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Intelligently Connected.

Veea was founded in 2014 on the belief that technology should be an equalizer – that it is a right, not a privilege – and should never be a burden.

Our products are designed to increase the efficiencies of your business operations and decrease your workload. They are all part of a revolutionary new platform called VeeaHub.

VeeaHub brings together all in-store Cloud and connectivity services and data into one device – with settings that harmonize those services and put you in control, letting you create unique experiences for your customers and staff.

VeeaHub is designed to complement or minimize your dependency of third-party cloud services all while providing the same functionality. Use VeeaHub to better understand and serve your customers and drive up business.

Come and meet the future of Edge Computing that will help you improve your sales and decrease your workload – all powered by VeeaHub.

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  • VeeaHub Pro
    VeeaHub Pro (VHE10) is designed for enterprise applications – letting you have all the power of edge computing for the around the same cost of an enterprise-level Wi-Fi solution....

  • Perfect for enterprise

    VeeaHub Pro (VHE10) is designed for enterprise applications – letting you have all the power of edge computing for the around the same cost of an enterprise-level Wi-Fi solution.

    Expandability included.

    VeeaHub Pro comes with MicroSD and MicroSIM slots as well as RS232/422/485 serial port and a Power-Over-Ethernet port for future expandability, connectivity and ease of installation. In addition to the expansion ports, VeeaHub Pro also comes with 2 more Wi-Fi modules, compared to VHC05, and an optional LoRA gateway for long range communications, of over 100km depending on the terrain, with low-power devices.

    Manage with ease.

    An important feature of VeeaHub Pro model for small business and enterprise users is the ultimate ease of use in managing VeeaHub nodes either locally for one location or remotely for many locations, with changes to the configuration of VeeaHubs propagated by IT staff simultaneously to the entire clusters of nodes at all or only some of the locations. The configuration that is uploaded locally or to remote locations may include updates for system software, applications, or edge-stored content for digital signage, promotional material such as advertising, private or licensed content, coupons or promotions tied to, for example, a proximal marketing program for repeat customers.

  • VeeaHub
    VeeaHub (VHC05) model is designed as a highly compact and low-cost unit, and yet with most of the functionality of other VeeaHub models, for venues such as small to medium-size businesses (SMBs)....

  • VeeaHub uniquely provides for an HDMI interface so it is ideal for hospitality applications, such as in the hotel rooms or cruise ship cabins, for streaming audio and video applications. Once it is installed in the room next to the TV, it can also support various types of room automation such as lighting, thermostat and shades controls. With the audio streaming application installed on VeeaHub, public announcements (e.g., in case of a fire) and digital concierge services become significantly easier to support through the TV speakers or a separate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker.

    • Security camera monitoring with event notifications.
    • Music streaming and PA system support.
    • Secure Guest Wi-Fi
    • Digital advertising through a variety of marketing surfaces.
    • Secure Local Area Network (LAN) private messaging.
    • Connected Retail – 21 (CR21) support.
    • Push promotions and deals to customers in-store.
    • Backup internet with 4G to prevent any delays in business. (optional)
  • VeeaPay
    Smarter payments – and beyond. Anywhere, anytime way to safely and securely accept payments and more. Only 2.0% per transaction for your first month....

  • Get paid more.

    Enjoy a 2.0% rate – one of the lowest in the industry – for your first month. Afterwards, it’s only 2.5% per dip, swipe and tap when you use our mobile card reader. Plus, there are no monthly fees, hidden fees or charges.

    Anytime, anywhere.

    With our mobile card reader, you can take payments anytime, anywhere. Use our mobile card reader and our merchant app for fast, secure transactions. Or, use our Virtual Terminal from any web browser for keyed-in transactions – perfect for over-the-phone or reccuring payments.

    Accept more.

    VeeaPay accepts all major credit cards as well as mobile and cardless payments systems such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, AliPay and WeChat Pay.

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