticked on the flat area of this product. 
  • Cold drink cup series
    Perfect for juice, beer and bubble tea Disposable, recycle cups PP/PET/PLA...

  • Our plastic cups include drinking cup, cold beverage cup, juice cup, bubble tea and soup cup. The materials range from PS, PET, PP and PLA. There are different rims in 92mm, 98mm and 95mm for your choice. We also provide 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz for different beverage packaging. We can make customized cups and print exquisite logo with very high quality and competitive price. OEM service and customized packaging are highly appreciated.

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